Being In The Band

Being In The Band
By Sarah
Chapter 2

        Tommy sighed as he hung up the phone and picked up a pen, crossing off yet another of his friends off the list in front of him.
        ĎPrevious commitments, inability to play, doesnít know the songs well enough, hasnít practiced in agesÖis there any other excuse they can come up with?í  He asked himself as he dialed another number.
        "Sorry, Tom, you know I would, but I canít.  I canít devote my time like that, I have to be back here before December, so thereís no way that I can cover for the next two months.  Besides, I canít get there.  Sorry, man."
        Tommy slammed down the phone in frustration and crossed the name off his list almost viciously, tearing the paper.  He picked up his day planner with his good hand and set it in front of him, opening the clasp and flipping through the phone book pages for what seemed like the hundredth time.  He reached the back and sighed, flipping again to the front.
        ĎThereís gotta be someone I overlooked, someone that can play all those songs.  Someone that Iíve known for a long time, someone whoÖí He froze in his train of thought, his eyes resting on a name almost long-forgotten.  Someone who could help him, someone that owed him a favor from a long time ago.
        ĎLetís just pray they can do it,í Tommy reminded himself as he picked up the phone and dialed the long-distance number quickly.  He bit his lip as it rang once, twice, three times.  Just as the machine picked up, the person picked up also, anxiously calling out a hello and telling him to hold on.
        Tommy waited until the machineís outgoing message stopped and the person breathlessly said hello, then a smile spread across his face.
        "Lizard, its Tommy.  Long time no talk," he said.  He chuckled at the reply and turned his head to look out the window of the apartment he lived in.
        "I know and Iím sorry, Iíve been really busy.  But my job is one of the reasons Iím calling you."  Tommy took a deep breath, praying over and over that his friend could do it.  "Tell me, what are you doing for the next few months?"

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