Secrets Kept, Lies Told

Secrets Kept, Lies Told
By Sarah
Chapter 14

    Alexa smiled at herself in the mirror, she loved her new dress.  And she was positive Nick would like it too.  She pulled back pieces of her curly hair and fastened them in clips.  She checked herself over one more time and hurried to her bed in her hotel room.  She picked up her purse and tossed the sweats she was wearing before to the head of the bed.  She was prepared when AJ came to say goodbye, but he came a little late and it only gave Alexa a few minutes to get ready for Nick.  She already had everything planned out, though, so she didn't have to rush too much.  As soon as AJ closed the door behind him, Alexa had jumped out of bed and hurried to the bathroom.  She was ready in record time, for her, and was ready to go.
    She shouldered her purse and walked out of the hotel room door, making sure she wasn't forgetting her key.  She walked down the hallway and hit the down button on the elevator.  She and Nick had agreed to meet downstairs, just in case.  Alexa didn't know why she wanted to keep her dinner date a secret, but she
did, and she didn't want AJ to know at all.  She wasn't going to even tell him about it, which is why she made up the lie of staying in and watching movies.
    Alexa arrived at the bottom and got out, coming face to face with the most gorgeous man she'd ever seen in her entire life.
    "Are you ready?"  Nick asked, holding out his arm.
    Alexa nodded and took his arm, walking with him silently.  She was amazed at how one moment, he could be a total child and look like it, then the next he could be this handsome gentleman.  She loved it.
    "Are you ok, Alexa?"  Nick asked as he led her to the limo.
    Alexa smiled at Nick and nodded her head.  "I'm perfectly fine, just happy that I finally get to what I want without AJ tagging along," she said.
   Nick smiled and helped her in the limo, then climbed in himself.  "Well, I'm glad that I can assist you in that."
    Alexa's smile brightened, and she looked away, feeling a blush coming on. She felt so happy to finally be away from AJ.  'I'm starting to think that maybe all my lying was for as good reason, maybe I'll have some fun tonight and get to know the real Nick,' she said to herself.  She felt her face turn back to its original color and she turned to face Nick.  "Where are we going?"  She asked.
    Nick smiled a devilish smile, one that made Alexa's excitement go through the roof.  "That, my dear Alexa, is a surprise," he said, taking her hand.
    Alexa nearly shivered as Nick took her hand and felt something like electricity go through the touch.  The way he spoke to her wasn't the way AJ spoke to her, but in a more direct way, like he was talking to a real person rather than someone who was younger and below another person.  Alexa liked the way Nick was treating her and didn't protest anything he offered.

    "AJ, that's the fourth time you called, leave the girl alone.  She's probably not answering because she doesn't want to talk to you," Kevin said as AJ slammed down the pay phone.
    "That's not the point, Kev, I want to make sure she's ok," AJ said, fidgeting.
    "I'm positive she's fine.  Look, what was it she said to you before you left?  'Don't bother calling, I'm not answering' and 'go out and have fun, don't think about me'.  Am I correct?  AJ, stop worrying about her.  I realize you want to worry because she's your sister and you just found her and everything, but you have to stop sometime.  She's grown up before you found her, she wants the freedom she's used to, leave her alone," Howie said, leading him away from the pay phone and back to the dance floor.
    "I know, D, but I want her to be safe.  I mean, she's told me a lot of what her life was like and I don't want her to experience any of it anymore," AJ said.
    "AJ, leave her alone, she can take care of herself.  Come on, I see someone looking right at you and I don't think she's that bad," Kevin said, nodding across the dance floor.
    AJ sighed and looked in the direction Kevin was talking about.  He smiled at the girl and checked her over.  "You're right, you both are.  Maybe Alexa can stay off my mind long enough to have some fun," he said quietly.  He danced across the floor and started dancing with the girl, hoping that he'd have more than just some fun that night.

    Alexa laughed and placed her napkin next to her plate.  "You know, Nick, this was a really good idea," she said, smiling at him.
    Nick smiled back, almost shyly.  "Well, thank you, Alexa, I'm happy you think that," he said.  He signaled for the check and took out his credit card.   Alexa watched as he handed the waiter his card without even looking at the check.  She raised her eyebrows at Nick.
    "What?"  Nick asked.
    "No, what?"
    "I said nothing!"
    Nick smiled and Alexa smiled back, giving in.  She liked the way he was childish one moment, then very mature the next.  It was like he was playing, but not so much as that it would bother Alexa.  She liked him for him, she got to know him well over the last hour and she was happy she did.
    "So, where are we off to next?"  Alexa asked as the waiter came back with Nick's card.
    "Now, we leave, and the next part is a surprise," Nick said, standing up and offering Alexa his arm.  She smiled and stood up, accepting.  They walked out together and got in the limo.
    "Is there anything I should be prepared for?"  Alexa asked.
    Nick shook his head and reached to the mini fridgerator on his side.  "Nope, just relax and enjoy the ride," he said, handing her a white rose.
    Alexa felt her face redden and smelled the rose.  'It's such a sweet smell,' she thought.  She looked at Nick.  "Thank you," she said quietly.
    Nick nodded and smiled.  "You're quiet welcome."
    Alexa smiled and leaned her head against Nick's shoulder, inviting him to put his arm around her.  He did and Alexa felt electricity go through her body again.  She relaxed, listening to Nick's breathing.

    "Alexa?"  AJ asked as he barged in her room.  He spotted her, exactly where she said she would be.  "Asleep in front of the television surrounded by candy wrappers, AJ," he said to himself.  Chuckling, he turned off the TV and gathered up some of the wrappers.  He tossed them in the garbage and picked up Alexa.  He carried her to her bed and pulled the covers to her chin.
    "Good night, Alexa," he whispered.
    Alexa turned over in her sleep, smiling about something.  AJ smiled and walked to the door, closing it behind him quietly.

    Alexa opened her eyes as she heard the door close and glanced at the clock.  'Thank God for Kevin and Howie,' she thought.  It was three-thirty in the morning, she'd gotten back a half-hour ago.  She was lucky she remembered what she told AJ, and quickly got in that position.  She was too excited to sleep, she'd just had the best night of her entire life.  She laid back down, trying to go to sleep, just so she could dream about Nick and what they would do on the next date they already agreed on.
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