Special Delivery

Special Delivery
By Sarah
Chapter 9

        Sarah woke up and yawned, stretching, and adjusted her position on her beanbag.  It was Friday already, Thursday was spent inside because of a big thunderstorm and she and Brian had just stayed inside and played video games all day.  She knew it was nearly time for him to go, he couldn't stay much longer.
        "Morning Sarah," Brian said as he came out of her sister's room.  She was starting to forget it was her sister's room, more thinking that it was a guestroom.  That was fine with her, they could use the extra room.
        "Morning, Brian," she replied, standing up and walking into the kitchen.  She poured herself a bowl of cereal and poured milk on top, then took the bowl into the living room, sitting at the computer.  She hadn't checked her mail for two days, she figured that she might want to now if she was going to want to save herself a helluva lot of trouble later.  She found herself with about forty messages, most of which weren't that important.  She found one e-mail at the bottom, indicating it was the most recently sent, and she clicked on it, intrigued by the e-mail address and subject, but didn't recognize either.
        'Sarah, tell Brian to call me a.s.a.p. at the hotel.  Thanks, Nick.'
        Sarah furrowed her eyebrows and got up, walking to her sister's room where Brian had gone after he went to the bathroom.
        "Hey, Brian?  Did you give Nick my e-mail address?" She asked.
        "Yeah, why do you ask?"  Brian asked, putting down the book he was reading. Sarah smiled as she recognized it as the bible.
        "He wrote me an e-mail saying for you to call him at the hotel as soon as you could," she replied, leading him out and showing him the screen.
        Brian read the e-mail and bit his lip.  "Mind if I see something?"  He asked, gesturing to the screen.  Sarah stood up and watched as he clicked on the web address bar at the top and typed via hunt and peck method.
        "What are you typing?"  She asked, reaching around him.
        "Hotmail," he replied.
        Sarah typed it in quickly and pressed enter, then let him log himself in.
        When his mailbox came up, she saw Nick's address there over and over again. "Damn, Nick," Brian said to himself, clicking on the first e-mail.  Sarah walked away from him, letting him read his mail in private, but heard him reading it aloud.
        "Brian, we're in trouble, Kevin suspects something, write back soon, Frack."
        "Frick, Kevin figured it out, it's only a matter of time before they find some way to get to you.  Write me back or call me, Frack."
        "B-Rok, its AJ, where are you man?  Kevin thinks you're in the states, in New Jersey.  What's in New Jersey, man?  This better be good, call us."
        "Frick, Kevin is searching your computer and trying to get the info out of me.  I won't talk but if you don't call soon, we'll all be in major trouble and Jeff is already talking about taking away your laptop.  Call me, a.s.a.p.  Frack."
        Sarah looked at Brian as he stood up, closing the window on the screen, and left the computer.  She went back and closed down AOL as Brian came out of his room, holding a cell phone.  She watched as he dialed a number and paced around, biting his thumbnail.
        "Nick?  It's me.  Yeah, the weather sucked here yesterday, that's why.  How did Kevin figure it out?  Oh, shit, I left it out, didn't I?  Dammit," he cursed, rather loud.  Sarah winced and bit her lip, standing up and walking to her room.  It wasn't her place to listen in on his conversation, she decided to give him his privacy.
        "Ok, yeah, I'll book one for Sunday, see you in a few days.  Yeah, tell them all I said hi and that I'll explain when I get there.  Bye," she heard Brian's muffled voice say.  She heard a snap and heard him knock on her bed room door.
        "I have to leave on Sunday," he said glumly as he walked in.  Sarah gestured for him to sit on her bed and she sat next to him.
        "I'm sorry," she whispered.
        Brian shook his head.  "No, you have nothing to be sorry for, you were just acting on your good feelings and actions.  I thank you for letting me stay here, I never thought that people like you existed."
        Sarah smiled lightly and leaned her head on his shoulder.  "As long as you believe, there are people out there that will help you wherever you go. Trust in them and they will cater to your every need," she said.
        Brian chuckled.  "Someone's read the bible a few times."
