Secrets Kept, Lies Told

Secrets Kept, Lies Told
By Sarah
Chapter 12

    "I see it didn't take you long to get out of Florida," a voice said from behind Alexa.
    Alexa turned around and was face to face with Cindy.  "Hello to you too, Cindy," she said coolly.
    "When did you leave Florida, kid?"  Cindy asked.
    "About a month ago, but then again, that's none of your business," Alexa answered, crossing her arms.  She was getting mad, the mere sight of Cindy made her mad.
    "Really?  I left about six months ago.  Its amazing what people will give you for a good screw," Cindy said, taking her slutty stance of legs apart and arms back.
    "I can't believe you, Cindy, what did you do, screw the entire Supreme Court?"  Alexa asked, disgusted.
    "No, just the parole panel, it wasn't too much work this time.  Tell me, kid, who was that luscious guy you took away from me?"
    "No one you can handle."
    "Really, kid, who is he?"
    "He's my boyfriend," Alexa lied.  She'd always been very good at lying, she didn't even flinch when she lied.
    "Is he?  Then why was he sitting all alone before?"
    "He didn't want to dance."
    "Bullshit he didn't want to dance.  When I came over, he practically invited me to sit in his lap.  Who is he, kid?  Is he your play toy for the evening?"
    "Cindy, you know I don't play that game.  I told you, he's my boyfriend.  And if he cheats on me with you, I'll slap you both across the face, if he cheats on me with anyone else, then I dump him.  I was giving him a warning when I dragged him away, I don't want anyone I know involved with you.  I know your game and I know how everyone loses except for you.  You get the money and the time, they get screwed over.  Yet another round of Cindy screws with your life," Alexa shot.
    "Want to make something of my fun, bitch?"
    "Hell yeah, slut, bring it on," Alexa dared, glaring at Cindy.
    They both started to walk towards each other when Alexa was picked up from behind.  "Alexa, baby, we have to go," AJ said, holding her around her waist.
    "Dammit, AJ, I don't want to!"  Alexa exclaimed, struggling against his grasp.
    "Sorry, honey, we have to, I have stuff to do tomorrow and I was thinking that maybe you and I could have our own partyâ?¦" AJ trailed off and all Alexa could think about was how gross it sounded.
    "Yeah, let's go," Alexa said, smiling.  She took AJ's hand and he practically dragged her out of the club.  "What the hell is your problem, AJ, I could've finished her right then and there," Alexa exclaimed as they hailed a cab and Mike came up behind them.
    "Alexa, no fighting.  I don't care how bad or how much you want her dead, no fighting," AJ said, climbing in.  He held his finger up to his lips as Mike got in and they rode in silence back to the hotel they were staying at.  As they got out, Alexa led AJ to the bus, telling Mike he could go inside, she just had to get something.  Alexa waited until Mike was inside, then turned on her brother.
    "You know, AJ, I can take care of myself.  I wanted to give Cindy exactly what she deserved.  Besides, once I was done with her, Lenny wouldn't have found her and I would've technically done her a favor.  He was gonna screw her over so bad, she wouldn't be able to play her game anymore, then he would kill her.  I know these people, you don't, AJ, I know what they are capable of and what exactly they will do to you if they find you.  AJ, I don't want you to get hurt, I've finally found my family, I don't want to lose them," Alexa said, softening suddenly.  She remembered what the conversation was initially about and her facial expression hardened.  "AJ, whenever we go out together and I see someone I know is trouble, I will do whatever means necessary to get you away from them, even if it means starting a fight.  I don't care, my family does not get hurt because of the mistakes I've made in life.  One of those mistakes just happens to be meeting Cindy," Alexa said, walking to the back of the bus to get her jacket.  It was starting to rain.
    "Aly," AJ started, going after her.  "Alexa, calm down, please," AJ said, finally catching up to her and stopping her from furiously looking for her coat.  Alexa held back tears as she turned to her brother.
    "AJ, you didn't see it happen.  You didn't see Cindy holding up the gun and shooting at Lenny, missing, and hitting that kid.  He was so little, only about six or seven.  A kid, AJ, I don't even know his name.  His life was ended because of something I did, I met Cindy, I found the gun, and I gave her the gun for her to protect herself with.  Instead of protecting herself, she killed someone."  Alexa wiped away tears and sat on the bench, leaning against the wall.  "AJ, I was never so scared in my life.  I was fifteen when it happened, I was so young and stupid.  I couldn't see what a slut Cindy was, what a crook she was.  She taught me everything I know, and then some.  She taught me how to protect myself, then turned around and dragged
people away to screw them and get their money.  She was a prostitute, a slut, a whore, and she was damn proud of it.  She got out of jail because she screwed her parole panel and now she's out there, and I know she still has that gun, and I know that she is capable of killing someone else.  She has no heart, AJ, she'll do anything she has to do to get her way," Alexa said, hugging her knees.
    AJ sat next to her and hugged her.  "Don't worry, she won't find us, we'll be out of here before she has a chance to even figure out who I am.  Come on, let's get to bed," he suggested, standing up.
    Alexa nodded and stood up next to her brother, grabbing her jacket.  She pulled it on and walked behind AJ, switching off lights as she walked to the front of the bus.  She hopped off the last step and turned to lock the door.  She walked with AJ to the hotel door and they went upstairs to bed.
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