Being In The Band

Being In The Band
By Sarah
Chapter 12

        Lizard walked back into the hotel entrance and straight to the elevators.  She pressed up and waited, checking her watch while she did.  It was nearly eleven o’clock, the movie she’d ordered would be coming on soon.  She stepped into the elevator and pressed the button for her floor, waiting as the doors closed slowly and she moved up.  She got off and walked to her room, struggling with the bag she was carrying to get her room key out of her pocket.  She finally set down the bag and unlocked her door, carrying the bag inside before going back and closing the door.
        Lizard looked out in the hall and saw Nick running towards her room.  "Ugh, I guess its better than waiting," he mumbled.
        "Beg pardon?"  Lizard asked, raising her eyebrows.
        "Nothing, can I use your phone?"  He asked.
        "What for?"  Lizard asked, not letting him enter the room.
        Nick looked down, a blush coloring his face a crimson red.  "Ilockedmyselfoutoftheroom," he said in one breath.
        "That’s great you can speak another language and all, but you mind speaking in English?"  Lizard asked.
        "I said I locked myself out of my room," he said slowly, still not looking at her.
        Lizard smiled, holding back her laughter.  "Sure, come in," she said, opening the door wider and letting him pass.  She closed the door behind him and walked to the chair she’d sit her bag on, pulling out the two pints of ice cream and the Butterfinger bars, setting one pint in the small fridgerator before sitting on her own bed, not paying attention to Nick as he called someone.
"Jeff went out, Mike’s not with us, hope you aren’t trying to get one of them," Lizard said as she fished the spoon out of the bag and opened the little carton of ice cream.
        "Damn," Nick cursed quietly as he set down the phone.
        "Did you try the front desk?"
        "They won’t give me a key."
        "Why ever not?"  Lizard asked, turning and facing him.
        "Because we have them all, or something," Nick said, his face turning red again.
        Lizard shrugged and turned back around, crossing her legs and sitting Indian style as she reached for the remote, turning on the television.
        Nick walked slowly over to her before stopping next to her, looking down.  "Is that Cookie Dough ice cream?"  He asked, almost whispering.
        Lizard nodded.  "Why, ya want some?"  She asked.
        Nick nodded and she set hers down, walking to the fridge and getting out the other container. "Here, help yourself," she said, handing him a plastic spoon.
        Nick managed a smile.  "Thanks," he said as he pried open the container, spooning out some.  "I haven’t had ice cream in so long," he said.
        "Why not?"
        "Because it clogs your throat and you can’t sing."
        Lizard shrugged as the movie started.  "Then just don’t eat it before you perform, or drink pineapple juice after having some," she said sensibly.
        "Pineapple juice?"
        Lizard nodded.  "Yeah, it clears your throat, actually helps people sing better at times," she said matter-of-factly.
        Nick said nothing, just nodded.  Lizard turned her attention back to the television screen as the opening credits came on.
        "Whoa, is this the Wedding Singer?"
        Lizard nodded, not saying anything as Adam Sandler took over the screen, singing.
        "This has got to be one of the best movies I’ve ever seen!"  Nick exclaimed.
        Lizard looked at him as he sat on the floor, grinning like an excited kid.  "You like this movie?"  She asked.
        "Yeah, who doesn’t?"  He replied.
        Lizard raised her eyebrows in amazement.  "No one I know," she said.  She faced the screen and ate her ice cream.  It was about halfway through the movie when she decided that she’d save the rest of her ice cream for another time and got out a Butterfinger bar.
        "Yo, you’ve got to be kidding me."
        Lizard looked at Nick and saw him practically salivating at her candy bar.  "Oh, that’s right, Mindi told me you liked these," she said, handing him the bar, reaching for another one.
        "These are the absolute best candy bars ever in the world," Nick said, his speech garbled while he chewed.
        Lizard managed a laugh.  "Whatever you say," she said, biting into her candy bar.  The movie ended and she found Nick behind her on her bed, lying on his side, his head propped up by his hand, watching the movie credits roll sideways.  She was surprised to see that she was leaning against him and he wasn’t complaining.
