Secrets Kept, Lies Told

Secrets Kept, Lies Told
By Sarah
Chapter 2

    "Alexa!  Where've you been?"  Sherry demanded as Alexa walked into the church.  It was nearly eleven o'clock and Sherry was getting ready to close the doors for the night.
    "Sorry, Sherry, I got a little held up," Alexa said, a little out of breath.
    "Who was chasing you this time?"  Sherry asked, ushering Alexa in.
    "One of Lenny's friends.  I didn't know that even big piece's of shit could run that fast," she said, collapsing on her cot.
    "Even they can, Alexa.  Honey, go to sleep, I'll wake you up in the morning," Sherry said, laying a blanket on top of Alexa's thin body.  Alexa closed her eyes and pretended to go to sleep.  As she heard Sherry walk away, she opened her eyes.  She waited until Sherry had gone to the office and she
sat up.  She un-did the long trench coat she was wearing and pulled it off.  She unloaded the clothes from the pockets and stuffed them under her blanket.  She knelt down, pulling the key out from underneath the cot, and turned to walk out of the building.  She looked down at her outfit, the one she'd bought hours before.  It was pretty nice, a black mini skirt and a dark blue tank top.  She brushed her curls out of her face as she opened the door, then closed it behind her.  She pocketed the key she'd taken from Sherry a long
time ago, the spare key to the front door of the home, and took a deep breath.  She walked proudly down the street, swinging her new pocket book at her side.  She had quite a spree earlier, thanks to people's wallet contents, and was showing it off with pride.  She went to the first club she could find and weaseled her way inside, intending to have fun.

    "Yo, AJ, who's that?"  Nick asked his friend, gesturing to the door.
    AJ looked up and saw a girl walk in, her curly hair shining in the club lights.  She had a beautiful smile, and was beautiful over-all, but something made him not attracted to her.  "I don't know, bro, go find out," he said.
   Nick shook his head.  "No way, she's already got a few admirers," he said, slightly let down.  AJ watched as a few guys surrounded the girl, blocking their view.  Although AJ didn't feel any attraction to her, he felt
somewhat protective of her suddenly, he hadn't a clue why.  He hadn't even met her yet.
    "Ok, then I'll go find out," Brian said, standing up next to Nick.  "I think she's looking pretty good."
    "Pretty good?!?  Frick, she's got to be the hottest girl in here," Nick said.
    "Ooh, Nicky boy, you have a crush on the girl already and you haven't even talked to her?"  AJ taunted.  He laughed at Nick's red face, he was rather shy around girls.
    "No I don't..." Nick trailed off.
    "Either way, I'm gonna go ask her to dance," Brian said.  He walked over to the girl and AJ watched him.  He was rather curious as to what would happen.

    'This is great, I've never been fawned over by so many guys before,' Alexa thought.  'And here comes another one,' she said to herself, seeing a medium height guy walking towards her.  His curly hair was slightly unruly, making her want to run her fingers through it.  He had bright blue eyes that reminded Alexa of the sky on a clear day, and was rather well built.  'Him, he's my fun for tonight,' Alexa thought.  She smiled at the guy as he walked up.
    "Would you like to dance?"  He asked, smiling.
    "Sure," Alexa said.  'Would you like to do a little more than that?'  She thought to herself.  She liked his smile, it was definitely a winner.  She walked onto the floor with the guy and moved with the music.

    "Look at that, she's a great dancer," Nick whined to AJ.
    AJ sighed and took another sip of his drink.  "Instead of whining, why don't you go find someone to dance with?  Or cut in on Brian and the chick?  I mean, it's not that hard, bro.  You just go over there, say, 'yo, Bri, let me dance for a while', and then get to know her."
    "Well, Mr. I'm-So-Hot-I-Know-Exactly-What-To-Do-And-Say-Around-Women, why don't you go over and dance with her?  Why aren't you in Brian's place?"  Nick asked.
    AJ furrowed his eyebrows, taking another sip of his drink.  "I don't know, there's something about her.  I mean, she's absolutely beautiful, I can see that, but there's something about herâ?¦I can't put my finger on it, but something's telling me that I shouldn't."
    Nick looked at AJ like he was crazy.  "Man, you've been acting really weird tonight.  Are you sure there's nothing in that drink of yours?"
   AJ chuckled and set down the empty glass.  "Positive.  I'll go ask her to dance, I'll find out something for you," he volunteered, standing up.
    "Thanks man, I owe you one," Nick said, smiling finally.
    AJ nodded and walked on the dance floor towards Brian and the girl.  Something in the back of his head was telling him to stay away from her, but he pushed it aside and smiled, intending on having some fun.

    'Not that bad of a dancer, could be better, but he's not that bad,' Alexa thought.  She started moving closer to the guy, she wanted to know his name, when he suddenly stopped dancing and looked at the guy standing next to him.
    He looked between Alexa and the other guy, once, twice, three times and
pointed to the both of them.  Alexa looked at the other guy strangely and her mouth nearly dropped open.
    They looked just alike.
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