Flight To Paradise

Flight To Paradise
Sequel to Special Delivery
By Sarah
Chapter 2

    Brian thanked the delivery man and kicked the door closed behind him.  He carried the pizza boxes to the kitchen where Nick, Kevin, and AJ were waiting for him.
    "Hey, cuz, you got a call when you went to the door, whoever it was left a message," Kevin said as he grabbed a pizza box and opened it.  He grabbed two slices of pizza and put one on his plate, taking a bit of the other one.
    "Yeah, it was some chick.  Who's the lucky girl, Bri, got a new girlfriend you haven't told us about?"  AJ asked, smiling.
    Brian looked at Nick.  "You told me not to touch the phone, so I didn't," he said, taking two pieces.
    Brian shook his head at him.  "If it was who I think it was, I'm gonna kill you, Frack," he said.  He hurried into the living room and pressed play on the answering machine.
    "Brian, its me.  She said no, I can't come.  She thinks its too much money and I can't convince her otherwise without spilling too much.  I'm sorry, Brian, I wish I could see you, but this won't work out.  I love you, call me back later, bye."  Brian dropped his jaw as the long beep signaling the end of messages sounded and Kevin walked in the room.
    "Who was that?"  Kevin asked, walking next to where Brian was sitting.
    Brian shook his head, closing his mouth.  "No one, forget about it."  He walked back into the kitchen, not being able to forget the way Sarah's voice sounded.  She was so sad, like she was about to cry.  Brian hated for her to cry, he didn't want her to experience anymore pain, he always felt somewhat responsible when she did.
    "Who was it, bro?"  Nick asked.  AJ looked up from his pizza, chewing, and gave Brian an expectant look.
    Brian shook his head.  "No one special," he said, opening the pizza box on the counter.  He closed the lid, the cheesy pizza no longer appealing.  He sat down at the table and looked out the window, biting his thumbnail.
    "Yo, Frick, who was it?  Was it her?"  Nick asked.
    "What?  Who's her?  What the hell is going on here?  Why am I being kept in the dark?"  AJ asked.
    "Sarah's mother said no, she can't come," Brian said, somewhat dazed.
    "Who's Sarah?"  Kevin asked.
    Brian didn't answer, he only stared out the window, trying to hold back tears.
    "Remember when Brian disappeared from Germany in July?  He went to Jersey, to see Sarah," Nick explained.  Brian shot him a look to not say anything else, his big mouth had gotten him in trouble in the past and it was about to get him in more trouble.
    "Whoa, Sarah?  That's the girl's name?  So what's so special about her, and why can't she go where?"  AJ asked.
    Brian shook his head as the front door opened.  He looked into the hallway, then turned back after seeing that it was Howie.
    "Hey, guys, why so quiet?"  Howie asked as he walked in the kitchen.  "I mean, I know that I'm special and all, but you don't have to stop all conversation when I arrive," he said jokingly, grabbing a piece of pizza.
    "Brian is upset because someone named Sarah can't go somewhere because her mother said no.  Overall, I'm very confused and I really wish I knew what the hell was going on," AJ said, exasperatedly throwing down his crust.
    "I went to see Sarah in New Jersey and I relaxed.  I'd always talked to her on the Internet, but I never saw her in person or anything.  When I needed to get away, I knew she would be the perfect person to see, she was unknown by everyone else and she lived in a secluded place that didn't include being near anyone who knew any of us personally.  I stayed with her for the week and, over the course of the week, I fell in love with her, though I was already in love with a personality, and it just completed the process by seeing what a beautiful person she was.  She and I hooked up by the end of the week and when everything started to go wrong, I turned to her and we both suffered through the next two days and we were inseparable.  The
day I left, we both made a promise to see each other again and we talked every day since.  I sent her tickets here as a present, but her mother won't let her come, she thinks it costs too much.  They aren't exactly a well off family, they live in a small upstairs apartment and her mother works two jobs, Sarah works two jobs, and her sister, Vicki, goes to college in Massachusetts.  I wanted to see Sarah so badly, the thought never entered my head that she might not be able to come," Brian said, explaining everything quickly.
