Confession Session

**This was also created by and borowed from Erin!!!**

Everybody has a confession to make every now and then, there's no way around it. Sure, some confessions are worse than others, but we all have 'em. So, what does *N Sync have to confess? Well, just like the Real World on MTV, there's a confessional on the tour bus. Seriously, quit laughing! Every now and then, *N Sync hops in the room, and confesses what they've done. Well, last time I visited the boys, I taped a confessional session of each guy. Bad, I know, but I needed it for the page. Here's what I got on tape:

************************* Justin *************************

Well, got some confessions to make. I did some bad stuff yo. I bribed dis girl. She got a thing on da internet or some stuff and she be makin' fun a me for talkin' like I be from da ghetto. She don't know how hard it be to live in south Memphis yo. Anyways, I told her I'd be her bed buddy if she'd take down the stuff 'bout me. Well, she be underage an' I slept with her anyways. But hey, der ain't no crap 'bout me on her page no more! An', I did some other bad stuff too. I beat down Nick Carter. Da boy wuz tryin' to cramp my style yo. What wuz I s'pose da do? He kept sayin' he be my homie an' we beez tight. Nope, I hate that dumb @$$. So, I rearranged his face a little. I bet dos girls'll be knockin' down my door 'stead of his now. I did some other things too, but dey ain't dat bad. I made fun of Lance, threw Busta in da washin' machine 'cuz he pooped on mah bed, and I made fun of Lance sum more. Nothin' real bad. Gotta fly yo. Stuff to see, hunies to do...wait, I meant stuff to do, hunies to see!

************************* Joey *************************

Well, where to start? I did a few bad things lately (and a few bad girls, but that's different). First, I sorta slipped on the whole diet thing. I couldn't help it!! Busta was just having too good a time eating in front of me. So, I ate his food. I took it from him and ate right out of the dog bowl. Then I felt guilty 'cause he looked so sad. So, I ate him too. This way, he's with his food, and I'm not hungry any more right now. Chris asked me where he went, and said I thought I saw some teenies runnin' off with him. Now, Chris hates teenies. I'm real sorry. Second, I beat Lance up. I shouldn't have, but I had to. He came on to me and I found him in my bed with me this morning! I hate it when he does that! It makes me scared. Finally, I slept with illegal teenies again. But this one was really cute! She's got dark brown hair, a cute smile, a sense of humor, and a web page about us. Her name's Erin, and I want to see her again soon. Anyways, I guess that's it for now. Gotta run!

************************* Lance *************************

Ah got some confessions to make here y'all. First, Ah slept by Joey again last night. Ah had to. He's just so cute and sweet, and *sigh*. I'm in love with him. I just wish he felt the same way. Ah also stole some stuff from the Chanel counter at the store. Ah needed it, and the sales lady was busy with some little brown haired girl. So, I took it. And, Ah yelled at J.C. Ah think he hid my blow dryer, mascara, blush, and concealer. Ah don't know for sure, but Ah think he did it, so Ah yelled at him. Ah think that's it really. Ok, bye now.

************************* JC *************************

Confessions huh? I hate this part of touring. Well, I got completely drunk again last night, and the night before, and the night before that too. Today, I got drunk, but not as drunk as the other nights. I also called that call girl again, and some dirty sex phone lines. Then, I made fun of Lance and told him he'd never amount to anything because he can't dance if his life depended on it. What else was I supposed to do here? He accused me of stealing a ton of his beauty crap. It was a good idea though. Too bad I'm too hung over to think of doing it today...

************************* Chris *************************

Ok, some confessions from the big guy here. Well, I tried to kill Justin. He put Busta in the washer! What was I supposed to do? Wait for the little guy to finish the spin cycle? No. So, I tried to knock Justin out with a toilet plunger and then flush him down the bus toilet. Too bad I'm too old to even hit him hard enough with the plunger...And, I hid a bunch of stuff from Lance. He thinks J.C. took all of it and did something with it, but nope. I did it! It was a lot of fun to see the Albino turn really red when he got so mad at J.C. Also, I forged a new Viagra prescription. I took a paper from Dr. Drew's desk last time I was on Loveline and wrote a new prescription. I have a date tonight, what can I say? Well, I think that's about it for now. Talk to ya later!