        Sarah smiled.  "Yeah, a couple, its interesting reading.  I'm not the only one, though," she said, looking up at him.
        Brian shook his head.  "Absolutely not, the bible taught me a lot of things, and you taught me even more.  In the bible, they don't teach you about human beings, they teach you about life.  But you've taught me about human beings and human nature and how kindness is something you give and receive."
        Sarah sighed.  "I believe that whatever you give out, you eventually receive, so I try to be nice to everyone, then they'll all be nice to me, right?  I mean, that's a pretty good philosophy and, though not everyone believes in it or follows it, it sometimes works for me."
        She closed her eyes and listened as Brian hummed to her, wrapping his armaround her back and rocking back and forth.  She didn't want to fall in love with him, but she was, she was falling hard.  Over the past few days, she'd gotten to know him so well, so much more personally than with a computer or
through magazine articles.  She knew him as a real person with feelings and fears, with laughter and joy behind the bright blue eyes that so many adored.
        She tried so hard to not fall in love with him, but she did.  That was why she stayed away from him or stopped them both whenever a situation came up involving something like that.  She backed away from him when he tired to kiss her, she didn't let him hold her like she wanted to, she just acted like a good friend and stayed beside him, backing away when things got too intense. She broke out of his grasp as she felt his head move closer to hers.  She knew that if they started anything, she wouldn't want to stop and it would be that much harder to let go of him.  She stood up and walked out of the room, grabbing her empty bowl from besides the computer and bringing it into the kitchen, washing it with the rest of the dishes in the sink.  That passed ten minutes, then she went into her room and cleaned a little, thankful Brian had left for his own room.  She cleaned up her entire room, organizing everything meticulously, which was a first.  It took an hour and a half and she decided that she'd waste even more time and vacuum the living room and her room.  She did both and was finished after about twenty minutes.  She was getting antsy, she needed to go out and do something.  As if he was reading her mind, Brian came out of his room, wearing a pair of dress pants and a plain white button down shirt.
        "Would the lady like to join me for dinner?"  He asked, holding out his hand.  He smiled crookedly at her.  "Change your clothes, Cinderella, I'm taking you out for a good time tonight, I don't intend on letting your hospitality go to total waste."
        Sarah smiled and walked into her room.  She grabbed the only dress she owned, a long, henna-design-covered dress from Old Navy that she'd bought after borrowing her sister's a few times.  She put on the dress and slipped on her black flats, sweeping her hair back into a half ponytail, fastened by a
silver clip.  She put on her silver ring and walked out of her room, ready in less than twenty minutes.
        "Is this ok?"  She asked.
        She saw Brian's face light up and he nodded.  "Perfect."  He walked over and held out his arm to her. They walked outside and to the rental car that he'd had delivered after calling the company about the other car.  He drove her to a restaurant that she'd never been to before, a fancy restaurant in Red Bank, a town that she liked a lot, but rarely went into.  After dinner, he took her to a movie and paid for the both of them, refusing that she even pay him back.  The night was perfect, no one bothered them because no one really
looked at him and they had the best time.  They got back to Sarah's house after the movie at about eleven, staying quiet.
        "Thank you, that was so much fun," Sarah said as Brian escorted her upstairs.
        "Well, I'm glad you enjoyed it.  I had to repay you for your excellent hospitality," he said.
        Sarah shook her head.  "No you didn't, your company was more than enough, it would've been a slow, rough week without you," she admitted, reaching the top of the stairs.  She yawned and pulled off her shoes.  "I'm going to bed, I'll see you in the morning.  Good night," she said, squeezing his hand that she
hadn't let go since they got out of the movie.  She went into her room and closed the door, placing her shoes on the floor by her closet.  She changed into a long T-shirt and laid on her bed, letting the cool breeze from the window cool her off.

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