        "Don’t you get a little confused watching a movie that way?"  She asked him.
        Nick shook his head as best as possible given his position.  "No, I watch movies like this all the time, puts them in a different perspective."
        Liz looked at him strangely and shrugged, looking back at the TV as the movie credits disappeared and advertisements for the same movie started again, announcing that it would start in about ten minutes.
        "No thanks, once is enough for me in one day," she said as she picked up the remote and clicked the TV stations around.  She stopped on a music station, at Limp Bizket’s video, ‘Nookie’.
        "Oh, good song," she said as the chorus started.
        "I did it all for the nookie, come on, the nookie, come on, so you can take that cookie and stick it up your, yeah, stick it up your, yeah, stick it up your," she sang along as she stood up and carried the wrappers to the garbage can.  She sang along with the rest of the song as it finished, cleaning up the mess she and Nick had made before noticing that he was looking at her with a surprised look.
        "What?"  She asked.
        "You know that entire song," he said, pointing to the screen as the video disappeared and Len’s ‘Steal My Sunshine’ came on.
        "Of course I do, its Limp Bizket, you have to know that song, its practically a sin not to," she said, smiling as she started singing along with the new song.  She giggled as the musical interlude between the chorus and the second verse came on, remembering how it was on the CD.
        "What are you laughing about?"
        "Oh, carrot!"  She said before collapsing on her bed, laughing.
        "What?"  Nick said, looking totally confused.
        Lizard shook her head as she stood up, going to her backpack and bringing out her CD player and CD case.  She put in one of her mix CDs and skipped to Len’s song, fast forwarding in the song to the conversation.
        "Listen," she said, handing him the headphones as she paused the song.  She waited until he put on the headphones and then pressed play, watching his face as she recited the conversation in her head.
        Nick started to laugh and took off the headphones.  "Carrot," he said simply before cracking up again.
        "See what I mean?  What’s even funnier is that it’s one of my friend’s nicknames, from when he started going out with his ex-girlfriend.  We all called him carrot because he was shorter than her and he had an affinity for this orange shirt, he always wore it when they went out together," she explained, still laughing as she turned off the CD player.  She took out the CD, replacing it with the CD that was in there before.
        "Wait, what CD is that?"  Nick asked, standing up and walking over to her.
        She showed him the CD before closing the player.  "Journey’s greatest hits," she said, putting away the player in her bag and opening her CD case to put away the other CD.
        "Wait a sec," Nick said, taking the case out of her hands and flipping to the front.  "Mariah Carey, Journey, Bone Thugs and Harmony, Jewel, Christina Aguilera, Eminem, Kid Rock, Limp Bizket, and mix CDs.  What’s on these?"  He asked, tapping the CDs that had the CDR label on them.
        "Everything and anything.  I get my fill of ska and parodies from there, my friend, the one I told you about, Kris, he makes them.  They’re pretty good, he’s got taste," she said, taking back the case and flipping another page, putting the CD where it belonged.
        "Whoa, Phantom?"  Nick said, grabbing the case back.  He kept flipping, mumbling under his breath as he went.
        "Um, excuse me?"  Lizard said, trying to take it back.
        "Girl, you have the most diverse taste of music I’ve ever seen!"  He said, looking at all the Broadway CDs she had.  He reached the last two pages and his eyes widened.  "Jefferson Airplane?  Meat Loaf?  Styx?  And the Bangles?  Jeez, eighties section!"  He exclaimed.
        "Yeah, well you said it right when you said that I had diverse music tastes," she said, taking back her case.  She zippered it closed and put it back in her bag, zippering the bag up.
        "Wait, what’s that?"  He asked, pointing to some sheet music on the floor.
        "Oh, nothing," she said, picking it up and folding it, trying to stuff it in her backpack, but Nick grabbed it away.
        "Writing a song, Liz?"  He asked, looking over the paper.  He froze in his walking, and Lizard walked over, trying to take it out of his hands.
