Special Delivery

Special Delivery
By Sarah
Chapter 3

For the next week and a half, Sarah worked hard every day and received mail from Brian every other day.  She always replied quickly, laughing as she typed.  One day, along with her regular letter, she was sent a survey by him, asking some rather in depth questions.
        'Ok, here's the ultimate test, can you reveal these things to your closest friends?  Check and find out, then pass it out!'  Read the top of the e-mail.
        Sarah scanned over the questions, then started filling them out one by one.
        "Who was your first kiss?  Never had one," Sarah read the question aloud and answered it.
        "When was your first kiss?  Sometime in the near future, I hope."
        "Who was your first date?  Never had one of those either."
        "When was your first date?  Will you stop asking the same questions over and over again!?"
        "What are your thoughts on male-female friendships?  I think they rock, I believe I have more guy friends than I do girl friends.  They're all equally important to me, and they all support me in every way, and help me through a lot.  Props to you all!"
        "Would you ever consider going out with one of your close male/female friends?  Well, maybe some of my guy friends, but not one of my girl friends. Chicas, I love you all dearly, but not queerly.  LOL!"
        "Ok, skipping back to the basics, where do you live?  Bradley Beach, New Jersey, tourist trap and vacation spot to everyone during the summer.  Jersey Shore rocks, baby!"
        "What's your phone number?  Well, in case y'all don't know it by now, its (7**) 897-****.  Check the machine every once in a while, I make something different and interesting on it every few days!"
        "Where do you work?  At the Beach Plum Homemade Ice Cream Store in Bradley, props to the Plum Crew!"
        "What is it exactly you do?  I'm a professional ice cream scooper will that be small, medium, or large?  Cup or cone?"
        "Are you required to be nice at your job?  Oh, hell yeah, if I get pissy at one of the customers, I'm fired that wouldn't be good."
        "Are you nice at your job?  Yeah, for the most part, except when it gets close for me to go home and I've been standing for the last few hours and I'm really tired and someone decides that they know more about my job than I do.  Like when some hungry, sunburned Bennies come in the store, demanding an ice
cream soda, which is seltzer, syrup, and a scoop of ice cream, and they expect a float, which is soda, milk, and ice cream.  That's the time I really want to hop over the counter and kill them.  But I somehow refrain myself from doing so."
        "How much do you make an hour at your job?  About five-fifteen, under the table.  Needless to say, I really don't have a lot of money."
        "When's your next vacation from your job?  Next week, I cannot wait, Mom's going away to visit sis at college and I get the house to myself for the week can we say, sleeping all day?!?!  (Thought I was gonna say party, huh?  Fooled you!)"
        "Do you drive?  No, I failed the damn test twice shut up, I hear about it enough from my friends."
       "Can you drive?  Legally, no, theoretically, yes."
        "Have you ever drank?  Yes, some Sangria, a Spanish alcohol don't try it, its nasty.  Made me wanna puke."
        "Have you ever smoked?  Hell no, that's disgusting shit right there."
        "Do you curse a lot?  Hello?  Have you been reading my answers?!  Truthfully though, I only curse when I'm in a bad mood or I'm trying to get a point across, cursing helps in both cases."
        "What is your favorite word and what does it mean?  Oh, elucidate, it means to explain."
        "What is the word you hate the most and what does it mean?  Umm, how about supercalifragilisticexpealidocous. I haven't a clue what it means, I don't even know why I put it down!"
        "What is your worst fear?  Sounds silly, but bridges, they scare the shit out of me, I hate going over them."
        "What is the one thing you want to do most in life?  Live and survive to see another day."
        "What is (are) your favorite quote(s)?  'No day but today', 'Live as if you'll die tomorrow, dream as if you'll live forever, dance as if no one is watching, sing as if no one is listening, live like you're rich, love like you've never been hurt', and 'Believe in something that can't happen and it's a fantasy, believe in something that can happen and it's a dream.'"
        "Finally, last question what do you think of the person who sent you this?  I love Brian, he's great, one of my best friends, I tell him everything, and I couldn't really imagine life without him.  He makes me feel a lot better when I'm feeling down, a true friend through it all."
        Sarah sighed and clicked on the icon for her address book and selected the two groups that were there.  She edited the send list and added Brian's name, then clicked the send button and checked her mailbox one more time.  There was only a newsletter there, it could wait until tomorrow.  Sarah logged off and turned off her computer, walking to her room.  She laid on her bed and glanced at the clock.
        'One o'clock, I'm exhausted,' she thought, closing her eyes.  She'd worked that night until midnight, started at four.  The night rush was worse than any during the day, so she was constantly busy.  And though the rushes made the night go quick, they made her extra tired.  Sarah was asleep in almost no time, without the help of her music that night, simply because she was too tired to reach for the remote and press play.
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