Secrets Kept, Lies Told

Secrets Kept, Lies Told
By Sarah
Chapter 32

    Brian woke up and looked around the room, something wasn't right.  He looked at the clock.  'Ten-fifteen, still pretty early in everyone else's opinion except for my own,' he said to himself.  He sat up and looked across the room at Nick's messy bed.  He never made his bed, he didn't see a purpose in it, so he just left it a mess.  But the problem with it today was that it hadn't changed from the day before, it was the same mess.  And, Brian noticed as he stood up, Nick never came to his room last night.  'I would've heard him, wouldn't I?'  He asked himself.  'Of course you would've, where's Nick?'
    Brian hurried to the bathroom and took a quick shower.  He got dressed and walked to the door, opening it and looking out in the hall.  No one was around and he knew exactly where Nick would be.  Brian hurried down the hall and across the hall, knocking on a door as he arrived.  He tried knocking quietly, but then knocked louder.  He tried the doorknob, but found it locked.  'Damn, Nick, you better not have done anything stupid,' he thought. Brian pounded on the door again and it finally opened.
    "Brian, what do you want?  Its early," Alexa complained.
    "Where's Nick?"  Brian asked quietly.
    "I'm right here, what do you want?"  Nick asked, coming up behind Alexa and wrapping his arms around her.
    "You might want to get to our room and now, otherwise Denise is going to be coming around and she won't be that happy that you two spent the night together," Brian warned.
    "I don't care if she finds out, Brian, that's why when I invited Nick to stay last night I was careful to lock the door.  If my mom wants to talk to me so bad, she can either call or knock on the door.  Now, if you'll excuse us, we want to go back to sleep," Alexa said, starting to close the door.
    "Nick, you remember what Denise did when AJ spent the night with Amanda," Brian said, pulling the last straw.
    Nick nodded and stopped Alexa from closing the door.  "I'll see you later, ok?"  He said to her.  He walked to the bed and picked his clothes up from the floor.  He gave Alexa a kiss and told her to go back to bed.  He followed Brian down the hall to their room and collapsed on his bed.
    "Frack, you know you could've gotten in a lot of trouble if I didn't come and get you?"  Brian said, more of a statement than a question.
    "I know, Bri, please, just let me go back to sleep," Nick said, rolling onto his stomach.
    "Nick, you didn't sleep with her, did you?"  Brian asked.
    "No, we slept in the same bed, that's all, we didn't have sex.  Good night, Brian," Nick said firmly, turning his head away from him.
    Brian sighed with relief and walked away from Nick's bedside.  He walked to the door and down the hall to another room.  He knocked on the door and it opened after a few minutes.
    "Brian, what's wrong, honey?"  His mother asked, giving him a hug.
    "Mom, I missed you.  We need to talk," he said, hugging her back.  He led her down the hall and to the elevator, intending to take her out to breakfast.

    "And so I don't know what to do, I don't want Nick to get himself into worse trouble with AJ than he already did, but then again I want him and Alexa to be happy," Brian said, finally finishing with the entire story.
    "Are you sure he said that?"
    "Yeah, he was dead serious about it, too.  And this morning, I woke up to find him gone and I finally figured out that he was in Alexa's room.  I dragged him back to his room and he told me he didn't sleep with her, they just slept in the same bed.  And that just convinced me even more that he's ready to do that."
    "Well, Brian, Nick is a responsible adult, now, and Alexa seems like a very nice girl.  Maybe they should make this decision on their own."
    "But Mom, he's my best friend, and you didn't see what AJ did to him when he found out Alexa and Nick were seeing each other.  That was a month ago, now he's accepted it, but I'm starting to wonder how much longer Nick can hold back."
    "The only thing I can really say is that I think they're too young, but if Nick thinks they're ready, then who are we to stop them?"
    "I know, but I just don't want to see him get hurt again," Brian said.
    "Talk with him, convince him to wait a little longer, like until after the Europe tour finishes.  That tour's only two months long, he can probably wait until the end of March, and if he can't, well, then that's his problem."
    "I hope he can, Ma, I hope he can."

