Being In The Band

Being In The Band
By Sarah
Chapter 11

        "What are you doing tonight, Nick, seeming as youíre too young to do anything with any of us," AJ said as he walked into Nick and Brianís room.
        "I'm hanging out with my nintendo, if you must know," Nick said, practically snapping at him.
"Man, what is you problem?  For the last month and a half, youíve been biting off everyoneís head, what crawled up your ass and died?"  AJ demanded.
        "Nothing, leave me alone," Nick hollered, storming out of the room.
        Brian shook his head, silent from the encounter as he unpacked his clothes.  "I think you should leave Nick alone, AJ," he said quietly.
        "Why, B-Rok, all heís done from the very first day of this leg of the tour is snapped at everyone and gave us all an attitude!  He deserves a kick in the head if he keeps this up!"  AJ exclaimed.
Brian shook his head.  "No, AJ, really, leave him alone."
        AJ was quiet.  "You know why heís acting like this," he guessed.
        "Yes, I do, and I donít think I should tell, I'm not even suppose to know," Brian replied.
        "How did you find out?"
        "I overheard him talking to his sisters, he told them what was wrong, he was crying, too."
        "What happened?"
        "I'm not telling you, AJ, everyone knows you canít keep a secret for your life!"
        "Come on, Bri, just tell me!  I'm not gonna tell anyone, I swear!"
        Brian sighed, debating within whether or not AJ would uphold his promise.  "Fine, what happened was that he caught his girlfriend cheating on him and theyíre still together because she pulled a guilt trip reminding him of that time in Paris.  Heís a wreck, he knows that sheís cheating on him now, but he doesnít have enough guts to break it off," he blurted, talking quickly.
        "Youíre kidding!  My God, no wonder the kid is like this!  Heís only staying with her because heís scared to break up with her?"
        "Sort of, that and she thinks heís cheating on her too, while heís on tour.  What I donít get is why he just doesnít deny it and get rid of her, I never did like Carla."
        "Neither did I, too clingy.  So what can we do to make him feel better?"
        "For now, just leave him alone, heís had more stress than he can handle for a while now, heís starting to take it out on everyone."
        "Iíll say," AJ muttered under his breath.  He noticed that Brian hadnít heard him and stood up. "Ready to go?  Its already nine-thirty, it takes a half-hour to get there," he asked.
        Brian nodded and picked up his jacket.  "Yeah, letís go."
        "Howie, are you coming or not?"  AJ yelled, banging on the door across the hall.
        "Yeah, yeah, I'm coming, whereís Kevin?"  Howie asked as he walked out of his room.
        "I'm right here, are we leaving now?"  Kevin asked, holding his cell phone at his side.
        "Yeah, so come on, say goodbye to your girlfriend, and letís go, its time to party!"  AJ exclaimed, waiting impatiently.
        "Yeah, yeah, gimme a second," Kevin grumbled as he ducked back into his hotel room.
        "Weíll be back by three at the very latest, ok, Nick?"  Brian said as Nick came back down the hallway.
        "Yeah, whatever, have fun," Nick mumbled as he closed the door behind him.
        Brian sighed and AJ felt sorry for the both of them.  For Nick because of what he was going through, for Brian because he had to put up with it.
        "All right, are we leaving or what?"  Kevin asked as he pulled on his jacket.
        "We just have to stop by the bandís floor, theyíre coming too," AJ said, leading the way to the elevator.
        "Theyíre all coming?  Even Lizard?"  Brian asked.
        AJ shook his head.  "No, Lizard is underage, too.  I was going to suggest to her that she and Nick hang out together, being nearly the same age, but I knew that Nick would probably have a fit after she told him why she was there."
        The rest of the guys agreed with him as they got off on the next floor, going to knock on the hotel doors.  The group left, all of them laughing as they walked down the halls and outside.

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