Secrets Kept, Lies Told

Secrets Kept, Lies Told
By Sarah
Chapter 15

    "Alexa?  Alexa?  Alexa, come on, time to wake up, honey," Denise said, trying to shake her daughter awake.
    Alexa finally rolled over and looked sleepily at her.  "What time is it?"  She asked groggily.
    "Its nearly noon, come on, we have things to do today," Denise said, smiling.
    Alexa shook her head and closed her eyes.  "No way, I was having a good dream," she said.
    "Oh, were you?  Tell me about this good dream," Denise dared, trying to keep Alexa coherent.
    "No, 'cause if I do, it won't come true," Alexa said, her voice muffled by the pillow.
    Denise chuckled and lifted the pillow off of her head.  "Let's go, Alexa, you have to get up now, you can go back to sleep on the bus," she said.  She tossed the pillow to the other side of the bed and stood up, walking to Alexa's suitcase.  She opened it and a confused feeling came over her.  There was a rather nice dress on top, thrown there somewhat hastily, along with a pair of heels, and a white rose.
    "Alexa, where did this come from?"  Denise asked, picking up the rose.
    "What, Mom!"  Alexa exclaimed, getting up quickly.  She hurried over to her mother and snatched the rose out of her hand.  "Why are you going through my things?"  She asked, almost accusingly.
    "Sorry, Alexa, it was just a simple question.  Where did it come from? I'm not going to be mad, I just want to know what my daughter has been up to," Denise said truthfully.  She sat on the chair next to the suitcase and Alexa sat next to her, still holding the rose.
    "Nick gave it to me, last night," Alexa answered quietly.
    "He did?"  Denise was incredibly surprised.
    "Yeah, he took me out last night and I had the best time.  He gave me this and a lot of memories," her daughter answered, smelling the rose and smiling.  "I had a very good time last night."
    "Didn't AJ say that you were going to be spending the night in your hotel room?"  Denise asked, remembering what her son had told her.
    "Yeah, do not, I repeat, do not tell him I went out last night.  I told him I was staying here because he doesn't want me getting involved with any of the guys.  I don't know why, but he doesn't.  I got that out of Nick last night, he told me how AJ had said that I was 'off limits', like I'm his prize possession or something.  He tries anything like that again, I'm gonna give him a piece of my mind, that's for sure," Alexa said, anger coming across her face.
    "Alexa, listen to me," Denise said, looking at her daughter's determined face.  "AJ just wants to protect you from everything he knows is out there. He doesn't want his little sister to get hurt anymore.  Now, as for saying that you were off-limits. I don't really know what to say about that, but if he does it again, you come tell me before you do anything, I'll take care of him, understand?"
    Alexa nodded and looked up at her mother.  "Yes, I understand."
    "Ok, now you get dressed and clean up this mess.  I can't believe it took you all night to make this mess!"  Denise exclaimed, standing up and gesturing around the messy room.  "You're worse than Brian and AJ put together!"
    Alexa smiled and placed the rose back in her suitcase.  "I promise I'll clean it later!"  She said, bolting to the bathroom.
    Denise smiled and walked to the door.  She wouldn't tell AJ, but she wouldn't lie either.  She just wanted her daughter to be happy and happy she was going to be, whether it be with Nick or any other guy in the world.

