Flight To Paradise

Flight To Paradise
Sequel to Special Delivery
By Sarah
Chapter 5

    "Here you go, Sarah, this is your room for the time being.  Feel free to use the phone, it's connected to Matt's line so just remember to be considerate to him about the phone hours and such.  I'll call you down for dinner in a little while, ok?"
    Sarah nodded to her cousin and sat on the bed.  "Great, thanks so much, Vicki, my mom and I really needed this."
    "No problem, believe it or not, I really needed this too.  With both my kids growing up so fast, Matt being the last, its like this house is empty," Vicki said, leaning against the door jam of the guestroom.  "Ok, I'm off, I'll be showing your mother her way around Melbourne and pick up dinner on the way home.  We'll be back in an hour and a half."
    "Ok, bye, Vicki!"  Sarah called.  She watched as Vicki retreated down the hallway and heard the door downstairs open and close, followed by the sound of a car engine as it started and left.  Sarah reached for the phone and dialed in her calling card numbers, then Brian's cell phone.
    "Brian?"  To Sarah, it didn't sound like Brian, it was a little deeper, scratchier sounding than his voice.
    "Hold on, hey, B-Rok, some chick for you," the person on the other end yelled.
    "Hey, I'm not a chick!"  Sarah exclaimed.
    "Ok, if you're not a chick, then what are you?"
    "She's my girlfriend, now give me the phone!"  Sarah heard Brian yelling on the other end.
    Sarah smiled.  "Give him the phone, please?"
    "I don't know, Bri, I like her voice, maybe I want to talk to her for a while," the person teased.
    "AJ, give me my phone!"  Brian yelled.
    "This is AJ?  All the more reason, give Brian the phone, I don't have much time," Sarah said, lying back on her bed.
    "All the more reason?  Hey, B-Rok, your girlfriend just insulted me!"  AJ said.
    "And with good reason, I'm sure, now give me my phone!"  Brian exclaimed. Sarah laughed as she heard Brian wrestle the phone away from AJ.
    "Finally!  Hey, gorgeous," Brian said.  "Go away, AJ, I don't listen in on your private conversations!"
    "Oh, come on, Frick, I wanna talk to her, she seems really nice."
    "And she is, but when she calls, she's using phone cards and they're expensive, so go away!"
    "Fine, I will be back, though."
    "Whatever," Brian called.  "Anyway, hello, beautiful."
    "Hey, sexy, what was that all about?"  Sarah asked, barely able to contain her laughter.
    "AJ is just being AJ.  We're at Kevin's house, having a barbecue, you should come."
    "There might be hope yet, my mom and cousin went out to roam around and get dinner, they won't be back for an hour.  I could just say that I'm going for a walk and you can meet me somewhere, I'm very notorious for my long
walks around places.  And the idea of a barbecue doesn't sound like that bad an idea, I'm hungry."
    "Sounds like a good idea, where exactly in Melbourne does she live?"
    "Near the main streets, she's about a five minute walk to the Starbucks there."
    "Ah, Starbucks, Sarah's favorite breakfast stop."
    "You bet, that's the best place on earth.  French Vanilla cappuccino, bright and early in the morning, with a freshly baked croissant, now that's heaven."
    "Hey, I thought that when I was with you you're in heaven?"
    "Well, with Starbucks added in, I'm absolutely floating."
    Brian laughed.  "You crack me up."
    "I know I do, it's my job.  Where does Kevin live?"
    "Gated community, in Orlando.  There's no real way to explain it, just to show you."
    "A gated community?  I don't think we have any of those in Jersey."
    "Well, all the more reason for you to see it!"
    "And I hope I will.  I'll take a walk in about an hour, I'll go into town and you can meet me at Starbucks on the corner, ok?"
    "Sure, I'll be counting the minutes."
    "Stop that, what color is your car?"
    "Of course, what a silly question for me to ask, your whole house is practically washed in blue," Sarah said jokingly.
    "Hey, I like the color blue, it's a very nice color."
    "And so is green, don't forget that, I love that color."
    "You and Nick both.  So I'll see you in an hour?"
    "Sixty minutes and counting."
    "I'll be counting down.  Love you."
    "Love you too, bye Brian."
    Sarah hung up the phone, satisfied, and sat up on her bed.  She looked around the guestroom, it had bay windows facing the backyard, connected to a small balcony by a glass door in the middle of the windows, and it was a rather big room.  Next to the bay windows was a computer, Vicki had explained that Matt, her son, used to use the room as his computer room, but lately hadn't had much time to use the computer, he'd been working.  Next to the computer was the TV, which Sarah knew wouldn't really get turned on.  She didn't like TV, she was too impatient to watch it.  Directly across from the TV was her bed, and if you kept going straight, you'd come to the door, which had a dresser next to it.  The closet was next to the dresser and then entire room was shades of blue.
