Being In The Band

Being In The Band
By Sarah
Chapter 5

        Tommy looked next to him at his friend, who was fast asleep.
        ‘Amazing, how anyone can sleep through turbulence besides Nick is beyond me,’ he thought as he turned to face forward, trying to relax as the plane started to descend and turbulence shook the plane.  The weather wasn’t all that great in Michigan, it had been raining for the last two days.  It was finally letting up and the flight was allowed to land, the first flight to land in the airport for the last two days.
        ‘Of all the times we have to fly, its when we’re on a tight schedule,’ Tommy thought, looking at his watch.  The plane had been delayed two hours before they were finally able to take off, then they found out that it was going to take an extra hour to land the plane and get everyone off.
        ‘And then there’s another hour and a half to get to the venue.  Sheesh, the guys are going to kill me,’ he thought, shaking his head.  He looked next to him again as Lizard started to stir.
        "Tommy?  Are we almost there?"  Lizard asked, yawning.
        Tommy nodded.  "Yeah, go back to sleep, Lizard, we only have about an hour left," he said.
Lizard nodded and turned in the seat, going back to sleep.  Tommy sighed and took his cell phone out of his pocket, dialing a number quickly.
        "Littrell answering service, this is Nick, how may I direct your call?"
        Tommy smiled.  "Nick, its Tommy.  Listen, our plane has been delayed, but we’ll be there soon, ok?"
        "Yeah, is Lizard with you?"
        "Yeah, why do you ask?"
        "Kevin wants to talk to him, he said that he has something to ask him."
        Suddenly, Tommy’s phone started becoming static-filled.  "Nick?  You there?"  Tommy asked.  He received no answer, and then he heard a beep.  He pulled the phone away from his face and grumbled under his breath.
        ‘Damn low battery,’ he said to himself as he closed the phone.  He tucked it back into his pocket and glanced at his watch again.
        ‘Can’t this plane go any faster?’  He asked in his head, closing his eyes as he leaned his head back.  He tried to clear his head for a moment, trying to stop the thoughts that were running through his head a mile a minute.  And trying to will the pain in his hand to stop.
        "Ladies and gentlemen, on behalf of American Airlines, we welcome you to Lansing, Michigan International Airport.  Please remember to gather all your things and check your overhead compartments before exiting the plane.  Thank you for flying American Airlines and enjoy your stay."
Tommy opened his eyes and stretched as people slowly walked past him.  He looked at his watch, then out the window next to Lizard.
        ‘Wow, I must’ve just slept the rest of the flight,’ he thought.  He stood up and stretched his legs, then leaned down and shook Lizard awake.
        "Let’s go, Lizard, we gotta get to the venue," Tommy said as his friend’s eyes opened.  Lizard nodded, not saying anything, and stretched.  They maneuvered their way through the airport and outside to find a cab.  They arrived at the venue an hour and a half later than planned, drenched from the downpour occurring.
        "Ugh, remind me again why I don’t usually travel?"  Lizard said as the two let themselves into the venue doors and pulled it shut behind them.
        "Because you never have the time or money," Tommy said, smiling.  Lizard sighed and looked around the venue, carrying their bags along as they walked down the hall.  Tommy led Lizard to the stage and they both stopped at the doors, watching as the guys practiced.
        "They’re good," Lizard whispered, watching as if mesmerized.
        Tommy nodded and smiled.  "Just watch, they get better," he whispered.  He led Lizard down the aisle and underneath the stage, both of them setting their bags in their dressing room.
        "Lizard!  Long time no see!"
        Tommy and Lizard both turned around to see Dennis walking towards them.
        "Hey, Dennis, it has been a long time," Lizard said, giving the man a handshake and hug.
        Dennis smiled at Lizard, then looked at Tommy.  "Hardly looks the same."
        "I agree," Tommy said.  He introduced Lizard to the rest of the band and finished just as he heard the music overhead stop.
        "Time to meet the guys," he said.  He walked with Lizard back out to the arena and spotted the guys sitting on the stage, relaxing.
        "Hey, guys," Tommy called, climbing up on the stage.  Lizard followed behind and immediately all eyes were attached to Lizard.
        "Who’s this, Tommy, found yourself an actual friend?"  Nick asked jokingly.
        "Yeah, someone who likes you for some reason other than your job?"  Brian joked.
        "Haha, very funny, guys," Tommy said, leading Lizard over to them.
        Lizard stuck her hand out to them.  "Hi, I’m Elizabeth," she said.
        "Brian," Brian said, shaking her hand.  "How much did Tommy have to pay you to be his friend for the day?"  He asked jokingly.
        Lizard smiled.  "He didn’t have to, I’ve known him for years."
        Tommy chuckled at the confused look on Brian’s and the other guys’ faces.  "Guys, this is my friend Lizard, the keyboardist.  Your new keyboardist," he explained.
        All the guys’ faces turned pale and they looked at each other.  Tommy knew exactly what they were thinking.
        Their new band member was a woman.

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