Special Delivery

Special Delivery
By Sarah

        Sarah looked at the computer screen and smiled.  Yet another e-mail from her good friend, Brian.  She opened the mail and smiled, laughing as she read it. "Hey, gorgeous, how are you?  I miss talking to you in one of our late night chats, but we'll do it again soon, ok?  All righty then!  I have to make this one short, I'm late for a meeting.  I'm in Germany now, it's so beautiful here, and I'm searching for your birthday present!  Don't think I forgot!  You didn't forget my b-day, and I'm not about to forget yours.  Take care, beautiful, and write back soon.  Love, Brian."
        Sarah chuckled and hit the reply button, pulling her keyboard towards her to type.
        "Brian.  You are insane, I hope you know.  Just how do you expect to be able to give me my b-day present if you aren't here in Jersey?  I mean, really, Bri, sometimes you don't think things through.  Well, all's quiet here on the eastern front, school's out and I'm working everyday.  Remember that I work in an ice cream store, right?  I told you that, didn't I?  Could've sworn I did, but anyway, what's going on in Germany?  You never have been very specific when you said what you did for a living.  I don't mind, mystery is cool, I can be mysterious too.  Really, I can!  Watch dododododododododo! (Twighlight Zone theme).  Ok, so I'm not the best at being mysterious, so sue me!  I gg, I have to get ready to go to bed, I'm exhausted, its been a long Monday.  I wrote back quickly, you better do the same!  Love, Sarah."
        Sarah hit the send button and clicked ok when the mail sent message came up.  She shut down the AOL and shut down her computer.  Brian really never was specific when he said what he did, just that he traveled a whole lot and couldn't be on the computer as much as he wanted to.  He was a little older than Sarah, eight years to be exact, but Sarah never thought about that.  Brian acted much younger than his twenty-four years, just like Sarah acted much older than her sixteen years.  They got along well and were constantly joking with each other.
        As Sarah climbed into bed, she pressed play on the remote of her stereo's CD player and listened as the first of the programmed songs came quietly through the speakers.
        "Show me the meaning of being lonely," Sarah sang with the song.  She smiled to herself and turned off her bedside lamp and closed her eyes, snuggling under the covers.  Her Backstreet Boys CD put her to sleep every night, the songs were very soothing to her.  She was asleep in no time, still thinking about how silly Brian was.