Secrets Kept, Lies Told

Secrets Kept, Lies Told
By Sarah
Chapter 19

    "What, Mom?"
    Denise hurried into her daughter's room and was met with Alexa trying to pull on a pair of heels.  "You're going out?"  She asked.
    Alexa nodded.  "Yup, Nick is taking me out to show me around the city.  Is that ok?"  She begged, her eyes pleading.
    Denise gave in quickly.  "Yes, of course, but your brother refuses to move.  He won't leave, he won't even get up to go downstairs and get something to eat with Kevin.  You might have a little problem getting out,
especially since he is hell bent on staying here tonight," Denise said, hurrying around Alexa's room.
    "That's ok, we'll take the back way out, but what are you looking for?" Alexa asked, walking back towards the bathroom.
    "I'm looking for my cell phone, it's disappeared again," Denise answered. "I had it when I came in here earlier today, but then I don't know what I did with it."
    Denise heard Alexa walk out of the bathroom and over to her bed.  "You mean, this cell phone?"  Alexa asked, holding it up.
    Denise smiled and nodded.  "Yes, that one.  Thank you, baby," she said.
    "No prob, Ma.  Are you sure you don't mind Nick and I going out together?"  Alexa asked again.
    Denise smiled and gave her daughter a hug.  "For the hundredth time, I don't mind.  I rather like the idea, Nick needs a girlfriend and I know you won't do anything to hurt him, not like his last girlfriend," she said, rather grudgingly.
    "Wait, what are you talking about?  What happened?"  Alexa asked.
    Denise shook her head.  "Nothing, Alexa, nothing important."  She started walking to the door, wishing she hadn't said anything about it.
    "No, Ma, what?"  Alexa demanded, blocking her mother's way.
    Denise sighed and looked at Alexa, brushing a few curls out of her face.  "Nick's last girlfriend, Tiffany, really tore him apart.  She was only using him because of who he was and totally blew up in his face over stupid things. When he didn't say that he loved her last Valentine's Day, she blew up and cursed him out, and it took him a while to get over her.  He's healing with your love, don't do anything to hurt him.  He's like a son to me, and what he feels, its like I feel it with him.  I don't like to see any of my boys hurt, ok Lexy?"  Denise said.
    Alexa nodded.  "I won't Mom, I couldn't do that to anyone."
    Denise smiled and gave her daughter a kiss on the cheek.  "Ok, I'll go tell Nick you're ready and try to keep AJ occupied long enough for you two to get out.  But Alexa, I'm warning you, you have to tell him soon, otherwise, someone is going to slip and I will not be responsible for what AJ does."
    Alexa nodded.  "I know, thank you, Mom."
    Denise nodded and walked out of Alexa's room and down two doors to Nick's.  She knocked on the door and waited.  "Hi, Denise, what can I do for you?"  Brian said, answering the door.
    "Tell Nick she's ready and to take the back way out, we're having a little trouble with AJ here," Denise said.
    Brian nodded and closed the door behind him.  Denise hurried down the hall as AJ opened the door to his room.  "AJ, where are you going?"  Denise asked, trying to push him back into the room.
    "To see Alexa, why?"  He asked, trying to get back out.
    "I just was there, Alexa fell asleep already, honey, you'll have to wait until tomorrow to see her," Denise said, lying through her teeth.  She managed to get AJ back in his room and glanced at Kevin and Howie.
    'They gone yet?'  Kevin mouthed.
    Denise shook her head and Kevin and Howie looked at each other, exasperated looks on their faces.  "Uh, AJ, come on, let's watch a movie," Howie suggested, walking over to the television.
    "I don't want to, I want to go see my sister," AJ said, starting for the door again.
    "AJ, leave Alexa alone, she's already asleep," Denise said, trying to stop him.
    "Asleep?  It's not even seven-thirty!  Ma, what are you doing?  Are you protecting her for some reason?"  AJ demanded.
    Everyone got quiet and Denise couldn't look at him.  Her eyes would give it away if she did.
    "Ma, what is going on?"  AJ asked, furious.
    "Nothing, AJ, stay here, I'll be right back," Denise said.  She hurried out of the hotel room, praying that Nick and Alexa were still here.  She was going to tell them that they had to stay, they couldn't go out tonight, they'd have to do it some other time.  She hurried to Alexa's room and knocked a few times.  She got no answer and opened the door with the master key.  She looked around the room, instantly noticing that Alexa had already left.
    "Where's Alexa?"  AJ practically shouted, coming in behind her.
    "AJ, go back to your room," Denise said, trying to usher him out.
    "No, where is she?  Did she run off or something?  Ma, she doesn't know her way around the city, she could get lost out there!"  AJ exclaimed, worried.
    Denise shook her head.  "No she won't, AJ, please, go back to your room," she said, trying to stay calm.
    AJ's face turned very red and he stomped back to his room, slamming the door behind him.  Denise hurried to Brian and Nick's room and knocked on the door.
    "What is going on out there?"  Brian asked quietly as he opened the door.
    "AJ knows Alexa is gone.  Did they already leave?"  She asked as she walked in the room.
    Brian nodded and closed the door.  "Yeah, about two minutes ago.  I think Lonnie went with them this time."
    "My Lord, I can't believe even the bodyguards are in on this," Denise said to herself, pacing around the room.
    "Relax, Denise, they'll be back before we know it, I know they will," Brian said, sitting down on the couch.
    Denise sighed and looked out the window at the snow as it started to fall.  "I hope so."

