A Change Could Do You Good

A Change Could Do You Good
Chapter 21
By Sarah Donnen

Dear Aly,
You have no idea how much I miss you. Well, you might, because Iím willing to bet that by your last letter, you miss me just as much. Iím sorry itís taken so long for me to write back, but weíre really busy and our location keeps changing so our address keeps changing. But weíre halfway through our promo tour! Right now, Iím looking out at the beautiful Kansas sunset as we pass through and Iím thinking about how much it reminds me of your smile. God do I miss your smile. I miss everything about you, even the way you bug me about something stupid. I miss beating you in basketball, then getting beat up by you because I rubbed it in your face. I know it sounds strange, but bear with me here. Thatís just one of a million things I miss about you. If I could, I would come straight back home just to see you, simply because I miss you that much. But I canít, as it is, weíve had to put off all rest stops until further notice. Donna sees us becoming bigger and bigger and wants us to be the biggest out there. I donít know how thatíll happen, but apparently, she thinks we can. I have to end this and Iím sorry this is so short, but Iím so tired. If you were here, would you sing me to sleep again? Yes, I did hear you sing to me that time, I wasnít asleep. I know youíre probably planning my assassination now that I told you that, but you have such a wonderful voice. Itís so comforting and I love the way it sounds. I miss you, Aly, I wish I could be there with you. Love you.

Dear Nick,
I actually do have an idea of how much you miss me, cause I miss you more! But I think Iím the lucky one here, I hear about you all the time from you brother and sisters and your mother. Then, the other day, I went into a grocery store and I saw you on the cover of a magazine. I donít know what it was called, some teenybopper magazine, but I did see it. I bought it and was looking through it, but I only found a little blurb on you guys, saying how popular youíre becoming. Oh, and Iím sorry to hear about your single here flopping. You never told me it did when it happened, but Iím gonna tell you now that Iím sorry to hear. But I found it pretty funny that it topped at number 69! Haha, sorry, inside joke. Anyway, I MISS YOU SO MUCH! Really, I do. I miss beating you up after we play basketball because you cheat. Yes, I am plotting your assassination as we speak, I found my old M16 in the garage, Iíve staked out a place in the bushes, and no one will be around when it happens, so no one will know it was your best friend that killed you. Donít tell anyone I can sing, please? Only one other person besides you knows I can sing, Sarah, and she has sworn on her life that she wonít tell. Nicky, please donít tell anyone. Iím not sure exactly why I donít want anyone to know, I just donít. I have to go, now, itís nearly two in the morning here and Iím dead tired. Aaron and Angel really wore me out today! I swear, the older those two get, the more energetic they get. I miss you, Nicky, donít forget about lilí Ďol me here in Florida.
Love always and forever,


I was yawning the next morning as I put that letter in the mailbox. It was a crisp autumn morning and I was on my way to school. I wasnít quite enjoying everything like I had before, I missed Nick too much. Heíd been gone for about two and a half months and I missed him like crazy. He said it wouldnít last too much longer, but I had a nasty feeling it would. I got to school and as soon as I did, I heard Nick singing. I practically ran to the sound, only to find it was two freshmen listening to the radio. It was their first official single in the US, a song called ĎQuit Playiní Gamesí. The first song theyíd released, ĎWe Got it Goiní Oní flopped, unfortunately, even though it was a really good song. Nick sent me a copy of their first album and I immediately fell in love with it. I didnít understand why no one else in the world liked it as much, but I guess they were still trying to get out of the grunge stage that they were in.
I, personally, like all music, so I respected everyone out there making a living in the business, but I wanted them to go so Nick and his group could have a chance. Just a small chance.
"Aly? Are you ok?" Callie, one of my friends in school, asked me. She was the first friend Iíd made in school, so I considered her one of my best friends.
"Yeah, I... Iím fine," I stuttered out, walking away from the freshmen and their radio. I tried to keep it a secret from people that I knew those guys, I didnít want everyone asking me tons of questions wondering what the hell I did to get to know them. It wasnít that hard, it was an accident.
"Are you sure? You look a little pale," Callie said as we walked to homeroom.
I nodded and sat in my seat. "Yeah, positive. Just a little tired," I said, laying my head on the desk. My heart was aching, I wanted my Nicky back.