Secrets Kept, Lies Told

Secrets Kept, Lies Told
By Sarah

   Denise sat up in bed and looked around.  Something was wrong.  She got up and hurried to her child's room, he was still asleep in his crib.  She hurried downstairs and searched for her husband.  He was gone.

      "Where is your father, Alex?"  Denise asked her son as she paced around the room, holding him in her arms, trying to get him to calm down.  It had been nearly three days since her husband had disappeared, and Denise was starting to worry.  She suddenly felt something and hurried to put down two-year-old Alex in his playpen.  Denise hurried to the bathroom, making it just before her lunch came up.  'That's the fourth time in the last two days,' she thought.  'What's wrong with me?'  She washed her hands and rinsed out her mouth, then realized something.  She was pregnant.

    "Denise, I need you to push, your baby's almost out."
    Denise closed her eyes and pushed with all her might.  She let out a scream as she felt her insides burn and relaxed as her doctor held up a little baby.
    "Congratulations, Denise, you have a baby girl."
    Denise smiled as a nurse held the baby closer for her to see.  "Her name is Alexandra Denise McLean," she whispered.  She chuckled.  "Alexa for short."
    The nurse smiled and carried the baby out of the delivery room.  Denise sighed and closed her eyes, her ordeal finally over.

    "Lexy, baby, you're so quiet," Denise said as she woke up.  She got up out of her bed and walked over to her daughter's crib, which was set next to her son's.  What she saw, or rather, what she didn't see, make her blood run cold.  She screamed, Alexa was gone.