A Change Could Do You Good

A Change Could Do You Good
Chapter 10
By Sarah Donnen
I was not enjoying myself. Mom and Jane were talking a mile a minute, Aaron and Angel were playing in the pool, Leslie was with them, BJ was MIA, and Nick went out with his friends. Basically, I was alone and bored out of my mind.
"Aly, honey, could you run inside and get me some ice?" Mom asked me, holding out her glass.
I nearly gave her a nasty look, but decided against it. I got out of my seat and grabbed her cup, walking in the patio door. I hurried to the fridgerator and opened the freezer end, scooping a few ice cubs into the cup. I closed the door as I heard the front door slam.
"Ma, I'm home! Me and the guys are gonna grab some food and then go, ok?" Someone called as they ran into the kitchen.
My jaw dropped as the boy walked in and faced me. "You!" I said.
"What are you doing here? Where's my mother?" The boy demanded, his voice squeaking. It was the blonde boy from the plane, twerp boy who couldn't shut the hell up.
"She's outside, I'm visiting," I said. I walked outside and handed Mom her cup and the boy followed me out.
"Who is she?" He demanded, walking over to Jane.
"That's Aly, I told you she and her mother were coming for lunch today. Nick, be nice and say hello to Aly and her mother, Elizabeth," Jane said, gesturing to the two of us.
"Hi," he said, somewhat shortly. Just seeing him made me want to kill him, I didn't know why. I just resented him so much...
"Hey, Aly, fancy meeting you here," Brian said, walking out onto the patio. He smiled and walked over towards me.
"Hi, Brian," I said, a little distantly. I was busy glaring at Nick, who was fighting quietly with Jane.
"What brings you here?" Brian asked, walking to block my view.
"I...I just moved here, I live down the block a bit and Jane invited us over for lunch," I explained.
Brian nodded. "Well, that's good. Welcome to Florida, I know you'll like it. I sure do," he said.
I smiled at him, trying to forget about twerp boy. "Where are you from, Brian?" I asked.
"Kentucky," he answered.
I chuckled. "Kentucky," I repeated, impersonating his accent. "I like your accent," I said.
"Well thank you, thank you very much," he said, flashing me that brilliant smile. Wow, I couldn't get over that smile, it was simply amazing.
"Hey, Bri, let's go," Nick called from behind him.
Brian turned his head and nodded. "Ok," he said. He turned back to me. "It was nice seeing you again, Aly, maybe I'll catch you around next time, I come here a lot."
I smiled and nodded. "Maybe. Bye, Brian," I said.
Brian waved and smiled at me again. He hurried off and met Nick in the house.
"Man, why do you have to be nice to everyone?" Nick asked him.
"Whatever you give out, you'll eventually receive, Nicky boy," Brian answered. I couldn't hear the rest of their conversation and heard the front door slam again. I sighed and sat in my chair, thinking that the interesting part was over. I couldn't get Brian's smile out of my head, and Nick's eyes. They were a greenish-blue, while Brian's were just a striking blue. They were both amazing...wait a sec, what am I thinking? I did not just compliment the little twerp who had, since the first day I met him, been a total annoyance. Wow, Aly, this move has done more to you than you expected, I thought. A lot more.