Secrets Kept, Lies Told

Secrets Kept, Lies Told
By Sarah
Chapter 10

    "Such a pity we didn't have any time for that charity event," Kevin said, packing his suitcase.
    "Yeah, but we'll do it when we come back," Howie said, walking out of the bathroom.
    "You know, I'm wondering," AJ started.
    "What are you wondering, AJ?"  Kevin asked, zippering up his suitcase, finally finished.
    "I'm wondering what Alexa would think about us doing that charity thing," he said pensively, playing with his cowboy hat.
    "Well, why don't you ask her?"  Kevin suggested.  'You don't seem to mind asking her anything else.  Or telling anyone anything, either,' he thought.  He still remembered how, a few days before, AJ had basically threatened him and Howie, saying that they had to stay away from Alexa, that she was off-limits.  It scared Kevin, truthfully, to know that AJ was so over-protective.
    "Maybe I will," AJ said, trailing off.  He stood up and walked out of the room and Kevin glanced at Howie.
    "You're just as scared of him as I am, aren't you?"  Howie asked him.
    Kevin nodded.  "Yeah, he's never acted this was before.  I mean, I kinda expect this sort of behavior, after all, she is his little sister, but he's taken it to a greater extent than I thought possible.  If he's this
over-protective of her now, what will he be like if she's out on the town and she finds someone she likes?  AJ will probably sabotage every relationship she's ever in," he guessed.
    "That's exactly what I was thinking.  If he's just like this to us, imagine what he would act like when they go out on the town together.  She's a teenage girl, and, if she's anything like Nick, with her age and all, she's gonna want to have some fun.  She's beautiful, even I admit it, and I don't see any reason she'd have any trouble picking up any guys.  And I'm also willing to bet that she and AJ are just alike when it comes to finding someone.  You've seen AJ in action, he'll do anything to have a good time.  Do you think Alexa is anything like that?"  Howie asked, sitting on his bed.
    "I don't know, but I have a feeling she is.  I mean, you should've seen her the first night we all saw her, at the club.  She instantly caught everyone's attention, and she loved every second of it.  And, to top it off,
she is a great dancer, she was dancing with Brian and he looked like a fool compared to her."
    "Brian looks like a fool compared to everyone," Howie said, laughing.
    "You know what I mean, D, she's definitely someone who could get what she wanted.  And just between you and me, she's also someone who will draw everyone's attention, keep it, and end up going home with her prize," Kevin said, leaning over and lowering his voice.
    Howie nodded, agreeing, and Kevin straightened up as AJ walked back in the room.  'I can't believe that I'm scared to talk around one of my best friends,' Kevin thought.  'If this is how it is now, what'll happen in time to come?  Alexa is suppose to be staying with us for the rest of the tour, and maybe more.  I have this strange feeling that something is going to happen to one of us, and AJ will be involved.  Not to mention Alexa.'

    "Say goodbye to Orlando, Alexa," Alexa said to herself quietly.
    "What was that, honey?"  Her mother asked her.
    Alexa shook her head and turned away from the window.  "Nothing, Mom, I'm just thinking aloud," she said, looking back out the tour bus window.  It was barely ten minutes into the trip and already Alexa was curled up by herself.
    "Ok, baby, just checking," her mother said, smiling.  She gave Alexa a kiss on her head and walked to the back of the bus, where Alexa could already hear some commotion.  She knew Brian and Nick were fighting over the nintendo, AJ said to expect it.  She smiled, looking out at the passing road, he told her to expect a lot of things.  Sudden boredom, strange hours, and a lot of fights, to start with.  He said that he and his friends were the craziest bunch of guys that you'd ever met.  Alexa chuckled. 'Funny, I still have yet to experience the craziness that AJ has referred
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