Being In The Band

Being In The Band
By Sarah
Chapter 20

        The after party was in full swing by the time AJ had finally dragged Lizard in the club.  The music was bursting through the speakers and the people involved with the tour were all dancing with the regular clubbers on the dance floor.  Lizard couldn’t help but smile as she followed AJ to their section of tables, nervously fiddling with the end of her dress.  AJ had gotten her the dress and necklace she’d seen in Seattle in the store ‘Funk and Standard’, and he insisted that she wear it that night.  After considerable amount of fighting, she finally gave in and got ready.  The velvet fabric of the dress barely graced her mid-thigh.  Her hair was piled up on the top of her head in curls, courtesy of Angie, who had insisted that she let her have some fun with her hair for once.  The final accessory, the silver cross on the velvet ribbon rested on her chest, hanging right above the scoop neck of the dress.  AJ had complimented her a million times already, saying that if he didn’t feel so much like her brother that he’d definitely hit on her.  Lizard could only laugh still thinking about the compliments he shed on her, she never felt she deserved them, but he drilled them in her head in the silliest ways.  She only gave in to shut him up.
        "Come on, twinkle toes, you’re dancing with me first!"  AJ exclaimed after she set down her jacket in a chair.  She sighed and fought to stay on her feet as he led her to the dance floor.  The night flew by and she danced in ways she never knew before.
        "That was so much fun!"  Lizard said to AJ as they went back over to the table finally.  They both sat and sipped from the drinks set in front of them.
        "Definitely, you’re a good dancer," AJ said, somewhat breathless as he gulped down the rest of the drink in front of him.
        "You aren’t all bad yourself, Mr. McLean!"  She replied, smiling as she finished her own water.  She sat back in her chair as AJ ordered a margarita for himself and she dazed a bit.
        "Lizard, may I have the pleasure of dancing?"  Kevin asked as he bent down next to her ear.
Lizard smiled and glanced behind him at his girlfriend.  "I don’t know, are you sure your girl won’t kill me?"  She asked.
        "Naw, she won’t, she knows we’re just friends," Kevin said, smiling and taking her hand.  First she danced with him, then found Brian in front of her suddenly and danced with him for a while. Howie then stole her away from Brian and she danced with him.  It all went in one large cycle until she found herself in AJ’s arms again as a slow song came on.
        "Finally, a chance to catch my breath," she said as she started for the table.
        "Uh-uh, you have one person left to dance with," AJ said, pushing her backwards.  She turned and came to see someone’s chest.  She looked up and saw Nick’s pleading blue-green eyes staring back at her.
        "Please, Liz?"  He asked, taking her hands in his and kissing her knuckles gently.  Lizard only nodded and he placed her arms around his neck and placed his hands on her waist.  She rested her head on his chest and fought to catch her breath as her heartbeat raced as if she’d just run a marathon.  She tried to calm down, but soon figured out that her heart wasn’t racing because she was tired, but because of him.
        "I'm sorry, Liz," Nick whispered in her ear as he rested his head on hers.
        "You have nothing to be sorry for," she whispered.
        "I have everything to be sorry for," he whispered with a final tone, telling her to not argue.  She didn’t, rather she relaxed in his arms, swaying back and forth with him to the music.

        So now I come to you
        With open arms
        Nothing to hide
        Believe what I say
        So here I am
        With open arms
        Hoping you’ll see
        What your love means to me
        Open arms

        Lizard barely noticed the tears falling down her face until Nick pulled away from her and wiped them away.
        "Please don’t cry, I hate seeing you cry," he said quietly.
        "I'm sorry, I-"
        "Shh."  He held his finger to her lips, then replaced it with his lips.  Lizard got caught up in the kiss, not aware that everyone around them had stopped dancing and the music had changed to a faster number.
        "But what about," Lizard started.
        "I don’t care about Carla anymore.  I haven’t for a long time," Nick said, cutting her off.  He kissed her again quickly.  "You’re the only one I care about, I fell in love with you when I first saw you.  I can’t remember ever thinking of you in any other way."
        "But you were always so cruel to me, you yelled at me for the strangest reasons, I don’t even know what they were anymore, all I know is that I never felt lower than the way you made me feel."
        "I'm sorry.  I was going through such a hard time, and I wanted to tell you, but I didn’t know how.  I was so frustrated with Carla, I never thought to look at what was in front of me, that it was the most precious thing I could ever imagine right there, right under my nose," Nick said, slowly walking her off the dance floor backwards.  He led her to a small table in the back, behind all the curtains and away from the music and people.
        "But what about-"
        "Shh," Nick whispered, cutting her off as he rested his fingertips on her lips.  "Stop asking questions," he explained, kissing her again.  Lizard felt lost, the music behind her and all the noise with the people fading away until only her and Nick were left.  She never felt another feeling like it, almost as if she were at the one place that would make her feel safe and warm and complete.
        "One more thing, Nick," she whispered as they finally broke apart.
        "What?"  Nick asked, smiling at her kindly, gently brushing a tendril of her hair behind her ear.
        "Oh, Nicky!"
        They both froze.  Lizard knew that voice, she’d only heard it once before and it struck fear inside of her everytime she thought she’d heard it afterwards.  The one voice that could ruin all the happiness Nick had just proposed to her.

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