Christmas With Family

Chirstmas With Family
Sequel to Flight To Paradise
By Sarah
Chapter 8

        Brian heard footsteps on the stairs and turned away from Nick to look.  He saw Sarah and let out a gasp without realizing it.  She was breathtaking, the long black dress accentuating her figure enough to leave more to the imagination, and her face was glowing, a smile on her relaxed face, her head held high with her hair piled on top with curls draping out and framing her face.  It was all Brian had to keep from dropping right there, it had been so long since heíd seen her in anything but sweats, jeans, or the occasional skirt and dress shirt.  She had a beautiful body that Brian knew was there, just never shown.
        "YouÖyou look gorgeous," he finally stuttered out.  He walked forward and gave Sarah a white carnation, regretting that he couldnít give her roses, but figured it didnít really matter.  He watched as Sarahís face lit up and she took the flower, smelling it slowly, then looking up at him without lifting her head.  Brian felt his insides melt at the sight of her deep hazel eyes, the mixture of green, brown, gold, and amber making her eyes look even more tempting than usual.  He leaned forward and kissed her on the forehead, trying to not break the serious mood.
"Letís go," he whispered against her forehead.  He looked down and lifted her chin, making her eyes near level with him.  He kissed her softly and took her hand in his, interlacing his fingers with hers before turning to see Nick and AJ standing in the hall, their mouths hanging open.
        "Hey, thatís my wife youíre gaping at, stop it and go do your job," Brian scolded the two, pointing to the kitchen.
        Nick and AJ both nodded and walked out of the room, speechless, and Brian smiled.  He helped Sarah on with her coat, then led her outside, bypassing his brother as he hurried inside with his wife and daughter, and led her to his car.  He helped her in the passenger side and then got in the drive side, putting the key in the ignition.
        "So, Brian, where are we going?"  Sarah asked finally when they were about five minutes into their trip.
Brian smiled and glanced at her before the light turned green.
        "Thatís a surprise, as is the rest of the night, so just sit back, relax, and let me take care of everything tonight."  He drove for about ten minutes more before arriving at the small, but classy restaurant that he had been to only once and loved.  He led her inside without saying anything and gave the host his name, then walked with Sarah to the secluded table in the back.  He nodded to the host before he left and whispered their order, knowing exactly what Sarah would want without looking at the menu.
        "Brian, you certainly are acting strange tonight, what is going on?"  Sarah asked him as he sat across from her after helping her in her chair.
        "Nothing, Iím just giving my wife the royal treatment she deserves," Brian said, smiling at her as the waiter came to their table and placed the wine heíd ordered in front of them.  Brian held his glass up as the waiter left after pouring them both a glass.  "To my beautiful wife, who is getting to be more and more beautiful each day, constantly surprising me with the new heights of success and happiness she reaches."
        Sarah smiled.  "To my wonderful husband, who is still as child-like, but suave and gentleman-like as he was the first day I met him, that one day that changed my life for the better, forever affecting me in only the best ways."
Brian toasted with her and sipped the wine, smiling as recognition came over Sarahís face.
        "Wait, isnít this the same wine from whenÖ"
        Brian nodded, making her sentence trail off.  He reached across the table and held her hand as he looked in her eyes, getting lost in them for the first time in nearly a year.  He kissed her hands as the waiter came back balancing two plates on his tray.  He placed one plate in front of Brian, the other in front of Sarah, then walked away without a word.  Brian reached over and pulled the cover off of Sarahís plate and smiled as she shook her head at him.
        "Brian, I canít believe you got me Fetticcini Alfredo, I canít believe you remember that this is my favorite," she said, picking up her fork with her left hand.
        Brian pulled the cover off of his plate and looked down at the steak and angel hair pasta on his plate, then at her as she took the first bite of her dinner.  "What kind of husband would I be if I forgot that you loved that stuff?"  He asked hypothetically as he placed the two lids on the tray behind him.
        "A strange husband, indeed," Sarah said, smiling.
        They ate their meal in comfortable silence, then talked as they waited for dessert to come.  Sarahís favorite of cherry cheesecake was set in front of her and Brian had ordered the chocolate mousse, one of his favorites.
        "Brian, my goodness, Iím going to gain so much weight if you keep giving me my favorites all night," Sarah said, tasting the edge of the dessert.  She smiled and Brian watched her pull the fork out of her mouth and broke off another small piece.  He looked down abruptly as she ate that piece, feeling something inside him he hadnít felt for a long time.
        By the time they were both finished with their desserts, time had flown considerably and it was nearly eight oíclock.  Brian helped Sarah stand and into her coat before tossing a few bills on the table, intending that the left over be counted as the tip of the large bill, and led her out to the car.  He helped her in her side and drove her to the park about ten minutes away, leading her straight to their tree, where they carved their names in six years before, right before he proposed to her.  They leaned against the tree and stared out at the lake behind it, randomly making comments, but not really having a conversation.  As Brian heard his watch beep nine oíclock, he led Sarah to his car, taking the long route to the hotel.  He handed his keys to valet and walked inside with Sarah, ignoring her questions for what they were doing there, and led her upstairs to AJís room.  As Brian unlocked the door, he was thankful that AJ had thought to clean up.  The only remnance that he was staying there being the suitcase sticking out from beneath the bed and the lingering smell of his cologne, which stuck to everything wherever he went.
        Brian locked the door behind Sarah and pulled her towards him, kissing her softly.  He led her to the bed and sat down, pulling her onto his lap.
        "Brian, we canít do this, the kids-"
        "Shh," Brian said, holding his finger to Sarahís lips as she protested.  "The kids arenít here right now, no one is but us, I suggest we take this time to concentrate on each other instead of someone else, ok?"  He kissed her again without letting her answer and pulled her closer to him on his lap, separating her legs so she was straddling his legs.  He looked up at her as she started slowly unbuttoning his dress shirt, taking her time.  He helped her take it off of him and pulled her to him for another kiss, reaching behind her to the zipper of her dress.  He helped her slip out of it and laid her back on the bed, kissing her deeply.  His hands wandered down her body and rested at her hips, tugging at her underwear before she helped him take it off.  He got off of her as she sat him up and started undoing his pants.  He pulled his pants and boxers off at the same time as she unclasped her bra and laid back on the pillows.  He crawled on top of her, kissing her neck gently and pushing himself inside her slowly.  Their pace gradually got faster until Brian climaxed with her and he suddenly felt tired.  He relaxed his head on Sarahís chest as she ran her fingers through his hair, threading the curls that were still there.  He looked up at her and kissed her before pulling himself out of her and lying next to her.
        "I love you, Sarah," he whispered, pulling her body against his and pulling the covers over them.
        "I love you too, Brian," she whispered in reply, hugging his arms as they encircled her waist.  He kissed her shoulder lightly as he heard her fall asleep, then explored her body with his hands while she slept, kissing her gently when his hands left a place.  He finally stopped and pulled her body against his again, falling into a content sleep.

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