Fun Things To Do At An *N Sync Concert

1.)Throw hemorriod cream at Chris.

2.)Throw a size 34C bra at Joey and watch the fool mess up dance stepps looking for a topless girl

3.)Wear a T-shirt that says "Joey, I'm 21!"

4.)Wrap yourself in christmas lights of your favorite 'N Syncer and bring a battery pack, then you can really look like a freak.

5.)Make a poster that says "Give me what I want, or the dog gets it!!" and put a picture of Busta next to it.

6.)Wear nothing but black clothing (preferably a black hoodie, with the hood pulled up) and goth makeup, and act all pissed off, then when they come on stage, scream like the teeney-bopper you are.

7.)Stuff a basketball under your shirt and in the middle of GMHS, start "giving birth" whaile screaming "Justin! our lovechild is being born!!!"

8.)Flash Chris and give the sucker a heart attack. (I like Chris, really, he's a good guy)

9.) Make a poster that says "I'm drunk and confused! Joey, help me!!"

10.)Run up to the gaurds screaming as loud as you possibly can, just before you reach them, stop, turn around and walk away as if nothing happened.

11.)Dress like Brittany Spears, including the fake tan and hair extentions, and start screaching "Baby One More Time..." I swear no one will be able to tell the differance unless you can actually sing. (not responsable for any damages mentally or physically)

12.)Start an "I Get Around" Tupac sing-a-long.

13.)Put a glass bottle in a paper bag and drink from it, stumble around and lean on teenies as you tell them stories from the road and "That one time me and Chris went out drinking..."

14.)Two words: Chicken Suit.

15.)Deck out in all baby blue and start arguments with teenies over who is the best Justin fan. Based souly on the fact that you are wearing the most baby blue.

16.)Come dressed in compleate hooker apparel, red spike heels and teased hair. Sit down and obnoxiously chew gum and file your nails while complaining loudly. Say things like "Why does Joey INSIST I come to these things!" For added effect, use Brooklyn accent.

17.)Act like a vendor selling Justin's hair. Give your customers Bril-o pads.

18.)Sell locks of Joey's hair by cutting up a red clown wig and tieing together bunches of it.

19.)Start a betting pool on Joey or Justin's next hair color.

20.)Make a poster that's shaped like a tombstone and write "R.I.P TOBY" on it and on the other side write "We feel your pain Lance, we miss Toby too!"

21.)Start a "Down with Lou Pearlman" chant. -THANKS CARMEN

22.)Hold up a sign that says "Backstreet Boys FOREVER!". -THANKS CARMEN

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