Being In The Band

Being In The Band
By Sarah
Chapter 8

        "Whoa, what happened there?"  Brian asked Tommy as they watched Lizard hurry out of the room.
        Tommy shook his head.  "I canít talk about it, some other time," he said, reclaiming the laptop and working on his site.  He talked with Brian while he finished, then logged off the computer, leaving Brian and going to look for Lizard.  He passed the bathrooms and sighed, knowing exactly where she was.
        "Lizard?"  He called as he knocked.  He looked around, then ducked into the bathroom, looking around.
        "Lizard?"  He called again.  He heard a faint sniffling and walked towards the sound, finally finding Lizard hiding in the last stall.
        "Come on, Liz, come with me," he said, holding out his hand to her.  She took it and he helped her stand, leading her out of the bathroom and into the hall.  He led her to a box seat and sat down with her, his arm around her shoulder as she cried.
        "Liz, I know itís hard," he started.
        "You have no idea," Lizard said through her tears.
        "Youíre right, I donít, but let me try to make you feel better," he said, trying to make her smile.
        It didnít work.  "You canít.  The only thing that can make it better is if they were here, and they arenít.  Donít do this, Tommy, I canít handle it for much longer."
        Tommy shushed her and just sat next to her as she cried, letting her cry on his shoulder.  He turned his head when he heard someone behind him.  He found two someoneís.
        "Yo, you ok, Lizard?"  AJ asked, leaving Nick standing in the hallway.  Nick looked away with a disgusted look and Tommy somehow found the strength to ignore him, concentrating on Lizard as AJ tried to find out what was wrong.  He stood up and let AJ take his place, knowing he would probably be able to help Lizard better than he could any day.  Tommy led Nick away from the two, practically dragging him by his hair.
        "Ow, Tommy, sheesh, you donít have to practically rip out my hair," Nick protested.
        "Yes I do, cause otherwise I know you wouldíve stayed back there and showed Lizard just how uncompassionate you can be on a bad day.  Start telling me why you hate her so much and donít lie to me," Tommy said sternly.
        "I donít hate her," Nick started.
        "Bullshit, Nick, I know you better than that," Tommy interrupted.
        "I was trying to say, I donít hate her, I just dislike her a lot," Nick said, raising his voice.
        Tommy shook his head.  "You just donít get it, do you?  There are some people out there that donít have perfect lives, that donít have as many people to lean on when times are bad as you do.  Lizard is one of those people, donít bring down the wrecking ball on her already shattered world, youíre just rubbing salt in the wounds every time you insult her," he said, lowering his voice to nearly a hiss.  He turned away from Nick, angry that he would judge her that way.  Tommy went below the stage to think, but not before checking on AJ and Lizard.

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