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The Breeding Goes Way back.

More Pictures & Pedigree

Who said they don't make them like they used to? I have been hunting this same line of dogs for over twenty years. They are as good now as they were then. This line of dogs have been in the makings for over Fifty years. The Great men that have kept them True and Blue all that time have my deepest respect. For that is no small feat in this day and time. They are one way track dogs with plenty of nose. And run a track to catch it and will if it don't climb pretty quick. They are not out of Brood Bitches they are out of Female Coon Dogs. These Blues have been good to me and they will be kind to you. We are located in Blanchard,Oklahoma. And we can be reached by phone at # 405-344-7527 Cell # 405-613-2732 We do have a few young dogs and pups for sale from time to time.