    "Aly?"  AJ asked as he quietly walked in the door.  It had been unlocked and, after no one answered after knocking for five minutes, he tried the knob.  He closed the door behind him and looked around the room, looking for his sister.  He spotted her, asleep on her bed.
    "Alexa?"  He said, sitting on her bed by her head.  He glanced at the clock.  "Come on, Aly, it's one o'clock," he said, shaking her shoulder.
    "AJ, go away, it's too early," Alexa groaned, rolling onto her other side, facing away from him.
    "No, it's not.  Come on, Alexa, it's time to get up.  Trust me, you don't want Mom coming in here to wake you up, she has the worst tactics," AJ said, smiling and trying to sit Alexa up.
    Alexa groaned again and sat up, leaning back against the headboard.  "AJ, did you know that you're so friggin' annoying?"  She asked, rubbing her eyes.
    AJ laughed and ruffled her messy curly hair.  "Yes, I do.  I'm told that by an lot of people, including the guys."
    Alexa angrily pushed his hand away and walked to the bathroom.  "Quite understandable," she muttered as she opened the bathroom door.
    "Hey!"  AJ exclaimed as the door closed.  He chuckled and looked around Alexa's room.  She, unlike him, was actually very neat.  Her clothes were all either folded in her suitcase, hanging in the closet, or in a neat, folded laundry pile.  He walked slowly over to her backpack, which had a notebook sticking out of it.  He picked up the notebook and opened it, then shut it quickly.  It was her diary, something AJ knew to stay away from.  He put the notebook back in her backpack and sat on the bed across the room.
    'Ugh, my curiosity is rising, I want to know what she wrote.  But I can't, it wouldn't be right.  She's my sister, she'd probably kill me if she found out, then she'd be wanted by everyone girl in the world to be used as fish food.'  AJ bit his lip and glanced back at the notebook as the door to the bathroom opened and Alexa walked out wearing her bathrobe.
    "AJ, you do have a life, right?"  She asked as she walked to her suitcase.
    "Then go to it!  Out, out of my room!"  Alexa said, shooing him to the door.  AJ walked outside the room and watched as the door was slammed in his face.  He shook his head and walked to his mother's room, to find out if she had anything for him to do.

    "What, Nick?"
    "Why do I have this tremendous headache?"  Nick asked into his pillow, making it hard to understand him.
    "Maybe because you stayed up extra late last night with Alexa, then slept in her room, and I had to come and get you before AJ or Denise found you two?"  Brian suggested, rather harshly.
    "Oh, that's right" Nick trailed off, rolling onto his side.
    Brian shook his head and gathered his clothes in his duffel bag, then walked out of the hotel room.  He took the elevator downstairs and to the laundry room.  He was in dire need of clean clothes and, since no one else would do them for him, he had to do them himself.  He loaded the washer and looked at his watch.  'About a half-hour to kill, what to do now?'  He asked himself.  He stashed his duffel bag next to the washer and walked out of the laundry room and down the hall to the game room.  'Won't hurt to play a
little ball,' he said to himself as he walked towards the small court.  It  was recently added and was only half a court.  'But that's fine by me, its got a basket and a ball, what more could I want?'  He asked himself as he picked up the basketball from the ground.  He started dribbling and pretending he was playing in a real game.

    "Why, hello sleepyhead!"
    "Ma, don't oh, all right, as long as you don't call me Nicky, that's ok," Nick said as he sat on the bed and laid back, looking at his mother.
    "Nicky, get up, I just made the bed," she scolded, smiling.
    Nick chuckled and shook his head as he stood up and walked to the chair. "You'll never learn will you?"  He asked.
    "You won't either, will you?"  She retaliated.
    Nick shook his head again.  "Nope, I hate it when you call me Nicky and no one gets away with calling me that," he said.
    "What about Alexa?"
    "Alexa.... Alexa is different.  She is really the only person I like to call me Nicky, and she doesn't over-use it, either.  She knows when and how to push my buttons, and I know when and how to push hers," Nick said, suddenly becoming serious.  He really loved Alexa, he wondered if it was enough to.
    "What are you thinking, Nick?"  His mother asked, looking at him, concerned.
    "What?  Oh, nothing, just... Ma, how did you know you were in love with Dad?"  Nick asked.
    "Well, it was like there was a connection between us that no one else had.  We were near inseparable, you couldn't see one of us without the other.  We just knew, basically, there aren't any real signs, just a feeling, an indescribable one that you just know when you feel it.  Why do you ask?"
    "Because I think I'm in love with Alexa."
    His mother froze for a moment, then walked over to him and squatted next to the chair.  "Are you positive?"  She asked quietly.
    "Yeah, I think so.  I mean, all I can think about is Alexa, I wake up and the first thing that pops in my head is her.  I go to sleep at night, thinking of her.  I could be doing a show and she'll be in my head the entire time.  I really think I do love her, Ma, and to tell you the truth, its kinda scaring me."
    "I don't know.  I mean, it's a different feeling than I've ever had before.  Everytime I'm with her, we have the best time, and when we're apart, I just want her with me.  When we are together, we don't have to do anything or go out anywhere, we could just sit there and be with each other and that's enough.  We'll just sit and watch movies, or pig out on Butterfingers, or just talk.  Its like I can't get enough of her."
    "Nicky, listen to me," his mother said, turning his head to face her.  "I just want you to remember this: whatever you do, whatever decision you make, do it wisely and know that I support you a hundred and ten percent, ok?"
    Nick nodded and gave her a hug.  "Thanks, Mom, I needed that," he said. He stood up and walked to the door and closed it behind him.  He walked back to his room and sat on the bed, thinking about Alexa and the upcoming tour venue in Europe.

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