        "Yes, now give it back, its bad," she said, reaching up.
        "No, its interesting," he said, holding the music above his head, smiling as she jumped for it.
Lizard felt frustrated, she was tall, but not that tall.  She finally resorted to the one thing that she remembered AJ telling her about Nick, something that he always got teased for.
        "Nicky, please?"  She asked, looking up at him with big eyes.  She stopped reaching and folded her hands in front of her, begging.
        "Aw, man, the damn puppy dog face," he said, rolling his eyes.
        "That’s it," Lizard said.  She attacked his stomach and ribs, tickling him.
        "Stop, stop, stop!"  He exclaimed, buckling under the torture and falling back on the bed, squirming.
        Lizard shook her head as she tickled him, leaning over him.  "Nope, nope, nope, not until you give it back!"  She said, smiling at his laughter.
        "Never!"  Nick exclaimed, tickling her back.  Lizard couldn’t help but collapse, taking Nick’s place on the bed as he leaned over her, tickling her stomach.
        "Ahh, Nick, stop, stop!"  She exclaimed, barely being able to breathe.  She gasped for air as she got away from him, grabbing the sheet music that had fallen on the floor.
        "I got it!"  She said, walking past him to her bag.  She put it away and turned around, coming face to face with Nick.
        "Don’t think you get off that easily!"  He said, picking her up and hoisting her over his shoulder.  He carried her to the bed and plopped her down, tickling her stomach again.
        "Ahh, no!"  She said, squirming around.  She felt his hands touch someplace they weren’t supposed to and he stopped tickling her.
        "S-sorry," he said, backing away from her.
        "It’s o-ok," she stuttered out, pulling her knees up to her chest, not looking at him.  She bit her lip as she looked down at the floor, thinking about how she’d never really had a relationship before, how she had stayed out of the dating scene, ever since her parents had died….
        Lizard looked up and watched as Nick walked back over to her, sitting next to her.
        They both laughed nervously and she let go of her legs, letting them rest against the edge of the bed, touching the floor.
        She looked at Nick and suddenly felt his lips on hers, and she closed her eyes.  She’d never felt something so pleasing.
        "I'm sorry for treating you the way I have been," he whispered as they broke apart.
        "Its ok, we all have our bad moments," she said.
        Nick shook his head as his hand raised to her face, cradling her cheek.  "No, it was unacceptable, I shouldn’t have," he said.  He kissed her again and Lizard instinctively wrapped her arms around his neck, leaning back as he followed her to the bed.  She followed him as he deepened the kiss, her hands wandering up and down his back.  His hands threaded through her hair, slowly running down her body and stopping at her waist.
        "Lizard, I'm back early, I brought you-"
        Lizard felt Nick practically jump off of her and she sat up, looking at the door and seeing Mindi standing there, her face one of shock.
        "Nick, I-I never-" she stuttered.
        "You didn’t see anything, Mindi, this never happened" he said.  He hurried out of the room, running down the hall and Lizard curled up on the bed, pulling her knees to her chest again.
        "Ok, what just happened here?"  Mindi asked as she came in the room, closing the door behind her.  She hurried over to Lizard’s bedside and sat next to her.  "What was Nick doing here?"
        Lizard sniffed.  "He-he got locked out of his room and I-I let him u-use the phone.  W-we were getting along f-fine and everything and we were actually en-enjoying each other’s company," she said through the held back tears.  "W-we were talking about music and he started tick-tickling me, and he k-kissed me," she said, wiping away a lone tear as it fell.
        "Oh, Lizard," Mindi said, pulling her into a hug.
        "Does he really h-hate me that m-much?"  She asked.
        "Shh, of course not, Liz, he’s just dealing with a lot right now," Mindi said, rocking her back and forth.
        Lizard took a deep, haggard breath and looked up at Mindi.  "What did I do wrong?"  She asked.
        Mindi shook her head and Lizard cried on her friend’s shoulder, not understanding what she’d done.

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