A Change Could Do You Good

A Change Could Do You Good
Chapter 25
By Sarah Donnen
"Weíre leaving."
"What?! When? But you just got here!" I exclaimed, looking at Nick.
"I know we did, but weíre leaving again in about a month to do more promotional stuff, and even perform in some places," Nick explained, taking my hands.
I was beyond shocked. It was spring, and we were having a picnic in the park near our houses. He was treating me so sweetly and we were having a wonderful day until he dropped the bomb on my mood.
"But, that means youíll be away all summer, doesnít it?" I asked, thinking. I was busy with school until May twenty-fifth, then I was out and officially a senior. Nick was suppose to come to school sometimes, but he couldnít because of his busy schedule, so instead had a tutor and was going along at pretty much the same rate I was. But I wasnít really thinking about that, Sarah and I couldnít visit each other this summer because we both had jobs we had to keep up with, so decided to come to each otherís graduations the next year. I was going to spend the extra time with Nick, but then he told me this 'he would be gone again'.
"Yes, Iíll be gone until sometime in the fall, if even then," he said, trying to make me feel better.
"But Nick, you promised to be here this summer since Sarahís not coming! You promised! You said you were going to take me out for my birthday and everything!" I protested and was even whining. I hate whining, but I wasnít going to let go of Nick that easily.
"Aly, I wish I could change it, but no matter what I did, Donna kept pushing us to make a decision. It was either this or we got nothing. We chose this simply because then she would ease up off our backs. But think about it, Aly, more touring around the US and Canada, Iíll be on TV and you can watch me, and you can even come visit me, Iíll pay for the ticket myself!" Nick said. "Aly, I donít want to leave you as much as you donít want me to leave, but I have to. Trust me, if there was anything I could do, I would. But there isnít, so I just want us to spend the next three weeks together as much as possible, ok?" Nick begged with his eyes, something he knew I couldnít resist. I nodded and he hugged me.
No matter how hard I tried that day, I couldnít cheer up. The mere thought of Nick leaving me again was near unbearable.