Being In The Band

Being In The Band
By Sarah
Chapter 6

        "Youíre did great today, Lizard, get some rest," Tommy said as he walked with his friend to her hotel room.
        "Thanks Tommy.  You know, I donít believe Iíve ever seen so many confused and shocked faces in my life.  You didnít tell them what my real name was, did you?  Or that I was a woman?"  Lizard asked.
        Tommy shook his head.  "It never came up, I always call you Lizard, just like Dennis does.  I know I probably shouldíve told the guys a long time ago, but I didnít think it was necessary."  He leaned against the wall as Lizard opened her hotel room door and carried in her bags, setting them next to the bed.
        "Lizard," he said.  She turned to face him and he smiled.  "Thanks for doing this."
        Lizard crossed to him.  "Its no problem, really, I wouldíve been without a job and bored for the next few months if you hadnít called me.  Iím glad you called," she said, giving him a hug.
        Tommy smiled and returned the hug.  "You know, never in a million years did I ever imagine that the little thirteen year old that I used to teach piano to would ever turn out to be this beautiful eighteen year old in front of me."
        Lizard chuckled.  "Well, five years can change a person, thatís for sure."
        Tommy nodded.  "Indeed, it can.  Goodnight," he said.  He left the room and walked down to his room, closing the door behind him as he entered, walking over to his laptop.  He logged onto the Internet and started working on the band website.
        ĎWell, everybody, Iím sorry to say that I will not be joining the guys on stage for some time.  I, being the klutz I am, broke my wrist and cannot play piano.  It is hard enough to type, so we have a temporary replacement for me.  Everyone be nice to Elizabeth Collins, a.k.a. Lizard, as she is one of my friends from a long time ago.  I used to be her piano teacher, now she is an excellent pianist and will be filling in for me until I get better.  More updates on the tour will follow this, seeming as I suddenly have all this time on my handsÖor should I say hand?  Anyway, I am still on tour with them, Iím just not playing.  So look for me in the arena or in the hotel lobbies, Iíll be wandering around, getting teased by someone for breaking my wrist.  The constant abuse I receive has no end, and now it only gets worse.  Even Guido is torturing me, he laughs at me all the time.  That goose will be cooked before the end of this tour, mark my words.  But now, I must go, it is time to sleep, seeing as we all have a performance to be at tomorrow night.  Well, except for me.  Updates in pictures and Lizardís bio will soon be up.í
        Tommy sighed as he finished typing and clicked the save button.  He replaced the page in its web space and shut down his computer, going to bed.

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