    'Brian would like this room,' Sarah thought, glancing around at all the blue.  She stood up and walked out of the room and downstairs, into the kitchen to get a drink.  She was met by a tall, brown headed guy with deep brown eyes.
    "Hi," she said slowly, stopping herself from walking in the room.
    "Hey, you're Sarah, right?"  The guy asked her, gesturing to her with the sandwich that was in his hand.
    Sarah nodded, suddenly recognizing him.  "Yeah, and you're Matt, right?"  She asked.
    The guy nodded.  "Yeah, nice to finally meet you," he said, holding out his hand.
    Sarah finally smiled and shook his hand.  "Nice to meet you too, my mom tells me a lot that you and I are a lot alike, though I don't think its true."
    Matt shrugged and bit into his sandwich.  "Ya never know, I'm going out, tell my mom that I'll be home around ten, I'll be at Danny's until then."
    "Take Sarah with you!"  Vicki's voice came ringing through the house.
    "Mom!  I don't want to take my cousin!"  Matt whined.
    "Thanks, I needed the boost of self-confidence," Sarah said sarcastically.
    "Its no offense to you Sarah, just that I wanted to go to see my friends without having another girl tag along.  Danny finally dumped his clingy girl and now we're going out to celebrate, just me, him, and some other guys,"
Matt explained, following his mother as she walked into the kitchen.
    "Too bad, Matthew, take Sarah or you aren't going anywhere," Vicki said, looking her up at her son.  Though she was nearly a foot shorter than him, she had a certain control over him that he had to obey or risk feeling the wrath of his own mother.
    "Fine, come on, Sarah," Matt said, grabbing Sarah's arm.  He dragged her outside and to the sleek, black Camero parked out front.  They both got in and Matt screeched off.
    "You know, Matt, I don't want to hang out with you and your friends anymore than you want me to, so how about we make a deal?"  Sarah started, glancing at the clock.
    "What?  Are you suggesting that I drop you at the mall so you can shop the hours away?"  Matt asked sarcastically.
    "No, and if you're going to be an asshole about it, I will come with you," Sarah threatened.
    Matt sighed and pulled the car over to the side of the road.  "Fine, what do you have in mind?"
    Sarah smiled.  "That's a little better.  Just drop me off downtown at the Starbucks and pick me up there at eleven, then it'll look like we were out together, but we don't have to be."
    Matt looked at her skeptically.  "You're going to hang out downtown for the next five and a half hours?  There isn't that much to do, Sarah."
    Sarah shook her head.  "Don't worry about what I'm going to do, is it a deal or not?"  She asked.
    Matt thought it over quickly.  "Fine, deal, I'll drop you off, but you better be back there at eleven sharp, or otherwise I'm leaving your ass to survive in downtown at night."  As he talked, he drove down the street and took a turn back into town.
    "Thanks, nice to know you care that much about your own flesh and blood.  I'll be there, you just better be there," Sarah said as he pulled up to the Starbucks.
    "I will, eleven, got it?"  Matt said as she got out.
    "Yup, see you then."  Sarah closed her door and watched as he drove away. She walked inside the little café and got herself some cappuccino, then went back outside to wait.  She was sitting on a park bench when a blue Beemer drove up.
    "You know, beautiful women like you shouldn't be sitting all alone on the corners, people might get the wrong idea," Brian said as he got out.
    Sarah smiled and walked over to him.  "What, that I'm not waiting for the bus?"  She asked as she wrapped her arms around his neck.
    Brian wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her closer to him.  "Hmm, that might be the case," he said, burying his face in her neck and kissing her lightly.
    "As much as I want to do that, not now, people are staring, let's go," Sarah said, stopping him.  He led her to his car and he drove back the way he'd come, holding her hand the entire way.  He pulled into a gated community about twenty minutes later and drove to a large house in the back section.
    "Wow, nice house," Sarah commented as she got out of the car.
    "Wow, nice woman," someone said as they walked out the front door.
    "AJ!"  Brian exclaimed.  He came around the car and wrapped his arm protectively around Sarah's waist.  "Man, I knew I never should've trusted you when I decided to bring her here."
    "Ah, never underestimate the powers of da Bone," AJ said, walking up to them.  Sarah took a good look at him, baggy black pants, white wifebeater, plenty of tattoos, a leopard print cowboy hat, and tinted sunglasses.  "Evening, darling," he said, kissing her hand.
