Flight To Paradise

Flight To Paradise
Sequel to Special Delivery
By Sarah

    Six months have passed since the week that Brian went to visit Sarah in her state of New Jersey.  Each and every day, the two spoke via phone, e-mail, or instant message.  He wrote her songs and letters and she wrote him countless stories that he saved, each and every one, reading them on days that he couldn't talk to her.  No one but Nick knew that the two were still
talking and had a serious relationship.  Brian once tried to tell the other guys, especially Kevin, but he couldn't figure out how to say that he fell in love with a sixteen-year-old girl that lived a few thousand miles away from him.  Brian knew no one would understand unless they met Sarah, and that's what he wanted to plan, a meeting.
    Sarah had been very busy over the last six months, working everyday at two jobs, the ice cream store that closed in early November and at the local bowling alley, going to school when it started in September, and talking to Brian in her spare time.  She was very involved in things in school and often came home exhausted at night, but she always made time to talk to Brian.  She still loved him with all her heart, as he did her, and she only wished she could see him again, though she knew his career prevented him from doing so.
    Brian came home to the United States for Christmas and spent time in Kentucky.  He talked to Sarah as much as possible, waiting until the exact minute she got home from school each day and talking to her until she had to go to work, then calling when she got home from work and talking until she was too tired to stay awake.  He wanted to go see her in New Jersey, but knew that he couldn't, he was told that he couldn't disappear again from anywhere that he went.  Whether he was off in Kentucky or Florida, he could only leave to go to one or the other, but no other place without telling someone specifics.  As a result, he was planning to send Sarah a ticket to Kentucky to spend some time with him, or to Florida, depending on where he was.  Christmas time in Kentucky was bright for him, spending it with his family and calling all his friends.  He called Sarah, which was a surprise for her because he didn't tell her he was going to.  They talked for a long time and then finally had to say goodbye.
    After Brian had hung up the phone with Sarah, his mind was set.  He planned it all perfectly, he was going back to Florida for the New Year and he decided that then would be the time that he'd have Sarah come to visit him.  His house was in a gated community in Orlando, which meant that the security problem would be to a minimum, and he wouldn't have to worry about
too many people knowing she was there.  All his neighbors knew who he was and they were respectful enough to keep his privacy and not say who was at his house when.  They all liked Brian and didn't tell any prying people details about how he lived.  He knew he could trust them.
    Brian arrived in Florida the Monday after Christmas and was met at the airport by Nick, who was running from one place to another to avoid being recognized, though that didn't really help.  They both ended up having to run out of the airport and hopping in Nick's car to get away.  Nick and Brian hung out at Brian's house for a while and Brian told him what he had planned. He'd already sent the tickets to Sarah and they were going to be there the next day.  He just hoped nothing would get in the way of her coming, nothing that could ruin it.
    His hopes went crashing to the floor.