A Change Could Do You Good

A Change Could Do You Good
Chapter 18
By Sarah Donnen
"What up, Sarah?" I asked as I sat back on my bed. We were hanging in my room, waiting for the rain to stop. It was a total downpour, I didnít think it was ever going to stop.
"Frack, remember when we used to tell each other everything by writing it all in the diary? We shared that thing and never missed a day without knowing something," Sarah said, staring up at the ceiling and the stars Iíd put up there.
I nodded. "How could I forget that, Frick? I mean, that thing was the highlight of our lives, we used to sneak that thing around school."
Sarah sat up and pulled something out of her backpack and showed it to me. "I still do, I wrote down everything," she said.
I nearly screamed. "Ohmigod, Sarah, this mustíve taken up so much time!" I said, taking the notebook from her and flipping through page after page of Sarahís neat cursive.
"If only, it mightíve prevented boredom, but it didnít take as long as I wished it did. I wrote everything down, I never went anywhere without it. If I heard or said or saw something funny, I wrote it down. Itís been nearly eight months since you left Jersey, I had a lot of time on my hands," Sarah explained.
I laughed as I flipped back to the beginning of the entry. "I can tell, oh, Sarah, you didnít have to do this!" I said, giving her a hug.
"Yes I did, now itís your turn," she said.
I practically blushed. "Actually, I already did my part," I said, placing the notebook next to me. I leaned over the side of my bed and reached underneath, pulling the notebook out from the hiding place between the bed and the wires.
"Oh, yes!" Sarah said excitedly. "Oh, Iím going to have so much fun with this," she said, opening the cover.
"Yes, you are, just as much as I am with this. But, knowing you, youíre going to need tissues, theyíre right behind you," I said as I started reading.
Sarah was pulling tissues out of the box within minutes and I felt much the same. The way she wrote was much like me, we both always wrote like we were talking to each other, writing hypothetical questions and saying how lame something is and using our slang. We sat there all day, reading, and we finished as my mom came up to ask if we wanted dinner.
"Girls? Oh my goodness, not those diaries again," she said, recognizing the notebook on my lap. Sarah and I looked at each other, then at my mom. "Yeah, it is," I said, wiping away tears. "Oh, girls, donít make me cry, I have both my daughters here, I already feel like crying," my mom said, coming over and hugging us both.
"Mom, you have no idea how this feels," Sarah said.
"Yes, Sarah, I do," my mom said, kissing us both on the forehead. "Come down when youíre both ready, spaghetti tonight."
"Spaghetti?!" Sarah exclaimed. She got up and dragged me to the door. "You donít know how much Iíve missed Momís spaghetti!" She said, pulling me down the grand staircase.
I laughed and we went into the kitchen. After dinner, we were walking back to the stairs when Sarahís eye caught the pile of envelopes on the hall table, where my mom always tosses the dayís mail. "Hey, Aly, thereís one addressed to you, here," she said, picking up an envelope.
I looked at her strangely and then at the envelope. I didnít recognize the handwriting, it was slightly messy, like someone was in a rush. I walked up the stairs, Sarah close behind, just as interested. We went into my room and I sat on my bed, staring at the envelope.
"Well? Arenít you going to open it?" Sarah demanded.
I turned the envelope over in my hands again and again. "I feel afraid to," I said quietly. "Just open it! Youíve got nothing to lose!"
I sighed and gave in, she always was able to do that to me. As I pulled out the stationary, my eye caught the postmark. Do I know anyone in Sweden? I asked myself. My answer was quickly answered as I unfolded the paper.
"Oh my God!" I said, gasping.
"What? Whoís it from?" Sarah demanded.
I looked up at her, still shocked. "Remember how in the notebook I wrote about a Nick? This is from him, heís in Sweden!" I exclaimed.
"What the hell is he doing in Sweden?" Sarah asked.
I shushed her and started reading the letter aloud.