    "You should've really thought this all through, Brian, I mean, just because you bought the tickets, doesn't mean they can come.  Where will they stay?  How will they get around?  What food will they eat?  And most importantly, what is her mother going to think when you come around to get Sarah?  She's not necessarily going to let you go off with her daughter, you,
a person she doesn't even know.  From the way you told us, it doesn't even sound like she knows who you are," Kevin said.
    "Wait a second, how old is she?"  AJ asked suddenly.
    Brian hesitated, looking at Nick.  "She's sixteen," Nick answered for him.    Kevin and AJ's mouth's dropped, Howie nearly started to choke on his pizza.
    "She's sixteen?  She's eight years younger than you and you expect to be able to just come down here on a spur of the moment thing?"  Howie exclaimed.
    "I wasn't thinking about that!  She doesn't act sixteen, she looks and acts more like she's nineteen or twenty," Brian said.
    "But still, even then, Brian, she's still a lot younger than you are.  I mean, whatever happened to staying within your own age range?  Remember Leighanne?  She was six years older than you, that was hard enough, and now you want a relationship with a sixteen year old?  Man, she's a baby, she's still a minor, you couldn't legally have a relationship with her at all," AJ
    "Too late, legal matters never entered my head when I fell in love with her," Brian said.
    "Brian, why do you want to see her anyway?  You've been apart for six months, don't you think she would've moved on with her life?"  Kevin asked.
   Brian shook his head.  "No, I know that she hasn't had a relationship of any sort since I've seen her.  She's absolutely beautiful and she still refuses to see anyone.  She's still in love with me and I'm still in love with her."
    "You slept with her."
    Brian looked at AJ with a surprised look.
    "You slept with her, didn't you?"  AJ asked.
    "That's none of your business," Brian snapped, turning his head back to the window.
    "That's not the point, you're so hung up on this girl and you slept with her and she's only sixteen.  Brian, man, I hate to say it, but that's just plain old stupid.  You'll never get her to be able to come down here, she's still a minor and probably about six years old in her mother's eyes.  The only way you can get her to come down here is if she's visiting a relative and that relative agrees to let Sarah run a muck around Orlando with you," AJ said.
    Brian froze in the act of biting his nail again and looked back at AJ, who was starting on his fourth piece.  "What did you just say?"
    "I said that the only way she'd come down is if she had a relative here and they would let her do what she wants," AJ repeated.
    Brian's face slowly became a smile and he stood up.  He ignored calls from the guys and ran upstairs, grabbing his phone and dialing Sarah's number.
    "Beautiful, I just got the best idea," Brian said, instantly recognizing Sarah's voice.
    "Brian, its no use, she said no," Sarah said, sniffling.
    "Baby, don't cry, this idea is one that's guaranteed to work," he said excitedly, sitting on his bed and lying back on the pillows.
    "Call your cousin Vicki and explain to her that your mom needs some time off and that you already have the tickets down here, but you just can't convince your mother to go.  Have her call your mom, she can convince her, if there's one thing I know about relatives, they always have a way with convincing one another to come visit them," Brian said, thinking about everything and how they can turn out.
    "I was thinking about that, but I don't know what to say to Vicki, she's great and all, but she's one of those people who ask a lot of questions and needs to know everything before deciding anything."
    "Just call her, I'll call you back in about an hour and a half, ok?"  Brian said.
    "Ok, I'll try."
    "I love you, baby, I promise this will work, and I never break my promises," Brian said, his tone serious.
    "I love you too, bye."
    Brian sighed as he hung up the phone.  He glanced at the clock and got up after remembering the time.   He walked downstairs to finish his pizza and talk with his friends.

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