    Alexa smiled as she, Nick, and Lonnie, their bodyguard for the night, got out of the cab.  The snow was just beginning to fall and she couldn't have asked for a better night.
    "Ready, Alexa?"  Nick asked, holding out his hand.
    Alexa nodded and took his hand, then started walking with him.  Lonnie started in another direction, keeping his distance, but keeping an eye on them.  Alexa leaned her head on Nick's shoulder and sighed, the night was perfect.  She and Nick had snuck out the back entrance with no problem, meeting Lonnie downstairs, and then walked to the waiting cab.  Alexa had never seen a city like New York that came alive at night.  The lights, the people, they all fascinated her.  She and Nick were now alone, though, in one
of the most beautiful parks.  She walked quietly with Nick until he stopped her at a bench.
    "Here, sit," he said, gesturing.  Alexa sat down and Nick sat next to her, putting his arm around her.
    "Nick, this is beautiful," Alexa said, gesturing around them.
    "Not half as beautiful as you," he answered quietly, gently moving her head to face him.  "You are the definition of beauty," he said, brushing her hair behind her ear.
    Alexa blushed and looked down.  "Do you always find some way to make me blush?  Or do you do it to everyone?"  She asked.
    Nick chuckled and lifted her chin.  "Nope, just to you.  I strive to find ways to make you blush."  He leaned down and kissed her gently, and she responded immediately.  She loved being in Nick's arms, he made her feel so wanted.
    "Nick, you know what?"
    "I never felt safe before, until I met you.  Every time you hold me, that's when I feel safe," Alexa said, playing with one of his stubborn blonde locks.  They kept on insisting that they hang in front of his eyes, when she knew that his eyes deserved to be seen.
    "I love to hold you, Alexa, I wish I could all the time," Nick answered, holding her tighter.
    Alexa's happiness faded.  "But AJ prevents us from doing that," she said sadly.
    "Hey, don't be sad.  We're together now, that's what's important," Nick said, caressing her cheek lightly.
    Alexa smiled and took his hand, kissing it.  She reached up and kissed his lips, deepening the kiss slowly.
    Nick backed away from Alexa and looked at his watch.  "Come on, beautiful, we have to get a cab, we have somewhere to go tonight," he said, standing up.
    "What?  Where are we going?"  Alexa asked excitedly as they walked.
    Nick smiled down at her.  "You'll see, I know you'll like this," he said.
    Alexa sighed.  "Come on, Nicky, please?  Tell me what it is!"  She pleaded.
    "What did you just call me?"  He asked, suddenly stopping.
    "I called you Nicky, why?  Do you not like it?"  Alexa asked, not wanting to hurt him.
    Nick smiled and looked into her eyes.  "Normally, I don't.  But I like the way you say it," he said, bringing her hands to his lips and kissing them.   "Come on, we don't have much time!"  He exclaimed, pulling her over and wrapping his arms around her.
    Alexa smiled and walked with him, hailing a cab as it went by.  Lonnie appeared out of nowhere and sat in the front, making Alexa laugh.  "Lonnie, you're acting like you're a ghost or something, appearing out of the blue."
    Lonnie turned around and smiled.  "Well, that's my job!"  He said.
    Alexa looked at Nick and raised her eyebrows.  "Don't look at me, he's the strangest person I know!"  He said.
    Lonnie turned back around, laughing, and Alexa laughed too.  She leaned her head on Nick's shoulder and watched as the scenery passed outside.  The ride ended a few minutes later and she looked up at Nick.
    "Why are there so many people out there?"  She asked as he paid the driver.
    Nick smiled and helped her out of the cab.  "Because this is the front entrance to one of the best plays you will ever see in your entire life," he said, gesturing to the marquis.
    "'Phantom of the Opera'.  Nick!  You didn't have to do this!"  Alexa exclaimed.
    "Yes I did, I wanted to and I knew that you'd like it," Nick said, kissing her on her head.
    Alexa smiled and held onto his arm as they walked inside, past everyone else.  He led her to their seats, front row center.
    "Nick, you must've had to do some fancy talking to get these seats!"  Alexa exclaimed as he pulled off his coat.
    "Not really, I just pulled a few strings, that's all," he said.  He helped her take off her coat and placed it on her seat.  "You are absolutely beautiful, did I tell you that tonight?"  He asked, pulling her into a hug.
    Alexa smiled and looked down at her dress.  It was a short black one, with a low neck and red velvet roses lining the waistline.  "Thank you, kind sir, even though you did already say it, and I must say that you look very handsome," she said, gesturing to his suit, a gray pair of pants, a white shirt, and a sports jacket to match.
    Nick straightened his jacket and got a goofy look on his face.  "Well, thank you, thank you very much," he said, impersonating.
   Alexa laughed as the house lights flashed.  "Come on, Elvis, sit down," she said, pulling him to the seat next to her.
    "And you said I was strange!"  Lonnie exclaimed from Nick's other side.
    Alexa laughed and sat back as the orchestra started.  'This night keeps getting better and better, nothing can ruin it now.'
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