Flight To Paradise

Flight To Paradise
Sequel to Special Delivery
By Sarah
Chapter 4

    Sarah twirled the gold ring on her right hand ring finger and looked nervously out the window.  She and her mother were on the plane to Florida and it was about to land.  She could see the airport below her, the parking lot filled with cars and little people walking around.  She smiled and clasped her hands on her lap, thinking about finally seeing Brian again after
six months.  Six long months that were sad at times, but happy at most.  Talking to Brian nearly everyday had helped her tremendously.  Even though she had to go some days without talking to him, which didn't bug her too much, at the moment, the only thing that was really on her mind was seeing him.
    "Welcome, everyone, to Orlando International Airport in Florida.  Please remember to take all of you belongings from the overhead compartments and enjoy your stay here in beautiful sunny Florida," the stewardess said over the loud speakers.
    Sarah stood up and stretched, then opened the compartment above her head.
    "Sarah, honey, sit down, wait until we can get out," her mother said, pulling her back into her window seat.
    "I know, Ma, but I'm excited to be here, I've never been here before and I want to go outside and explore," Sarah said.
    Her mother nodded.  "I know you do, but you'll have to wait."
    Sarah sighed and waited patiently.  About a half-hour later, they walked off the platform and into the terminal.
    "There's Vicki," Sarah's mother said, pointing to a woman sitting in a chair, reading a newspaper.
    "Vicki!"  Sarah called.
    Her cousin looked up and smiled.  "Well, this cannot be the little girl I once knew, the little six year old that I remember," Vicki said, standing up and walking over to Sarah.
    "Its me, in the flesh," Sarah said, smiling.  She gave her cousin a hug and watched as her mother and cousin greeted each other and hugged.
    "Well, shall we be going?"  Vicki asked.
    Sarah shook her head.  "Let me go to the bathroom, I'll meet you both outside, ok?"  She said.
    Her mother looked at her skeptically, but Vicki nudged her in the arm.
    That's fine, Sarah, wait out front, we'll bring the car around."  Vicki walked away with Sarah's mother in tow and Sarah smiled.  She hurried to the bathroom and found an empty stall.  She quickly did her business and washed her hands, then walked out.  She walked slowly through the airport, looking at all the people, they fascinated her.  She passed by a souvenir shop and stopped, looking at the little crystal figurines in the case.  Someone covered her eyes and she nearly dropped her bag.
    "Guess who?"
    Sarah's face turned into a big smile.  "Could it be a wonderfully handsome man who I am deeply in love with?"  She asked.
    "Maybe, what color eyes does he have?"
    "The deepest blue that I've ever seen and I love it, they're beautiful eyes."
    The person removed their hands from her eyes and she turned to come face to face with Brian.  "That might be me," he said.
    Sarah put her bag on the floor and gave him a big hug.  "Oh, I've missed you so much," she said in his ear, holding back tears.
    "I've missed you too.  I know you told me to not come here today, but I couldn't help myself, I had to see you," Brian said, holding her tight.  He pulled back from her and looked at her with those eyes that hypnotized her.
    "I'm glad you came," Sarah said.  She kissed him softly, relishing the feel.  She deepened the kiss slowly and finally pulled away from him a few minutes later.
    "I've missed that," Brian said.
    Sarah smiled and put her forehead against his.  "I have too.  I have to go, my mom and cousin are waiting out front for me," she said.
    Brian sighed and kissed her again.  "All right, I don't want to let you go, but I guess I have to.  Call me tonight, ok?  After you get settled in, just call my cell."
    Sarah nodded and kissed him back.  "Consider it done, talk to you later," she said.  She broke away from him with difficulty and walked to the front of the airport, climbing in her cousin's car.  She rode in silence to Melbourne, a smile on her face, twirling the gold ring on her right ring finger.

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