Sav stood by the bar and rested her hand on the glass of *blank*. She was worried, even if she wasn't going to show it. Jade had totally freaked her out and it was all she could think about at the moment. That and how she wouldn't mind getting with the tall blonde standing across the room. Even from the distance away, his blue eyes stood out and his blond hair was neatly parted prefectly in the middle. Sav turned to take a sip of her drink when she felt a light, almost non-exist touch. She jumped, spilling her drink in the process all over the stranger who had touched her. It was the blond from across the room, but Sav wondered how he could have made it across the room so quickly.

"I'm so sorry,' Sav quickly  yelled the apology. "Don't worry about it. I scared you and I guess I deserve it. Beside, it isn't the first time a lady has spilled her drink on me," he yelled back. Sav laughed. It was the first time in a long time that a man had made he laugh. "My name is Savannah, what's yours?" she yelled. "Nickolas. What to go some where, where we can talk without screaming?" he questioned. "Sure." Sav said as she followed Nickolas out of the main room an into a quiet bedroom. As soon as Nickolas had shut the door, no outside noise could be heard.


Jade slipped into the khaki colored capris, with a black tank top and a matching black sheer. She lightly applied some make up and walked from the bathroom, bare-footed. Sav met her in the living room and shook her head. "You look like a slut!" Sav said. Jade just smiled and contiuned to look for her shoes.

Sav adjusted her pale blue tank top and pulled her grey capri pants up. "That is the look you is going for," she said and luaghed. "YUP! That is the exect look I was going for. Think AJ will like?" Jade said, putting on her 2 high heal shoes.

Jade and Sav gave each other the once over, making sure the both looked good for their surprise double date. Hearing the dorrbell in the adpartment rang and both nodded. It was time. Jade and Sab both headed towards the door, the execitment of the night causing Sav to jump up and down a few times, in hopes of camling herself down slightly.

SAv gasped as she saw the limo parked infront on the road way. Jade just laughed. She could believe that AJ would do something as extreme as a limo but she found it very hard to believe someway Nickolas would do the limo thing for Sav. But then again, she never understood most men.

The limo driver open the door and carefully, both girls stepped into the limo. Jade suspiously looked around the limo. A moverment from the corner caught her eye. She could see a watch. It wasn't like any of the watches she had seen AJ or Nickolas wearing that kind of old watch. "Who are you?" Jade called out. Sav, who was still amazement of the large limo, stopped what she was looking at and stared at the direction Jade had bee looking at.