"Dear Aly.
I guess Iím the last person in the world youíd want to get a letter from, right? Well, before you throw this letter away, let me explain what happened. Iíll understand if you donít listen to me, but at least give me a chance. As Brian would say, you have nothing to lose!"
I looked up at Sarah and smiled. "You would like Brian, heís from Kentucky and he has the most beautiful blue eyes..."
Sarah lightly hit my arm. "Forget that! Iíll listen to that later, right now, read that letter, I want to know his explanation for laughing in your face."
I nodded and looked back down, continuing aloud.

"So here it goes, the day when I first saw you, I was taken away, you were trying to get settled in your seat on the plane and you looked so beautiful. I couldnít keep my eyes off of you, but when I did, I realized where I was and started to panic. Iím telling you, I donít know why, but I really hate flying. It scares the living daylights out of me and everytime I have to go on a plane, I react the same way. Iím sorry for any trouble I caused you, but if I were facing you, it wouldnít have happened, you kept my mind off of it. At the end of the flight, I felt bad when you said that to me, but I understood. Believe it or not, people have said that to me before, but some not quite as rude. I forgive you, though, and Iím sure I wouldíve done much the same in your position. The next time I saw you was when you and your mother were walking up to your house. I was practically drooling, the guys have told me, and Iím starting to wonder if they were telling the truth or not. When I came into the kitchen and saw you there, it was like I was seeing you for the first time. Youíre so beautiful, Aly, and although I know you really despise me at this moment, Iím telling you just how beautiful you are. I once, when I was little, saw a light purple flower and picked it for my mom, then gave it to her. She thanked me, but said that the flower was going to die now that Iíd picked it. I asked her why, and she explained, but then I realized that even if the flower did die, the beauty that it held would still be there. And so Iím telling you, the flower is like you. And Iím willing to bet that if Iíd left the flower alone, it wouldíve become even more beautiful, just like Iím sure you will and are while Iím not there."

I paused; I was so confused, but so touched. I felt like I was going to cry. Damn hormones.

"íSo, Iím waiting until I come home, to you, to my family, to everything I left behind to do my job. I donít think anyone has ever really explained to you what it is exactly that I do. Well, to put it bluntly, I sing. Yes, I sing. And everyone tells me Iím really good, too. So, the guys and me have been making it big over here in Europe and weíre in the process of making our first album. Weíre going to be releasing an album soon, along with a single, in both the US and here in Europe. So far, weíve been really well received here, but the US is another story. With Nirvana and all those other music grunge groups, we donít stand much of a chance. But pop music is due for a comeback, and it will. Weíll be big, I know it. I have my hopes up high for the music career Iíve always wanted, but what about us? Wait, I guess I better explain exactly why I laughed in your face. Well, that was my first real kiss, ever. And a lot of the time, since I get really nervous, I crack jokes and laugh about it to get rid of the nervousness. I wasnít laughing at you, Aly, I was laughing with you. I was trying to lighten the mood, get rid of the nervousness I was feeling. I'm sorry if I hurt you, but you know I didnít mean to. I tried to apologize before we left, but you wouldnít let me. So, Aly, after the guys got so fed up with me moping around and complaining, they sat me down in this office and told me to write what I was thinking. And there you have it, I just told you everything that is on my mind... except for the fact that Iím starving. I do have to go, though, because time has flown and I have to get back to rehearsal. I donít know when exactly weíre coming home, but I hope itís soon. I miss you Aly. Give my mom a big hug for me. Love always, Nick."

Sarah was staring at me with her mouth wide open. "Sarah, close your mouth, you look like youíre waiting for the New Jersey transit to go through your mouth," I said, folding the letter back up and putting it in the envelope. I was trying so hard not to cry.
"Aly, do you realize what Nick just told you?" She finally said.
"No, what?"
"Aly, he just told you that he fell head over heals for you! And all the tricks and the way he was treating you, I thought it meant that he hated you, but now I just see that itís a classic case of boy likes girl kind of thing!" Sarah exclaimed.
"What on earth are you talking about?" I said, finally snapping out of my train of thought.
"Oh, Aly, I have missed you so much," Sarah started.