A Change Could Do You Good

A Change Could Do You Good
Chapter 17
By Sarah Donnen
The next few months flew by, and I became a sophomore. I didnít really hear anything more about Nick, except for what Aaron and Angel and Jane happened to be talking about. I heard bits and pieces of conversation, ĎNick is in Europe' Nick and his friends are having a great time 'Nick says hi to everyone 'Nick said he wrote us, so weíll be getting mail soon' Nick said that theyíre being received really well...í I thought Iíd heard it all, though I didnít understand what Jane meant when she told my mother that theyíre being received really well. I didnít know what she meant and didnít think anything of it. Summer came, plans were made for Sarah to come down and visit me, and I couldnít wait. She was going to come for two weeks, the one of my birthday so she wouldnít miss it, and the next week, which was her birthday. I was so happy and excited to see her again, and I had so much planned for us. Disney World, the beach, talking till dawn again, and that was just the icing on the cake. I was excited and Jane had even agreed to let Sarah come with me to her house while I watched Aaron and Angel, and they couldnít wait to meet her. The day before her arrival came and I was watching Aaron and Angel all day. It was beautiful out, the sun was shining and we decided to spend the day in the pool. I watched them from the patio, thinking about tomorrow.
"Aly! Aly! Aly!"
I snapped my head up from the magazine I was looking at and saw a person running to me. I got up and hugged Sarah, I was so happy.
"Ohmigod! Sarah, how did you get here?" I demanded, starting to cry.
"I came a day early, the flight had one more opening, so I took it, deciding to surprise you. Oh, Aly, Iíve missed you so much, you canít begin to imagine," Sarah said, talking a mile a minute. I hugged her again and pulled her to sit down.
"Ok, first off, how did you get here?" I asked, gesturing around.
"I took a taxi from the airport to your house. Mom nearly had a heart attack when I walked into the house, I thought she was going to suffocate me. Then she told me you were here and I followed the sound of your voice," Sarah said.
I blushed. "Shh, no one here knows I can sing," I said.
"They apparently do, they were singing along with you," Sarah said, gesturing to the two little kids in the kiddie pool. They were both taking swimming lessons and were allowed to go in the in-ground pool as long as someone else was in there with them. I was going to go in there with them, but I was expecting a call from Bob, so I wanted to stay out until after he called and told me when he was coming home.
Sarah and I kept talking and talking, only being interrupted when Bob called and BJ came home. She was home early, and volunteered to go in the in ground pool with the twins. She and Sarah hit it off well, I was surprised that they had an instant connection, but I had a feeling something like it would happen. They were a lot alike, they seemed like they would get along well. It was well past dinnertime and we were all inside having pizza when Bob and Jane came home simultaneously.
"Well, this must be the infamous Sarah," Jane said, smiling at my best friend. "Iím Jane Carter, BJ, Aaron, and Angelís mother," she said.
Sarah smiled and shook Janeís hand. "Sarah Collins. Nice to meet you, Jane, Aly tells me a lot about this wonderful second family of hers."
Jane laughed and picked up a piece of pizza. "Alyís like another daughter, my second oldest child."
"By five months," I added.
"Yes, by five months, as she refuses to let me forget. Forgive me girls, but Iím tired, and I have to go pick up Leslie already. Nice to meet you, Sarah. See you both Saturday!" Jane called as she walked to the front door.
I smiled at Sarah and we both said good night, then walked back to my house. I knew this was going to be a great two weeks.