Secrets Kept, Lies Told

Secrets Kept, Lies Told
By Sarah
Chapter 23

    Nick looked into the mirror in front of him and then back at Angie.  "You did a great job, Angie, thanks," he said, hardly believing he had a bruise on his face in the first place.
    "No problem Nick, I've had to cover worse than that before.  No more rough-housing, got it?  I don't want to have to do this more than necessary," she said, starting to put away the makeup.
    Nick nodded and got out of the chair, walking over to where Alexa was watching the opening acts.  "Hey you," he whispered in her ear, wrapping his arms around her waist.
    Alexa smiled and sighed in time with his breathing.  "Hi, how are you feeling?"  She asked, folding her arms over his.  It had been nearly a week since AJ had beaten Nick up, and his bruises were fading, but they were still obvious if you knew they were there.
    "I'm just fantastic, now that I have you here," Nick replied, tightening his grasp.  He kissed her neck gently and looked out on the stage over her shoulder.  "You know something, you were right to have us sign them on the tour," Nick said, gesturing to the act.  They were a young girl group, a trio, named Sprinkled Shake.  They were a pleasant bunch, really talented. 'I like them, they're very good for twelve and thirteen year olds,' he thought.
    "Was I?  I guess you could say it was a hunch, I saw them and instantly thought that they'd be perfect.  I mean, listen to the audience, they love them!"  Alexa said, smiling.
    Nick nodded and started swaying with Alexa slowly.  "Yeah, you definitely have an ear and eye for this kind of thing," he said, before realizing it.
    "Nick, did you just say what I thought you just said?"  Alexa asked him, stopping him from moving her.
    Nick froze and nodded.  "Yeah, I did.  I can't believe I never thought of it before," he said, suddenly realizing something.  From the beginning, everyone was trying to think about what Alexa would do as a job, she couldn't just come along for a free ride, she had to work.  "This is what you could do, scout for opening acts," he said.
    "Yeah, and maybe, what if I went around the area where you're performing, looking for locals to open?  It could be a great way to help them get publicity, and then Sprinkled Shake wouldn't have to stay on the entire forty-five minutes, they'd only have to do, like, half that time," Alexa said, getting an idea.
    "Alexa, you're brilliant!"  Nick said, whirling her around and lifting her in the air.  "Simply brilliant!  I can't believe none of us thought about this before!"  He said, twirling her around.
    Alexa laughed and landed on her feet.  "I can't either!  I mean, I'll look at the local groups, looking for real talent to open for you guys, then we can sign them for the night, or the concerts we're doing there.  All the while, we'll be giving them a boost and helping them find out what the music business is really like!"  She said, looking into Nick's eyes.
    Nick smiled and looked down in Alexa's deep brown eyes, getting lost in them.  "You know something?  I love you," he whispered.
    Alexa giggled and moved a lock of hair out of his face.  "And I love you," she replied quietly, barely being heard over the roar of the audience as Sprinkled Shake finished their act.
    Nick smiled and kissed Alexa softly, feeling a kind of electricity moving between them.  When he first told her that he loved her, a week ago, he knew he meant it.  This time, he knew that the love he felt for her was forever.
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