Secrets Kept, Lies Told

Secrets Kept, Lies Told
By Sarah
Chapter 20

    "Where is my sister?!"  AJ demanded.
    "For the hundredth time, AJ, we don't know," Kevin said, trying to control his temper.  He knew approximately where she was, but not exactly.
    "Then someone better start looking for her!  She doesn't know her way around the city!"  AJ exclaimed, pacing back and forth.
    "AJ, please, stop pacing, you're making me dizzy," Howie said, putting his head in his hands.
    AJ stopped pacing and flopped in a chair.  "How could Alexa just disappear like that?  She knows not to go off anywhere without telling someone, or at least bringing a bodyguard!"  He said.
    "AJ, relax, she'll be fine.  She survived on Orlando's streets for fourteen years, she can survive in New York for a few hours," Kevin said.
    "But what if she can't?  Kevin, what if someone jumps her?  What if someone tries to rob her?  What if... oh God, what if someone tries to rape her?"  AJ said, putting his head in his hands.
    "AJ, stop thinking those things, she'll be fine!"  Kevin exclaimed.  "Nothing is going to happen to Alexa, calm down, I'm sure she's absolutely fine!"
    "How would you know?"  AJ asked.  Kevin bit his lip as AJ got up and hurried across the room to where he was sitting.  "Kevin, what do you know?"  AJ asked.
    Kevin shook his head and stood up, walking away from AJ.  "Nothing, AJ, I just know Alexa's fine, that's all," he said, immediately regretting it.  He was getting himself in too deep.  'Kevin, just shut up, just shut up now,' he said to himself.
    "Kevin, I know you're hiding something.  Where's Alexa?"  AJ demanded.
    Kevin shook his head and sat in another chair, looking away from AJ.  "Nothing, absolutely nothing.  I don't know where she is, AJ, I haven't a clue."  'Well, actually I do, but I can't say, I promised,' he thought.
    "Kevin, goddamn, tell me where my little sister is!"  AJ finally exploded.
    "I told you, I don't know!"  Kevin yelled back.  "I don't know where she is, I don't know when she'll be back, all I know is that she's fine and that she'll be back later, ok?  Stop pestering me, AJ, I can't take it anymore!"  He hollered.  He hurried to the door and slammed it behind him.  He went to his room and grabbed his sweats and then hurried to Brian's room.
    "What, Kevin, why are you pounding on the door?"  Brian asked, opening the door.
    "You guys can deal with AJ, I give up.  He's driving me insane, Brian, you better hope Alexa and Nick get back here soon, otherwise we'll all be in trouble," Kevin said to his cousin.  He stormed away, going to the elevator and to the gym, to work out his frustration.

    "That was a wonderful play, thank you Nick," Alexa said, standing up as the curtain closed for the final time.
    Nick smiled and stood up next to her, taking her hands in his.  "You are quite welcome, I knew you would enjoy it," he said, pulling her closer and kissing her lightly.
    "Guys, I hate to break this up and all, but its nearly eleven o'clock, we have to hurry and get back to the hotel," Lonnie said, tapping on Nick's shoulder.
    Nick groaned and reached for Alexa's coat.  "Sheesh, Lonnie, why do you always have to ruin the moment?"  He asked, helping Alexa put it on.
    "I don't, that's time, not me.  I just follow what my orders are and my orders tonight are to make sure you two are safe and that you get back before midnight," Lonnie answered.
    Nick scoffed as he pulled his overcoat on.  "Then why do we have to hurry?  If it's only eleven o'clock, we still have an hour left, don't we?  Or is my math wrong?"  He asked, somewhat confused.
    "No, Nicky, you're right.  Why do we have to hurry, Lonnie?"  Alexa asked.
    "Because I don't want to be held up in here if someone recognizes him, then we'll have a hell of a time getting out, not to mention that you two aren't even suppose to be out together," Lonnie said, leading them to the side exit.
    "Thanks, Lonnie, just ruin my mood," Alexa said, pouting.
    Nick chuckled as Lonnie looked back and saw Alexa's expression.  "Alexa, don't give me that face," he warned.
    "Oh, Lonnie, look at what you did, you made Alexa sad!"  Nick exclaimed, playing along with Alexa's game.
    "Alexa," Lonnie said, walking back over to her.  "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to," he said.
    Alexa smiled and tipped Lonnie's hat.  "I know, I was just playin'," she said, taking Nick's hand.
    Nick laughed as Lonnie walked away, shaking his head and muttering to himself.  'Alexa sure does know how to get her way,' Nick thought.  'Even with me,' he added, looking down at Alexa's deep chocolate brown eyes.  They were so full of hope and life and they were sparkling with joy.  It made Nick happy to know that he had something to do with her being so happy.

    "Howie, where's AJ?"  Kevin asked as he walked into the hotel room.  He walked over and shook his friend awake.  "Howie!  Where's AJ?"  He repeated.    "Huh?  Oh, he was sitting right there," Howie said drowsily, pointing to the empty chair across the room.
    "Dammit!  Where'd he go, D?  If he sees Alexa when she comes back, he'll be pissed," Kevin said, searching the room.  He'd just gotten back from the most intense hour-long workout he'd ever done.  He'd gotten all his frustration out, though, but now AJ was missing, and he was afraid of the consequences.
    "I don't know, Kev, I'll go ask Denise and Brian if either of them have seen him," Howie said, standing up and walking to the door.
    Kevin followed him out, stopping at Denise's door as Howie went on to Brian's.  It was a little after eleven, he hoped she would still be up.  He knocked.  "Denise?"  He asked.
    Denise opened the door a few moments later.  "What do you want, Kevin?"  She asked, looking up at him with tired eyes.  He knew she'd been doing paper work.
    "AJ's missing, have you seen him?"  Kevin asked, tugging at the towel around his neck.
    Denise shook her head and her eyes widened.  "No, I haven't, not since earlier.  Oh God, Kevin, is he sees Alexa"
    "Yeah, I know," Kevin said.
    "Brian hasn't seen him," Howie said, walking up to them, Brian close behind.
    "Are you sure he wasn't in his room?  Or that he didn't go downstairs?"  Denise asked, rubbing her eyes.
    "Double no, I was just downstairs, he couldn't have been down there without me seeing him, and he wasn't in his room, I was just there," Kevin said.
    Denise looked down at the floor and shook her head.  "I knew something like this would happen.  Everyone go to bed, we'll handle this in the morning.  Brian, when Nick comes back, if you're still awake, tell him to get in here and fast," she said.  She closed the door behind her and Kevin felt very bad for her.  It was probably tearing her in two, one half for her daughter, the other for her son.
    'Where will it end?'  Kevin asked himself as he walked to his room.  He closed the door behind him and headed for the shower.
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