Special Delivery

Special Delivery
By Sarah
Chapter 5

Sarah slept late for the next two days, and on Monday when she woke up around twelve noon, she stayed in her pajamas and lounged around the house all day, not bothering to get dressed and go out anywhere.  Unfortunately, though, one of the main reasons she did nothing was because of the storm.
        A big rain storm.
        Soon to be followed by yet another tropical storm that ravaged the Jersey coast every single summer.
Sarah watched the storm from her bedroom.  Her bed was next to the window, the window that faced out into the street, letting her see everything.  She sat on her bed, her Backstreet Boys CD playing randomly, the shades open slightly, and in her hands a cup of hot chocolate.  She sipped it as the phone rang.
'Who on earth is calling me during a thunderstorm?  Are they insane?'  Sarah asked herself as she put down her mug.  She picked up the phone.
        "This is she, who's this?"
        "Sarah, its Brian."
        Sarah nearly dropped the phone.  "Brian, what on earth are you doing calling me?"
        "I'm here."
        "Where's here?"
        "I'm in Jersey.  I'm in a little town called Neptune City next to a Foodtown using the pay phone with the only change I have."
        "What the hell are you doing in Jersey?!"  Sarah exclaimed, sitting on the edge of her bed.  "And what are you doing outside?  Are you trying to catch your death?"
        "No, I'm trying to get to you.  Please, just come and get me, the rental car that I got broke down and I don't even know how far I am from you," Brian said, urgency in his voice.
        Sarah sighed and looked out at the window, then at her clock.  "Ok, listen, I'm on my way, I'll be there in about twenty minutes, ok?  City is right next to Bradley."
        "Ok, please hurry."
        "I will, bye."
        Sarah hung up the phone and pulled on a pair of jeans and a sweatshirt.  She slipped on her sandals and pulled her hair back into a clip and grabbed her keys.  She grabbed her umbrella and hurried down the stairs and locked the door, then started walking down the street under the protection of the umbrella.  About ten minutes later and a lot of battling, she was finally in sight of the Neptune City Foodtown.  She hurried across the street, trying to resist getting splash by the people that didn't know that the highway got
flooded during this type of rain storm, and walked under the hanging ceiling and put down her umbrella.  She walked slowly down the platform, seeing no one, then went through the doors into the lobby of Foodtown and out the other side.  She saw someone sitting crunched up on the ground in front of the next
store in the plaza.  They were wearing a blue Kentucky Wildcats Hat and the sneakers peeking out from under the tan khakis were blue and silver Nike's.
        "Brian?"  Sarah asked cautiously.
        The figure looked up.  "Sarah," he said simply, a smile spreading on his face. Sarah shook her head.
        "Come on, we have a bit of a walk home and you're drenched as it is, I wouldn't be surprised if you caught your death of a cold and I was held responsible by the female population of the world," she said, bending down and helping him stand up.  He held a gym bag over his shoulder and stood next to Sarah, then reached for her hand.  Sarah felt how icy his fingers were and how bony they felt.  She squeezed his hand and led him to her house, thanking God that none of her neighbors were home.
        "Let's go, inside, get those wet clothes off and change right now, I'll be right back," Sarah said, walking into her room.  She peeled off her jeans and sweatshirt, changing into her sweat pants and a large T-shirt.  She came out of her room and spotted Brian looking at the pictures on the walls.
        "Into Disney much?"  He asked.
        Sarah chuckled.  "My mom is, this is jokingly called the Disney room, we have a lot of Disney stuff, but its cool to look at."  She hit him on the back of the head.
        "Ow!  What was that for?"  He asked, rubbing where she hit him.
        "First of all, it's for coming here, second of all, coming here without telling me, and third of all its for getting my carpet sopping wet.  I wouldn't be surprised if Donna came home later and complained about water
seeping through the ceiling!"  Sarah exclaimed, leading him into the kitchen.  She opened the door to the bathroom and gestured inside.
        "This, sir, is called a bathroom.  One with which one usually cleans up in.  Go, Cave Man Joe, and get changed please.  I'll make you some hot chocolate," Sarah said as he walked in.  She closed the door behind him and walked over to the stove, putting a pot of water on to boil.  She grabbed a mug out of
the cabinet in front of her and poured the mix inside.  She walked into her room and grabbed her still quite full mug of hot chocolate and brought it back in the kitchen, putting it in the microwave to warm up.  She poured the hot water from the pan into Brian's mug as he came out of the bathroom.
        "Ah, warmth," he said jokingly.  He came around the corner and glanced at the counter and at Sarah.  "Oh, something to help keep me warm," he said.
        Sarah laughed.  "Sit down, Cave Man Joe, we have to talk," she said, gesturing to the table.  She set his mug down in front of him and took her mug from the microwave.
        "Ok, Brian, start explaining, why are you here?"  Sarah asked.
        Brian looked up at her from his cup.  "It's a long story."
        Sarah gestured around the kitchen.  "I'm not going anywhere, you aren't either, we have all the time in the world."
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