Flight To Paradise

Flight To Paradise
Sequel to Special Delivery
By Sarah

    Brian smiled at Nick, who smiled back and gestured in front of the two of them.  Brian faced forward as the girl he loved for so long came down the aisle, wearing a long white dress, a veil covering her face.  He took her hand from her father's and led her closer to the minister, who smiled at them both charmingly.  Brian just stared at his bride, not paying any attention to the man as he started to speak, welcoming the congregation of a few hundred.
The minister went on about how love conquers all and how the two people standing in front of him belonged together because God had led the two together on one simple night.
    "And now, the vows that each have written for the other."
    Brian smiled at the minister and took the gold wedding band from Nick behind him as his best man and faced his bride.
    "The first day I saw you, I knew we were meant to be.  We went through some hard times, some painful times, but in the end, we finally made it through.  You put up with my hectic schedule and made me feel like I was the
only one that mattered when we were together and when we were apart.  I thank you for each and every day that you devoted to me and I promise to you, right now, here in this church in front of Him and all our friends and relatives, that I love you and no one else.  My love will last forever more, nothing ever changing the way I feel.  With this ring, I thee wed," he said, slipping the ring on her slim left hand ring finger.  He held her hand and watched as she took a matching wedding band from her maid of honor behind her, then turning and facing him.
    "From the very moment I saw you, I knew there was something that God was telling me.  He was saying that you were the one that I was meant to be with, the one who would love me for who I was and not for what I was.  From the very first day, you've showed me nothing but kindness, gentleness, and, most of all, love.  The love you showed me surpassed any other feeling or emotion that I'd ever known and I returned the love with everything inside of me, attempting to make you know how strongly I feel.  Thankfully, you understood and we are here today, together, and I sincerely pray that we will be together forever more.  With this ring, I thee wed," she said, her voice
strong with emotion, but Brian could see tears rolling down her face slowly.  He squeezed her hands and looked back at the minister as he smiled again.
    "By the power vested in me by this church and God above, I pronounce you man and wife.  You may now kiss the bride," he said, nodding to Brian.
    Brian grinned and let go of her hands, reaching up and moving the veil behind her head, revealing her beautiful face.  He looked into the familiar hazel eyes and then kissed his wife, savoring the short moment, hearing the
congregation behind them break into applause.  He broke apart from her and took her left hand and walked down the aisle with her, smiling at all the people as they watched them go.  He reached the end of the aisle with her and
pulled her back over to him.
    "Congratulations, Mrs. Littrell," he whispered.
    A bright, beautiful smile appeared on his wife's face and she raised her hand to his face, touching his cheek.  "Thank you, Mr. Littrell," she whispered.
    Brian leaned in and kissed her again.
    "Mr. and Mrs. Littrell, look over here!"
    Brian broke away from her and turned his head as a flash went off and he blinked, looking back at his wife.
    "I think we're in for a long afternoon," he said.
    She smiled and squeezed his hand.  "Indeed, we are."
    Brian thanked the people as they flooded out the church and out the front, until finally everyone was out.  He took a deep breath and led his wife out the front door, ducking and laughing as soap bubbles rained on them.
 He stopped her at the end of the walk, right before the white limo waiting for them, and pulled her into the most passionate kiss he ever thought possible.
    "What was that for?"  She asked as they broke apart.
    Brian smiled.  "Ever since the first day I saw you, I talked to you, I knew we were meant to be.  And I was right.  I love you, Mrs. Sarah Littrell."
    Sarah smiled back and laughed lightly.  "I love you too, Mr. Brian Littrell, and after the last five years, not one thing has changed in my heart with the way I feel.  From the beginning I loved you, and the love only grows with time, it will never die."
    Brian kissed her again and pulled her into the limo, sitting back as it pulled out of the driveway of the church, riding down the familiar road.  They arrived at the spot they'd picked out for the pictures and posed under a tree, a tree that Brian had brought Sarah to a long time ago.
    "Remember this?"  He asked, pointing to the tree's bark.  Carved in it were his initials and her initials, encircled deeply.
    "Yeah, seems like yesterday we came here and did that," she said, fingering it gently.
    Brian took her hand in his and kissed it.  "It was so long ago, yet it does seem like yesterday.  Bringing you here, to Kentucky, was smart of me, and the night I proposed was the best of my life."
    Sarah smiled and faced the photographer, squeezing Brian's hand.  "I think the best moment of my life was the moment you answered my letter, it started the most wonderful thing that has ever happened to me.  And now, I
thank the person who invented e-mail.  It certainly started the best thing that ever happened, making me take a flight to paradise."
    Brian laughed as the first flash went off and a car pulled up to the park and his parents got out of it, followed by Sarah's parents.  "Welcome to paradise, please enjoy your stay and don't make any plans to leave anytime soon," he said jokingly.
    He posed through the rest of the pictures with Sarah, occasionally making jokes with his family and his friends as they all arrived.  As he and Sarah went to the reception dinner and walked in the hall, the last five years' events passed before his eyes quickly.  Sarah leaving Florida, then him visiting her as a surprise while he was in New York a few months later, then spending Christmas with her and his family, proposing to her when they took a walk to the park, after they'd carved their names in the tree.  A year later, his touring that caused a lot of pain, but also made him happy.  The year after that, another tour that took him all over the world, managing to get Sarah to come along, and then planning for the wedding, until they finally did it.  Five years, Sarah was now twenty-one, Brian twenty-nine.  It was September and, although the sky threatened rain the day before, it was clear and sunny for their perfect wedding.
    Five years had changed nothing.  They were finally together, nothing could keep them apart.  Together forever, always and forever.  They both said it, and that's how it was going to stay.

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