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Michael Cuccione died on January 13, 2001. It is definitely a tragedy that a teenager who was just beginning to have a career breakthrough and experience life has become a victim to cancer. We are all very sorry, and this death is another one of the many reasons why a cure for cancer should be found.

The reported reason for his death was that his lungs collapsed. This is credited to the radiation he received when he had Hodgkins Disease, which weakend his lungs.

This is one of the last times this page will be updated. Without Michael Cuccione, there is definitely no 5 in 2Gether. Let this page be in memory of when Michael Cuccione used to be alive, and to remember that 2Gether can never be the same.

For updates on 2Gether, look somewhere else because without Michael Cuccione there is no 2Gether.

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