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Have you seen those commercials that have the things with the prices and then at the end have the "blah blah blah...priceless"? Well, what if we decided to make up a few of those for your favs and mine, *N Sync? What would they be? Me and Kristen (Erin and a frined) talked it over, and here's what we came up with:

Justin--Leather pants to wear on the Celine Dione Special: $123, a night with Britney Spears: $300, perfect curls after years of hair dye: priceless!

Lance--Neon white hair dye: $5, spf 63 screen: $23, being the only Mississippi-Albino pop sensation: priceless!

Lance--The perfect lip gloss: $7, the perfect eye shadow: $16, creating the perfect evening look: priceless!

Lance--A new limited edition Beenie Baby: $123, two limited edition Beenie Babies: $246, fighting Nick Carter off from Beenie Babies: priceless!

J.C.--A bottle of Jack Daniels: $17, a life supply of latex condoms: $45, years of MMC with Justin AND Britney: priceless!

J.C.--New mics to replace the ones thrown into the audience: $250, hospital bills to fix Chris' mangled face: $755, a cure for arm spasms: priceless!

Joey--Using a pick-up line: $0, having somebody say yes to a pick-up line: $99, having someone legal say yes to a pick-up line: priceless!

Joey--A single Twinkie: $1, a box of Twinkies: $3, stock in Twinkies: priceless!

Joey--Waking up next to a girl: $185, waking up next to a girl who's good in bed: $298, waking up no where near Lance: priceless!

Chris--A close shave: $18, a hair cut: $32, never again being compared to a pineapple: priceless!

Chris--Busta: $100 Korea: $100 Busta AND Korea $Priceless

Busta--Flea collar: $5, dog food: $12, watching Justin clean dog crap out of his bed every night: priceless!