    Nick woke up and immediately, a smile appeared on his face.  "What are you so happy about?"  Brian asked as he came out of the bathroom.
    Nick shook his head and sat up.  "No reason."  He got up and walked to the bathroom, whistling a random tune.
    "Nick, you are never this happy when you wake up in the morning.  Most of the time, it's a battle to get you up.  What are you so happy about?"  Brian demanded.
    Nick grinned and picked up his toothbrush.  "Nothing, I'm just a good mood today, that's all," he said before turning on the water.
    "Nick, I know when there's something up with you, what's up?"  Brian asked again, following him into the bathroom.
    Nick chuckled and rinsed off his brush and grabbed the cup next to the sink.  "If you must know, Alexa and I had a great time last night," he said as he rinsed out his mouth.
    "Oh, did you?  And what did you two do?  You never told me what you planned," Brian said.
    Nick smiled and walked to his bed.  "First, we went to dinner, then I gave her a rose and we went to a park, where we walked around and talked, and then I took her to the beach."
    "Nick, it was forty degrees out last night!"
    "I know, she was quite cold, but she didn't complained after I handed her my jacket and held her in my arms," Nick said, smiling devilishly.
    "And?  Did you kiss her?"
    "Yes, but that's none of your business," Nick said, suddenly becoming serious.
    "Nick, you do realized that you kissed Alexa, AJ's sister, whom he said was off limits?  Are you insane?"  Brian asked.
    "No, well, yes, maybe I am.  But I just think that I've fallen for her, fallen for her hard," Nick said, laying back on his bed and closing his eyes, thinking about Alexa's brown hair and her deep chocolate brown eyes
    "Nick, you might want to get out of that dream world of yours and wake up.  If AJ finds out you and his sister have a relationship, he'll kill you," Brian said.
    Nick opened his eyes and looked at his best friend.  "Thanks B-Rok, I wasn't quite aware of that.  Ruin my good mood, why don't you?"  He asked hypothetically, heading for the shower.
    "Nick, you know what I mean.  Go out with Alexa, I think it'll be good for both of you, but be careful, AJ is not going to like it one bit," Brian called.
    Nick nodded and closed the bathroom door behind him.  He turned on the shower head and let the water run on his back.  'Even if AJ doesn't like it, I'm still going to keep seeing Alexa.  I like her, she likes me, and the only thing that'll change that is if she dumps meâ?¦which I really hope she doesn't do,' Nick thought.

    "Hey, Alexa," AJ said as he sat next to his sister.
    "Hi, AJ," Alexa said, somewhat sleepily.
    "What's wrong?  Your marathon movie session run over last night?"  AJ asked, starting his bagel.
    "Something like that," Alexa said, smiling.  She hadn't touched her breakfast, which AJ thought was unusual.
    "Why haven't you even touched your breakfast?  I'm about to take it," AJ threatened, reaching for her bagel.
    Alexa pushed her plate towards him and leaned her elbows on the table, putting her head in her hands.  "Here, take it, I'm not hungry," she said, yawning.
    "Not hungry?  Ok, who are you and what have you done with my sister?"  AJ demanded.
    "AJ, please, I'm just not hungry this morning, I think the chocolate from last night didn't sit right," she said, putting her hand on her stomach.
    AJ chuckled and gave her a hug.  "I'm sorry, why don't you go lay down for a little while?  Maybe you'll feel better later."
    Alexa nodded and stood up, walking to the middle of the bus.  AJ shookhis head as he finished his bagel and started on hers, wondering just what Alexa had done last night.  'Well, I know I had a lot of fun,' he thought. The girl he'd met, Julie, was a total sweetie, and they'd gotten along really  well.  AJ promised to call her, and he would, but later.  'Once we stop somewhere,' he mentally reminded himself, 'I'll call her.'

    Alexa stumbled towards her bunk and bumped into someone as the bus went over a pothole.
    "You ok?"  Nick asked as he caught Alexa.
    Alexa nodded and looked up to Nick's blue-green eyes.  "Yeah, just a little tired, that's all," she said, smiling.
    Nick smiled back and brushed her hair out of her face.  "Why don't you golay down for a little while?  You'll feel better afterwards," he said quietly.
    Alexa nodded and looked down, blushing.  "Yes, I suppose I will," shesaid, equally as quiet.  She looked back up at Nick and slowly pulled hishead down to hers.  She kissed him softly, then looked up at him.  "I had fun last night, I can't wait to do it again," she whispered.  She pushed a lock of his blonde hair back and walked to her bunk, climbing in.  She closed the curtain over and curled up, facing the wall, thinking about how sweet Nick really was.
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