O.K. here's my list of reasons why Lance should be allowed to sing by himself more often

1)He has the second sexist voice in the group, so why not let him use it?

2)Everyone else got solo's on all of the other albums in at least one song! Example:

* Not mentioning J.C.'s and Justin's countless repeated solo's in EVERY song.

*Joey sings solo's in "It's Christmas" , key lines in other songs on the first album, and he gets lines and a whole verse on "No Strings Attached"

*Chris gets the first verse and chorus of "I Drive Myself Crazy" , lines in others on he first album, he has lines on the Christmas album and he has lines and a verse on "No Strinds Attached"

3. He's just so cuddly and cute!

4. The only real exercise his vocal cords get is with the girls he brings home to the tour bus.

5. I can only stand so many arm spasms of J.C.'s when he sings!

6.Lance seems like such a sweetie. Guys like that deserve some time in the spotlight.

7. Have you ever seen him perform? This boy's got ENERGY!! And people say Justin can captivate a crowd. When Lance gets goin', you can't stop this boy.

8. He's got talent that nobody ever notices

c'mon let the poog guy sing for once here's my idea: I'm going to start a petition. I'll have it up on the page for as long as it takes to get enough names to send it to the boys. That's right! I'm gonna send this little thingy to *N Sync themselves!! To get your name on the list, just e-mail me and let me know. Put "Lance Sing" in the subject line and then all you really need to do is put your name in the e-mail. If you wanna write me a note to go with it, great, but I won't make you. As soon as I get names, I'll put them up here. Check back any time you want and see how it's coming. I'll also let anyone who signs the petition know when I'm sending it off. I'll just e-mail it to *N Sync, or print it off and sent it snail-mail.

So, that's it. Please, I'm begging you for your help here. Ask your friends, send my page link to anybody you know, ask your trash man, your dog's groomer, the taxi driver, I don't really care who!! All we need here is some names to add to the list. So, be a part of history--LET LANCE SING!!

1) Cassandra Mikinzie (Web-Mistress)

2) Tara Todd

3) Sunny Fowler

4) Brianna Chambers

5) Donia Todd

6) Madison Street

7) Fonda Soles

8) Leslie Harris

9) Samantha Corbett

10) Kyla Dickerson

11) Bianca Parker

12) Emily Kay Strickland

13) Erin

14) Megan Couch

15) Mary Weiss

16) Adriene Norton

17) Jacki Thacker

18) Tiffanie Kinght

19) Danielle

20) Katie K.

21) Amanda Gager

22) Hannah Jones

23) Jillian Williams

24) Jada Reyems

25) Trish

26) Stacy Kadesch

27) Melissa Mears

Email: Cassie_Mak03@Hotmail.com