Special Delivery

Special Delivery
By Sarah
Chapter 2

        By Friday, Sarah was too tired to think straight.  She worked everyday at her store from eleven-thirty in the morning to seven o'clock at night, clocking in eight and a half hours each day.  She walked exhaustedly home the half block and collapsed on her bed, pressing play on the answering machine next to her bed.
        "Sarah, its Steph, call me back, bye!"
        "Sarah, its Marissa, you call, I call, you call, I call, we play phone tag.  Tag, you're it!"
        "Sarah, its Melissa, watch TRL tonight!"
        "Sarah, its yo Momma, call me at the bowling alley, bye."
        "Sarah, its me, tell Mom to call me at my dorm, I'm in a bind and I really need to talk to her.  Peace."
        Sarah sighed as the long beep signaling the end of messages sounded and picked up the phone.  She called her mother at her evening job and told her that her sister had called and to call her back.  Then she called Stephanie, her best friend for the last three years, who just wanted to know if she was still planning on going to the movies with her later that week.  Marissa wanted to know if she wanted to play tennis, and Melissa was just being crazy and racking up her phone bill.  Sarah closed her eyes after placing her calls
and was nearly asleep until she heard her neighbor downstairs start to yell at her kids.
        "Don't you ever stop, Donna?"  Sarah asked the floor as she stood up.  She changed into her pajamas and walked through the living room and into the kitchen, looking for something to eat.  Yet again, there was nothing that she felt like making because it involved standing for another half-hour after she'd just been standing for the last eight and a half.Sarah walked back into her living room and turned on her computer, going to check her mail quickly and go to bed.  She logged on to AOL and clicked on the mailbox as the notorious voice said 'You've got mail'.  She glanced quickly over the names and decided to just start from the top.  She went through the on-line newsletters, letter's from her friends that lived far away, and then finally got through it all.  She looked up at the top of the screen and noticed that the mail icon was still lit, indicating that she had mail still.  Sarah closed the window and then clicked on the mail icon again.
        "Brian!"  She exclaimed, clicking on the familiar address.
        "Sarah, I know I'm insane, and you know what?  You crack me up, you really do.  All I have to do is read one of your e-mails on a bad day and I automatically feel better.  Why aren't you a stand up comic?  Oh yeah, you're a professional ice cream scooper instead!  Hey, I think your job is cool icing foot Sarah!  Haha, yes, I still remember!  And I'm not going to let you forget!  Well, Little Howland (ha, called you that again!  Now what you gonna do?), sorry to cut this short again, but you're online and I believe I'd rather talk to you personally than through e-mail."
        As Sarah read that sentence, an IM popped up at the top corner of her screen. 'Sarah!'
        Sarah smiled and hit response.  "Hey, Brian, fancy meeting you online," she spoke as she typed.
        'Hey, I try, you know I try to be on as much as I can, just so I can catch you.'
        'Stop the flattery, Squishyman, it'll get you no where.'
        'Quite the contrary, it'll get me everywhere.  And stop calling me that, Little Howland!'
        'Hey, you stop I stop, deal?'
        'Deal... so what's up on your side of the Atlantic?'
        'Nothing much, I just got off of work and I'm really tired.'
        'Ahh, yet another day in the life of a professional ice cream scooper.'
        'Hey, my job is harder than you think, packing ice cream and scooping it all day isn't exactly easy, ya know!  It takes a lot of hard work and a lot of strength.'
        'And a lot of control.'
        'Why control?'
        'To keep yourself from eating it all.'
        'LOL, more like to keep myself from killing all the rude customers.  We have some pretty mean people come in, most of them are the Bennies, you know them when you see them.'
        'Speaking of the Bennies, been to the beach lately?'
        'Haven't had enough time or strength.  I'll be getting a week off soon, just so I can relax and not work and just be by myself for a week, I'll probably stop by then.  But I hate the people on the beach during the day, so I'll probably go at night.'
        'I love the beach at night, its so peaceful.  All the day's noise and bustle go out the window when I can go to the beach and clear my head.'
        'I know what you mean.  The beach is my escape, and it doesn't hurt that its six blocks away.'
        'Shut up, I'm in Germany, I can't get to an ocean, let alone any type of beach.'
        'Why are you in Germany?  You never told me.'
        'I'm working.'
        'Well, what do you do?  You never told me that either.'
        'I just work.  Its nothing big or interesting, I like your job better than I like my own.'
        'Well, elucidate on that.'
        'What's wrong, can't handle a big word?'
        'No way!  What does that mean?'
        'To explain.'
        'Oh sorry, I'm not as big a bookworm as you are.'
        'Hey, I like being a bookworm!  Besides, you learn a lot from reading, it takes you places you only wish you could go.'
        'Oh, Lord help me, she's getting philosophical again on me.  She must be tired.'
        'I am, I'm practically falling asleep at the keyboard.'
        'Well, then, go to bed.  Turn on your CD player and listen to those guys that you like so much and go to sleep.'
        'You sound like you're mocking me.'
        'I'm not, I'm giving you an order.  BTW, who do you like the best out of them?  My niece always says she likes the blonde one with the blue eyes.'
        'Who, Nick or Brian?  Personally, I like Nick, he's so funny.  Come to think of it, you remind me a lot of Brian'
        'Do I?  In what way?  I can't sing like that, I can't dance like that, I can't do anything those guys can do.  I'm just a person who works day and night and works hard.  I make people happy with what they do everyday and I've been told that I inspire people, but not the way that those guys do.'
        'Sure you don't, I'm willing to bet you make a very big impact on people's lives.  <<YAWN!>>'
        'Go to bed, Sarah, I'll write you back and you can read it tomorrow, ok? Good night, sleep tight, and don't let those bedbugs get to you!'
        Sarah laughed as she yawned again.  'Ok, good night, I won't.  And you get to sleep too, I know its six hours later over there!  It's nearly two-thirty! Get yo ass in bed!'
        'Yes ma'am!  I salute thee!'
        Sarah giggled and signed off, putting her computer on standby.  She went into her room and pressed play on the stereo remote and collapsed on her bed.  She was asleep five minutes later, still in her clothes.
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