Special Delivery

Special Delivery
By Sarah
Chapter 14

        Sarah wasn't tired at all, but she had to get up again the next day and work her eight and a half hour shift, so she decided to try to sleep anyway.  She got up from her computer and changed into a large T-shirt and a pair of shorts, then walked back to her computer.  She saved the story she was working on earlier and clicked on the open icon, seeing something in the directory that wasn't there before.  It was called 'I love you', and Sarah smiled as she double clicked on it and it opened.
        'There was once this man, a humble man, who one day met a beautiful princess.  He fell in love with her personality before anything and then, when he finally met her face to face, he couldn't help but fall in love with her beauty.  Though the princess didn't believe she was beautiful because many people had told her otherwise, the man knew what he saw and he saw only beauty on his princess' face.  He spent time with her, falling for her at lightning speed, and kept moving to act on his love.  The princess thought
that they shouldn't do anything and always backed away from him, but still the man pursued her.  He finally acted on his love one night, taking her out to dinner and a movie and then brought her back to her place.  She said good night, but the man could not sleep.  He wanted to just hold her in his arms for a little while, but his feelings took control and he made love to the glorious angel in front of him, despite the values both had about it.  He loved her for her and told her she was beautiful numerous times, praying that she understood.
        'The time that the man and the princess had was becoming less and less and finally, the day came he had to leave her.  He made love to her one last time, memorizing the way she made him feel, a feeling that could only be said as complete.  He showed her just how much he loved her and made a very powerful vow to her, promising her that he would never leave her or stop loving her simply because distance was between them.  He left, not wanting to, but promised to be back one day, and he will uphold that promise.
        'You see, Sarah, you are that princess, and I that man.  You mean the world to me and I will never forget anything about you, your smile, your laugh, your touch, your emotions, it is all in my memory as the sweetest thing that I've ever witnessed.  I'll love you forever and I'll never find someone like you again in my life (song cue!).  Just remember how much I love you and never stop loving me and your life with the passion you live with.  Strive to be yourself and be the sweet person you are.  Love always and forever, Brian.'
        Sarah was in tears by the time she finished reading.  It was the sweetest thing anyone had ever done for her and she was touched.  She shut down her computer after saving that little story and went into her room.  She laid on her bed and closed her eyes, hearing the quiet hum of her mother's television from the next room.  She'd come home right after Sarah had come home from work and went to bed immediately, tired from the long drive.  Sarah hugged her pillow and spotted something on the table next to her bed.
        "Brian's ring," she whispered as she picked it up.  It was the gold ring that he'd worn, the only one he wore, and she suspected that he didn't leave it by accident.
        "I love you Brian, we'll be together again some day," she whispered outside, to the sky.  She rolled over on her side and closed her eyes, falling asleep still clutching the ring that was slightly big on her right hand ring finger.

The End

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