Secrets Kept, Lies Told

Secrets Kept, Lies Told
By Sarah
Chapter 18

    "Alexa?  Come on, Aly, get up," AJ said, shaking his sister's shoulder, trying to wake her up.  "Come on, we're in New York, let's go, I'm hungry," he said.
    Alexa turned over on her side and looked up at her brother, then at her watch.  "AJ, its four o'clock in the morning, what do you want?"  She demanded.
    "We're here, we're in New York City.  Come on, let's get in the hotel and you can sleep until forever, you just have to get up and go with me to McDonalds real quick, I'm hungry," AJ said, yawning.
    Alexa shook her head as she sat up.  "No, I'm going back to sleep when I get upstairs, I am not going to Mickey D's with you, forget it," she said stubbornly.  She hopped off the top bunk and grabbed her jacket off the bunk below her.  She pulled on the jacket and flipped her hair over her shoulder.
    "Aly, come on, please?  Go with me, everyone else is already asleep upstairs!"  AJ begged.
    "They are?  Why did you wait to wake me up last?  Idiot, now I'll never get to sleep, they'll all be up later making a bunch of noise and I won't be able to sleep!"  Alexa exclaimed, hitting her brother's arm.
    "Ow, don't hit me," AJ said, rubbing where she hit him.  She really could hit hard.  "Come with me?"  He asked, pouting.  He knew she would give in, after a little begging.
    He was right.  "Fine, I'll go, come on, let's make this quick, I'm tired as anything, not to mention the fact that its four o'clock in the friggin' morning!"  Alexa practically shouted.
    AJ winced and wrapped his arm around her as the stepped out into the frigid late November air.  He felt her shiver through her coat and moved a little faster.  The McDonalds was only a block or two away, but he knew Alexa would start complaining about how cold it was in a matter of minutes.
   He was right, again.  "It's so cold out here!"  Alexa said through chattering teeth.  "How can people stand this?"  She asked.
    "I don't know, I personally can't live without warmth, so I can't imagine ever living around here in the winter," AJ replied, turning at the corner.
    "Me neither.  Give me Florida sunshine and sudden rain storms any day in exchange for this cold," Alexa said, rubbing her arms.
    AJ nodded and opened the door to the twenty-four-hour McDonalds and gestured for Alexa to enter first.  She did, with a flourish.  "All hail to the almighty Queen Alexa," AJ said in her ear.
    Alexa laughed and finally smiled at him.  "You sir, are to be quiet.  We don't need anything like Orlando happening again," she said, walking slowly to the counter.
    "Hey, it was your fault, not mine," AJ said, following her.
    "My fault?  You were the one that doubted me!"  Alexa exclaimed.
    "The only reason I doubted you was because I was just joking, I had no doubt that you could sing," AJ said, looking over the breakfast menu.
    "Sure you didn't," Alexa said, smiling and looking at the sleepy-looking girl behind the counter.  "Morning, could I have an egg McMuffin with cheese, please?"
    "And can I have two egg biscuits with bacon," AJ said.
    "You're such a pig," Alexa said.
    "I'm a pig?  Have you ever seen Nick when we go out to eat?  Talk about a pig, he eats everything on his plate, and then starts with someone else's!  If anyone is a pig, its him."
    "No, you still out rank him.  I've seen both of you when we go out, you eat twice as much as he does and you still don't seem to gain any weight!  I want to know your secret," Alexa said, poking him in the stomach.
    "Easy, I eat, sleep, then I'm on the move all day, I don't have time to let it sit."
    "That'll be eight fifty, sir," the girl behind the counter said.
    AJ pulled out his wallet and handed the girl a ten.  "Keep the change," he said.  Alexa looked at him, eyebrows raised.  "What?"
    Alexa looked away.  "Nothing."
    "No, Alexa, what?"  AJ asked again as the bag was placed on the counter.
    "Nothing, Alex, absolutely nothing," she said.
    "Don't give me that, 'oh, Alex, absolutely nothing, I just can't stand you for a reason I can't say' crap.  Come on Alexa, what?"  AJ begged.
    "AJ, I said nothing, do you have to bug me about it?"  Alexa asked as she picked up the bag.
    "Yes, it is my job," AJ answered, wrapping his arm back around his sister.
    Alexa giggled as they walked outside.  "I'm sure it is, big brother, I'm sure it is," she said, leaning her head on his shoulder.
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