A Change Could Do You Good

A Change Could Do You Good
Chapter 24
By Sarah Donnen
"Aly! Nick! Wake up, its Christmas!"
I winced as someone jumped on my stomach and opened my eyes to see Aaron and Angel sitting in front of me.
"Go away, guys," I mumbled, closing my eyes and turning my head to the side, grabbing Nickís hand. He didnít even move, he instantly tightened his hold around me and squeezed my hand.
"Come on, you two, its time to get up!" Angel exclaimed, bouncing on my stomach.
I groaned. "Angie, stop bouncing on my stomach, that hurts," I said, trying to go back to sleep.
"Please? Come on, we canít open anything until you two wake up!" Aaron said, getting off my stomach. It didnít help that Angel was still on my stomach, but it was a relief.
"Arenít they in this room? We can sleep until our turn comes," Nick said groggily, shifting position beneath me. I sighed and turned my head to look up at him and immediately spotted a large red spot on his neck.
"Angie, I need you to get off me, sweetie," I said. She hopped off of me and I looked around the room. No one else was in the room and I leaned my head towards Nick. "Nicky, you have to get up, sweetie, we both do," I whispered urgently.
"Why?" He asked, not opening his eyes.
"Nicky, I donít think you want your entire family to see that huge hickey on your neck!" I whispered.
Nickís eyes flew open and looked at me. He nearly started to laugh. "Youíre one to talk," he whispered.
My eyes widened and I got up from the couch and helped Nick stand up. I led him upstairs and to BJís room. I knew she had some make-up, I gave her most of my left over make-up and some stuff I just didnít like, and she had some stuff of her own, she was starting to get interested in modeling and she needed make-up for pageants.
"What do you two want?" BJ asked as I dragged Nick into her room. Weíd woken her up, she was trying to rub her eyes as I went straight to her make-up case.
"BJ, you know how I tell you that cover-up is always going to be one of the most important kinds of make-up youíll ever own? Well, youíre going to learn how its going to save both your brotherís and my necksí, literally," I said, pulling out three tubes of expensive cover-up.
"Wait a sec, you arenít putting that stuff on me!" Nick exclaimed, trying to get away from me.
"Nickolas Carter, you walk out of that room and your mother sees you, I can guarantee you that sheíll be pissed beyond belief," I said. I dragged him to BJís vanity table and made him sit in the chair, then tilted his head to the side as I started mixing colors on my hand.
"Whoa! Where did that come from?" BJ asked, walking over to me.
I smiled. "Remember that little talk I had with you a few days ago?" I asked.
"Aly, what are you teaching my sister?!" Nick demanded, turning to face me.
"How to be intelligent, now donít move," I said, moving his head back to its original position. Five minutes later, you couldnít tell that there wasnít anything on either of our necks.
"Good, now letís go downstairs. And Nick, whatever you do, do not, I repeat, do not touch your neck. If it itches, try to ignore it. You smudge it, itís all over, understand?" I said as I dragged him to the door.
"Yes, your Royal Highness," he said as we neared the steps.
I stopped and turned to face him. I carefully moved a lock of his hair behind his ear, making it stay. "You, sir, are a royal pain, did you know that?" I said.
"Yes, but Iím your royal pain," he said, smiling devilishly and leaning forwards.
I smiled as he kissed me and I felt a shock run through my body, almost like electricity. Iíd felt that feeling with him and only him, it was a great feeling.
"Umm, you two, if you donít stop, youíll be staying up here another five minutes trying to cover up another of those red marks," BJ said as she walked up behind us.
"BJ, theyíre called hickeys," I said, breaking away from Nick and smiling.
"But youíre too young to know that, get downstairs," Nick said to her. I saw out of the corner of my eye as she huffed downstairs, and I touched his nose.
"You have to stop being so controlling over her. Sheís quite grown up, Nick, and incredibly mature. She deserves to know stuff if she asks, donít be afraid to tell her things. If you feel uncomfortable telling her things, tell me and Iíll tell her," I said, leading him down the stairs by his hand.
"No, that's ok, youíve probably taught her everything sheíll ever need to know," Nick said. I giggled as we entered the family room and went back to claim our spot on the couch. We cuddled as the presents were passed out and had a good day.