*//\//Sync In Preschool

The boys of 'N Sync weren't always the studs that they are now. They were little kids once, too, you know. Let's flashback to the preschool years...(Yes, I know they weren't in preschool at the same time, or even in the same state, but humor me, it's fiction...)

Little Justin is sporting a mad curly-haired afro, a little wifebeater, and baby blue overalls.

Little Josh had the trademark pronounced veins and crooked teeth, even back then.

Little Lance has the way cool bowl cut and is ACTUALLY a brunette!

Little Joey is trying to pick up the little preschool girls in his Superman shirt and cape.

Little Chris is playing golf with plastic clubs and balls, trying to hit the other kids on the head.

Little Chris (chirping) – I sliced it!

Little Joey (rubbing his head) – Ouch. Okay, who hit me?

Little Chris (pointing at Little Lance) – He did it!He did it!

[Little Lance just stands there, shocked at Chris’ outrageous lies, with his mouth hanging open.]

Little Joey – My head hurts. Do any of you lovely ladies want to play Doctor?

[Meanwhile, Little Justin is practicing his pelvic thrusts in the corner. Little Josh approaches him.]

Little Josh – What are you doing?

Little Justin – Practicing. I’m going to be an ultra-sexy, famous pop star when I get older, you know.

Little Josh (confused) – But do you really have anything to thrust?

Little Justin – Maybe not right now. I’m only five. But once I reach puberty, I’m all good to go.

Little Josh – What’s puberty?

Little Justin – It’s when our voices get deeper, our bodies start getting ripped, well, mine anyways, andwe start liking girls.

Little Josh (giggling) – Except for Lance, right?

[Little Justin and JC start giggling together. LittleLance walks up.]

Little Lance – Can I play with you guys?

Little Justin – No.

Little Lance (looking all sad) – How come?

Little Josh – Because we don’t play with boys from Mississippi!!!

Little Lance (starting to cry) – I’m tired of being ostracized for being from a typically inbred state! I want my mommy!

[The teacher hears Little Lance crying and comesover.] Teacher – What’s going on here boys?

Little Justin (flashing his cute little smile)–Nothing. We’re being good.

Teacher – Lance, what’s wrong?

Little Lance – No one likes me!

Teacher (shrugging) – Well, what do you expect? You’refrom Mississippi. [The teacher walks away, leaving Little Lance in astate of disbelief.]

Little Lance – I can’t believe this school! I want to go home!

Little Justin (chewing on a baby blue crayon) – Eh, we’re just playin’ with ya, Lancie. You can hang withus.

Little Lance – Really?

Little Justin – Sure, every group of friends needs atoken geek.

Little Lance – Okay!

[On the other side of the room, Little Chris has abandoned his golf clubs when he spies another toy on the ground. He’s mesmerized.] Little Chris – Wow. A football... [Little Chris picks up the football and chunks itacross the room.]

Little Joey – Ouch. Who hit me?

Little Chris – I did. Got a problem with that? We can step outside, you Italian playa!

Little Joey (grinning) – I am a player, aren’t I?

[And so Little Chris and Joey have forged their friendship. Meanwhile, Little Josh and Little Lance are busy coloring Little Justin's hair with yellowmarkers.]

Little Josh - There! Now you're blonde, just like you always wanted!

Little Justin - I look great! Now all I need is a decent haircut!

[Little Chris and Little Joey come over and jointhem.]

Little Chris (to Little Justin) - Hey, what's up, bro?

Little Justin - Not much. This is our new friend,Lance.

Little Lance (sticking out his hand to shake Chris') -Hi, I'm Lance, and I'm from Missi-[Little Justin and Little JC interrupt him.]

Little Josh - How many times do we have to tell you?! Stop telling people you're from Mississippi! Do you have a death wish, by any chance?

Little Chris - Hi, Lance. And this is my new friend.(Chris gestures to Joey.) Little Joey - Hi, you can just call me LL Cool J,Ladies Love Cool Joey.

Little Josh - Hey, man, what's up with all the Superman stuff?

Little Joey (shrugging) - My mommy tells me I'll grow out of it.

Little Josh - It's kind of gay.

Little Joey (pissed off) - Aw no, you didn't just dis the Man of Steel! Mama said knock you out!

(Little Joey lunges towards Little Josh.) [Little Chris and Little Justin intervene and stop thefight.]

Little Josh - Hey, I never said there was anything wrong with things that are kind of gay. I mean, look at me and my random hand motions.

Little Joey (conceding) - That's true.

Teacher - Alright kids! Time for our naps! [The five new friends lie next to each other on theirmats.]

Little Chris - Hey, you know what? Now we have the perfect number of people to start our own singing group!

Little Justin - Hey, you're right!

Teacher - Shhh! It's quiet time now!

< textcolor="orange">Little Josh - Yeah, let's start a group!

Little Chris - But do any of us really know how to sing?

Little Justin - Lance over there still sucks his thumb, I don't think he can sing!

Little Lance - I do not!

Little Justin - Do too!

Teacher - Justin! Lance! It's naptime!

Justin (batting his blue eyes at her) - We'll be good.

Little Joey - I think you're onto something, Chris!Let's be famous rock stars!

Little Chris, Little Justin, Little Josh, and Little Lance - Yeah, let's be famous rock stars!

So the boys form their group and once they're older and grown up, they're a raving worldwide success. Some things never change though. Chris still loves football, Joey still tries to get girls to play Doctor with him, and Justin still colors his hair with Crayola markers.

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