    Sarah blushed and Brian took her hand in his, rubbing the back of her palm.  "AJ, stop hitting on my girl and go inside!"  He exclaimed.
    Sarah saw AJ walk inside with his head down and looked at Brian.  "If that's AJ, I'm scared to see what Nick is like."
    "Nick is insane, plain and simple, he'll go from totally withdrawn to your new best friend in no time at all.  He's cool though, once he learns to not hound you with questions.  He and his brother are a lot alike," Brian said, leading her up to the house.
    "His brother?  I'm assuming that he's here also?"  Sarah asked as they arrived at the door.
    Brian nodded.  "Yeah, but you'll like Aaron, he's like my little brother, we're a lot alike."
    Sarah smiled as she groaned.  "Great, just what we need, another Brian Littrell walking around in this world."
    "Hey!"  Brian exclaimed.  He tickled her waist and ended up holding her against his body, looking into her eyes.  "What, you don't like that idea?"  He asked quietly.
    Sarah shook her head and looked in the deep blue of color in front of her.  "No, cause if there's more than one Brian, which one do I love?"  She asked, becoming slightly philosophical.
    "Good question," Brian whispered.  Sarah got lost in his kiss and didn't notice when someone had opened the door until they said something.
    "Umm, Brian?"
    Sarah broke apart from Brian and they both looked at the little blond boy standing in the doorway.
    "You're leaning on the doorbell," he said, pointing to where Sarah was leaning.  She quickly stood up straight, blushing, and followed Brian and the blond boy inside.
    "Brian!  Its about time, where did you disappear to?"  A tall blond asked, an older version of the little boy.  He had blue-green eyes as opposed to the little boy's deep brown eyes.
    "I was picking someone up, Nick, I told you that," Brian said, squeezing Sarah's hand.  "This is Sarah.  Sarah, this is Nick, the one who is the most annoying."
    "Hey, I'm not annoying!"  Nick whined.
    Sarah winced and looked at Brian.  "Must he?"  She asked.
    "You're right, Nick, stop whining," Brian said, dragging Sarah away and to a chair on the patio.
    "Who's your friend, B-Rok?"  A tall, dark haired guy asked.  He was close in height to the blond guy, but he had a much older look about him.
   "This is Sarah, Sarah, that's Kevin, he's my cousin and the owner of this place," Brian said, hugging Sarah's waist.
    Sarah smiled and held out her hand.  "Nice to meet you," she said.
    Kevin looked at her strangely, but shook her hand, then returned to the grill where several hot dogs and hamburgers were cooking.
    Sarah looked at Brian, who shrugged and sat back, pulling her with him.  "It wouldn't matter to me if he totally ignored us, as long as I was with you," he whispered, playing with a few locks of hair that had fallen out of the clip.
    "I think you'll change your mind when that food is ready," Sarah whispered back.
    "No I won't."
    "Yes you will."
    "No I won't!"
    "Brian, don't even try to fool with me, its not working, I know you better than that," Sarah said, looking down in his eyes.
    "No fair, you know me too well," Brian said.
    "It's absolutely fair, you know me well," Sarah said, leaning her head down.
    "Like the back of my hand," he said before he kissed her.  Sarah loved the way he made her feel when he kissed her, it was like she was taken away from earth and removed from all the troubles in the world.
    "Brian, are you going to stop getting cooties and play basketball like you promised or what?"
    Sarah and Brian broke apart and found the little blond boy standing in front of them.
    "Sarah, this is Aaron, Nick's little brother.  Aaron, this is Sarah, my girlfriend," Brian said, introducing the two as Sarah slipped off his lap and stood up.
    "Hi, Aaron, nice to meet you," Sarah said, leaning down to his level.
    "Uh-huh, I'm sure.  Come on, Brian, you promised," Aaron said, looking past Sarah and at Brian.
    "I'll be right there, Airboy, go practice and I'll come in a minute," Brian said, standing up.  Sarah watched as Aaron ran towards the driveway where a basketball hoop was set up and started dribbling the ball.
    "He doesn't like me," she said quietly, watching as he shot and made the basket.
    "He just doesn't want me to forget that he's alive.  He'll grow on you, and you'll grow on him, he'll treat you like you're his best friend in no time, I promise," Brian said, encircling her waist with his arms.
    Sarah sighed as Brian gave her a quick kiss on her cheek and walked to the driveway and play with Aaron.  She sat down in the chair she was just in, not helping but thinking that maybe, Aaron wouldn't care to know her at all, that he would do something desperate enough to keep the big brother figure he had in Brian.

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