Sarah's Stories

Short Stories
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Just Another Night At Work
Ever wonder what goes through a Backstreeter's head before a performance?

I Don't Know You Anymore
Distance has grown between the hearts of those who vowed to love each other forever... and that distance has brought her to the breaking point.

A Bike Ride Through The Park
A yearly routine is disrupted in the best way.

Dont Wanna Lose You Now
Coming close to losing the one you love is the most difficult thing in one's life... how can one person handle it alone?

The Other Half of a Heart and Soul
The heart that breaks isnít always the one that deserves to be broken.

Keep The B-Ball
Ice cream, a hot day, and a little basketball mix with da guys and a little boy when they decide to make a pit stop and cool off a bit.

Truth Can Stare
Random thoughts aren't the only things that are shared between two people...also a mutual attraction.

As Moonlight Shines Through The Window
The thoughts of someone making the biggest decision of someone else's life

Lullabye (Goodnight, My Angel)
What can you do when the heart breaks and you have to say goodbye?

Arms Of Your Angel
Sequel to Lullabye, read that one first, otherwise you won't get this one

You're My Angel
Losing one's best friend is the epitome of loneliness

Long Stories
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Being In The Band
Summary: The guys are all worn out, the touring just isn't fun anymore. But when things change and they get a new band member as a temporary replacement of another, they find just how much fun touring really is again.
Status: Chapter 23 (Complete)

Secrets Kept, Lies Told
Summary:And you thought AJ was an only child....
Status: Chapter 45 (plus Prologue and Epilogue)

Special Delivery
Summary: Sarah has a best friend...but that person is someone she's never seen in person.  Will she be surprised at the true identity of the person she has confided in for so long?
Status: Chapter 14 (plus Prologue)

Flight To Paradise (Sequel to Special Delivery)
Summary: Sarah and Brian are back... and a few things, including a surprise for the two of them, are waiting.
Status: Chapter 22 (plus Prologue and Epilogue)

Chirstmas With Family (Sequel to Flight To Paradise)
Summary: The final story in the Brian and Sarah trilogy...Christmas with those that matter most to them. But what has happened after the past four years since their wedding? Backstreet is no more, ties have been broken...will a Christmas dinner and a little spirit repair all that has gone wrong in their lives?
Status: Chapter 17 (plus Prologue and Epilogue)

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