A Change Could Do You Good

A Change Could Do You Good
Chapter 23
By Sarah Donnen
That Christmas was the best Christmas ever. Nick was with me almost all the time, and I didnít mind one bit. I stayed over night on Christmas Eve, and received one of the sweetest things from Nick. He finally asked me to be his official girlfriend, and of course I accepted. We stayed downstairs in the family room in front of a small fire in the fireplace. It was unusually cold that night, but I didnít really notice it. Nick was lying on the couch, leaning against the armrest, I was on top of him, and we had a blanket over our legs. I didnít notice the cold because Nick was holding me in his arms, and I could never be cold if I was in his arms. We talked about silly things most of the night, watching as the fire dimmed, and then finally go out. When it did finally go out, I felt Nickís body tense.
"Whatís wrong, Nick?" I asked, worried.
"No-nothing. I-Iím ju-just af-afraid of the-the d-dark," Nick stuttered out.
I chuckled and tightened my hold on his hands. "Its ok, Nicky, thereís nothing that can hurt you, not when Iím here," I said.
Nick tightened his hold on me and lowered his head to mine, hiding his head in my hair. "Iím afraid little gremlins will come out and bite my toes," he said in my ear.
I had to laugh. "Iím sorry, Nick, its just that thatís really funny. Nothing will hurt you, I promise, I wonít let them," I said, kissing his hand.
"Is that all I get? A promise and a kiss on the hand?" He whispered into my ear.
I smiled and turned my head to face him. I kissed his lips gently, almost teasingly. I shifted position, turning my entire body to face him, and ended up straddling his legs. I bent my head down to his and kissed him, running my hands through his hair. I felt his hand travel down my back slowly, finally ending at the small of my back. He pulled my body closer to his and didnít have me end the kiss. I opened my mouth wider, surprising him, but he went along with it and I felt his tongue explore my mouth. I kissed my way down his neck, stopping at the back. I heard him moan softly and kept kissing him lightly. He kissed my neck on the inside and I felt shivers run up and down my spine, I loved being in his arms and when he kissed me I felt even better. I could feel him kissing me in the same spot over and over, and it drove me insane, it was such a gentle kiss. I moved my kisses to the base of his neck and gently kissed him, using my tongue. I stopped suddenly and felt his kisses travel down my neck to my collarbone. He was kissing me so gently, it made me feel shivers again. I pulled his head away from my neck and looked in his eyes. They betrayed tiredness, but also some excitement. I took his head in my hands and kissed him full on the lips, feeling our tongues touch and move. I broke away from him, hearing something.
"Aly..." Nick started, kissing my neck.
"Shh," I said, looking up. I heard it again, someone coming down the stairs. "Someoneís coming!" I whispered. I got back in my position quickly and laid my head back against Nickís chest as the person reached the bottom of the stairs. I closed my eyes and the family room door opened.
"Here they are," I heard Jane whisper.
"I told you theyíd be fine, we can trust them," Bob replied, walking into the room and over towards the couch.
"I know, but something is telling me that they shouldnít be alone together," Jane whispered. "They arenít going to do anything, Jane, theyíre both mature and responsible enough to know the consequences, and Iím positive they would never do anything like that unless they were totally serious."
"Jane, look at them. Theyíre like puzzle pieces, always together and when theyíre ripped apart, one hurts for the other. They belong together, they know what to do and how far to go."
"I know, and Nick told me today about how he was going to give her a ring, to ask her to be his official girlfriend. The only thing that really hurts him is that he can never tell Donna or let it be publicly known because of their contract with her. He wants the world to know, but she just wonít let him. They arenít even suppose to have any sort of girlfriends, it was hard enough to let Aly go with Nick to the rehearsals sometimes, but now this? He said that heís positive that this is what he wants to do, but not too sure if he can handle it. He wants to be with her all the time, and they just canít do that. It makes me wonder what heíll do for her."
"If heís anything like me, heíll do what he has to just to keep her in his life."
"I hope so, they make the perfect couple, I donít think even we made that good a couple," Jane said as she walked out of the family room.
I smiled and sat up as the door closed and looked at Nick. He was smiling too and I leaned forward and kissed him.
"Good night, my puzzle piece."
"Good night, my girlfriend," Nick whispered back. He kissed me on my head and started slowly stroking the top of my head, making me more and more tired. I closed my eyes and played with the gold ring on my finger. I was his girlfriend, and he was my boyfriend.