Secrets Kept, Lies Told

Secrets Kept, Lies Told
By Sarah
Chapter 13

    "Hi, Alexa," Nick said quietly.
    Alexa looked up from her magazine and smiled.  "Hey, Nick, take a seat," she said, gesturing to the space across from her.
    Nick nodded nervously and sat across from her.  Alexa nearly laughed, he was so cute when he was nervous.  She wondered what he was nervous about and glanced up at him.
    "I was wondering, Alexa" Nick said.  "Would.... I mean, do you mind" He pretty much trailed off, like he was afraid to say anything.
    "Go on, Nick, spit it out, don't be nervous," Alexa said, smiling.
    Nick smiled back nervously and chuckled.  "Umm, I was wondering... would... would you like to.... to go out with me?"  He finally blurted out.
    Alexa smiled and nodded.  "Sure, I'd love to," she said.
    Nick relaxed visibly and sighed with relief.  "Great, so how about we go out to dinner tonight, once we enter Napa, ok?  I know we're staying there tonight, then continuing to San Diego," he suggested, still a little nervous.
    "Sure, sounds great," Alexa said quietly, smiling at Nick to get him to loosen up.  'Maybe these guys will finally talk to me, I can't believe that it's been two months and no one but AJ and Mom will talk to me.'
    "Yeah, so I'll see you later, then?"  Nick asked, a smile forming on his face.
    Alexa nodded.  "Sure, see you later," she said.
    Nick smiled and got up quickly.  Alexa watched as he walked into the back of the bus, and disappear from sight.  Alexa smiled devilishly and bit her lip, excited to be doing something fun with someone other than her brother.

    "She said yes!"  Nick said excitedly to Brian.
    "Ahh!  Oh, Nick, now look what you made me do?"  Brian said, his concentration broken.  The game he was playing on nintendo was ruined and he lost.  "And I was doing really good, I was practically breaking every record known to man!"
    "Forget about that, Bri, she said yes," Nick repeated, sitting next to his friend.
    "She did?  Now ya see, I told you there was nothing you had to worry about," Brian said, resetting his game.
    Nick nodded and faced away from the screen.  "Nothing except for AJ, I have a bad feeling that he's not going to like the fact that Alexa and I are going out tonight, alone," he said, suddenly becoming pensive.  He knew AJ wouldn't like it, but he couldn't stay away from Alexa any longer.  He saw her everyday and it was almost killing him to see her and not be able to talk to her.
    "Of course not, but he's going to have to realize that his little sister won't stay little forever and, even though he probably thinks of her as a six-year-old, she is eighteen.  And trust me, no amount of threatening from her older brother will prevent her from going out with people," Brian said practically, selecting a new game.
    Nick nodded and walked out of the room and to his bunk.  He jumped onto it and laid back, closing the curtain over.  He closed his eyes, dreaming about the night with Alexa, and how perfect it would be as long as AJ never found out.

    "Why do you have such a bright smile on your face?"  AJ asked Alexa as he walked to the coffee maker.  He'd just woken up, he'd gone to bed the night before around three and woke up about five minutes ago, at two-thirty.
    "No reason, why?"  Alexa asked, smiling again.
    "Because, Aly, I know you well enough to know that when you smile like that, something has to be up," he said, sitting across from her at the table.
    "No reason, I'm just in a good mood, that's all," Alexa said, going back to her magazine.  AJ couldn't help but think that Alexa was hiding something from him.
    "What are you hiding, Alexa?"  AJ asked, looking at her with expectant eyes.
    "Nothing, AJ, what makes you think that?"  Alexa asked, looking up, trying to conceal her excitement.  It wasn't working, not one bit.
    "You're jumpy as anything and you're trying as hard as hell to hold back your excitement.  I can tell when you're hiding something, Aly, just tell me what it is," AJ said.
    Alexa shook her head.  "I don't know what you're talking about, AJ, I'm not excited about anything except for getting off this damn bus.  I'm so sick of being on this thing, I'm about to tear it apart," she said.
    AJ smiled.  "I know what you mean, it does get pretty annoying after a while.  But tonight, I'm not gonna be able to spend any time with you, Kevin and Howie are dragging me somewhere by my hair and they won't let me take you along."
    "Oh, what a pity, I'll miss a guys' night out," Alexa said dryly.  "I mean, really AJ, I don't mind.  To tell you the truth, I think it'll be good for you.  I always have this feeling that you hold back when you're around me for some reason, I don't see why you should, though.  But whatever you do tonight, have fun and stay out late, get used to not doing things with your little sister for once.  We've spent so much time together, I'm wondering why the press hasn't picked up on us yet," Alexa said, turning a page in her magazine.
    "I've been wondering that too, but I guess it's just a good sign.  Are you sure you'll be all right alone tonight?  I mean, Howie and Kevin are dragging me out, and I heard that Nick and Brian are gonna be hanging out tonight somewhere, so it'll probably be just you and Mom."
    "No, Mom is going to be busy as a bee tonight, she won't be around either.  Don't worry, AJ, I'll use the time to my advantage and watch a movie and gorge myself on chocolate, it's a luxury for me to have all this comfort and I'm taking advantage of it.  You go out and have fun, stay out as late as you want, then when you come back at four o'clock in the morning, I'll be asleep somewhere, probably in front of the television surrounded by candy wrappers.  Don't worry about me, I'll be fine, and if I have to tell Kevin
and Howie that they have to keep you out late, I will, and don't think I won't, AJ," Alexa said, wagging her finger at him.
    AJ caught her hand and lowered it.  "Calm down, Aly, and stop acting like Mom.  I'll be back late, that much I already know.  They won't tell me where they are taking me, but they said that I better be comfortable and ready to stay up a while, so I'm assuming that means I have to be out until all hours.  You, missy, I will see tomorrow morningâ?¦or the afternoon, whenever I wake up," he said, looking around.
    Alexa laughed.  "Yeah, whenever you wake up.  Go away, big bro, I want to finish this in time for my major movie session tonight," she said, gesturing to her magazine.
    AJ smiled and got up, giving her a kiss on her head.  "Yes, oh mighty princess Alexa," he said sarcastically.
    "You best believe it!"  Alexa called as he walked out of the front.  AJ laughed and went to change.
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