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2Gether was created by MTV. It aired on February 21, 2000. It became a success with characters Chad Linus(Noah Bastian), Doug Linus(Kevin Farley), Jason "Q.T." McKnight(Michael Cuccione), Jerry O'Keefe(Evan Farmer), and Mickey Parke(Alex Solowitz). Because the movie was a success and fans were very supportive, MTV decided to air a series which took off in August 2000. In December 2000, Michael Cuccione was hospitalized. Although he had not been in episodes of 2Gether for a while, people began to grow suspicious. On January 13, 2001, Michael Cuccione passed away. Just a short while later, MTV began airing the 2nd season of the series. 2Gether fans would learn on March 10, 2001, that MTV had decided to cancel the series. Would this be the end? We'll have to wait and see'll always be in our made us all laugh and you'll be truly missed. Please click here to view my tribute page.

I want to welcome all the new fans, everyone is welcome. Anyway, enjoy the site :)
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