Special Delivery

Special Delivery
By Sarah
Chapter 10

        Brian looked anxiously at the clock again.  It was midnight and he could not sleep.  He'd had a great time with Sarah that night, he took her to the nicest place he could find in the phone book within a ten mile radius and she enjoyed it, saying that she'd never been there, though she'd gone by it many times.  He ended the night with a movie at a small multiplex, staying away from the theatre at the mall.  There weren't that many people at the multiplex, Sarah had explained that since the theatre at the mall was open, the multiplex didn't receive a lot of business though the prices were lower, and the sound wasn't all that great.  Brian didn't notice and just watched the movie, Runaway Bride, with Sarah next to him, laughing along with her.  He just enjoyed her presence, which was all he needed to make himself happy.
Though he'd tried for so long, he was in love with her and he wasn't going to deny it.  That was why he couldn't sleep, because he couldn't stop thinking about her.
        'I just want to hold her, then I'll be able to sleep,' he thought, getting out of the bed and straightening his boxers.  They were in the middle of a heat wave and the air conditioner wasn't set up to be turned on, so they had to deal with the heat.  He walked quietly out the door and over to Sarah's room, opening the door slowly and quietly.  He saw her lying on her bed, her Boys II Men CD playing quietly from her stereo.  She was lying on her back, her eyes closed, her head to one side.  She was only wearing a T-shirt, one
that had a wide collar and was moved to one side, revealing her neck on the other.
        'God, she's so beautiful,' he thought.  He walked quietly over to her bedside and squatted by the end, looking at her face.  She was facing away from him, breathing deeply.  'She's so angelic when she sleeps, so perfect.  Why can't she see just how beautiful she is?  She may've been hurt, but that doesn't mean that someone else will think the same way of her,' he said to himself. He leaned forward and kissed her cheek, then moving along and leaving a trail of kisses to her mouth.  He finally kissed her on the lips, softly, then with growing emotion.  He felt her wake up in the middle of the kiss and not end it, but instead kissing him back.  Brian sat on the bed, not breaking the kiss.  He deepened the kiss, running his hands through her now loose hair. He climbed on top of her, kissing down her neck, then back up to her lips. He didn't stop kissing her as he felt his way down her body, rubbing her legs.  He moved his hand farther and farther up her leg until he reached her waist and tugged at her underwear.  He took them off with her help and lifted
her T-shirt, moving his lips down to her stomach.  He kissed up her stomach, pushing the shirt up as he went, finally taking it off of her.  He kissed down her body, not stopping as he caressed her body with his hands.  He felt all her curves, her entire body so beautiful to him that he had to touch it hand he couldn't stop touching it.  He memorized her entire body from head to toe with each touch, returning to her mouth to kiss her.  He slipped off his boxers and looked into her eyes before doing anything.
        "Are you sure?"  He asked.  He wanted to be sensitive to her, if she wasn't ready, no matter how much he wanted this, he would stop.
        Sarah nodded.  "Please," she whispered, silencing him with a kiss. Brian deepened the kiss and pushed himself inside of her.  He felt her body tense, but he went slow with her, not hurting her.  He kissed her through it all, holding her hands in his and felt her squeezing his hands.  He broke away from her and kissed down her neck as she let out a few moans, and he sucked on the back of her neck as he kept himself inside of her.  He returned to her lips as he felt the climax come, reaching an all time high inside of
himself.  He felt so complete with her, he loved her so much for such a short period of time, he knew she was perfect with him and he loved her with all his heart.
        Brian kissed her one last time and pulled himself out of her.  He laid next to her on the bed, cradling her in his arms as they both breathed heavily.
        "I love you, Sarah," he whispered.
        "I love you too, Brian."
        Brian smiled satisfactorily and kissed her forehead.  He closed his eyes, his arms tightening around her, and fell asleep, content.

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