Just Another Night At Work

Just Another Night At Work
By Sarah
Short Story

        I hurried down the hallway, praying I wouldn’t be late.  I passed Judy, who asked if I had everything.  I said yes and hurried on.  I was then met by Angie, who checked me over and said that my outfit looked great.  I thanked her and practically ran down the remainder of the hallway.  I saw my little Chihuahua sitting on my chair, sleeping.  I gave him a quick pat on the head and hurried to my station.  The countdown began and I closed my eyes, praying that everything would go ok that night.  I checked the little pack attached to my waist one more time as the countdown reached zero and I took a deep breath.  I was tugged up into the air by my harness strings and carried over the aisle.  As I finally touched the ground, the harness strings were removed and I marched around the pentagon.  I felt the beat come through the speakers and broke out of my frozen state.  I ran around the stage and danced and sang my part, having fun with my friends.  I was thankful for where I was, and hearing the people around me gave me a thrill.  For me, it was just another night at work as Brian Littrell, the Backstreet Boy.

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